Translation of picture tube in Spanish:

picture tube

tubo de imagen, n.



  • 1

    tubo de imagen masculine
    • According to a preferred embodiment the parts are spatially separated and mechanically independent, with the part intended for geometry error correction being positioned closer to the screen of the picture tube.
    • A flat-panel TV has no glass picture tube and, therefore, no lead (though it still contains mercury and other toxic substances).
    • It was not uncommon for an average black and white TV to need a service call at least once a year and replacing the horribly expensive picture tube was a job that kept the apprentices in our workshop pretty busy every day.
    • Screensavers are no longer required to protect your monitor from burning the image of whatever is on the screen permanently into the picture tube: instead, they've become an entertaining diversion.
    • Manufacturers are responding by designing a much shallower picture tube.