Translation of piece in Spanish:


pedazo, n.

Pronunciation: /pis//piːs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(part of sth broken, torn, cut, divided)

      pedazo masculine
      trozo masculine
      a piece of bread un pedazo / un trozo de pan
      • she ripped the letter into pieces rompió la carta en pedacitos
      • a piece of land un terreno
      • to come / fall to pieces hacerse pedazos
      • she smashed the vase to pieces hizo añicos el jarrón
      • he was blown to pieces by a mine una mina lo voló en pedazos
      • the toy lay in pieces on the floor el juguete estaba en el suelo, hecho pedazos
      • her life in pieces, she made up her mind to … con la vida deshecha / en ruinas, decidió …
      • in one piece
      • they got back in one piece volvieron sanos y salvos
      • I dropped it, but it's still in one piece se me cayó, pero está intacto
      • to be a piece of cake ser pan comido
      • to go to pieces (break down) perder el control
      • he went to pieces after his wife left him quedó deshecho / destrozado cuando la mujer lo dejó
      • to pick up the pieces
      • he gets himself into trouble and expects me to pick up the pieces se mete en líos y después pretende que yo le saque las castañas del fuego
      • he's trying to pick up the pieces of his life está tratando de rehacer su vida
      • to pull sth/sb to pieces destrozar algo/a algn
      • he pulled her essay to pieces le criticó duramente el trabajo
      • Men broke into the mill and smashed them to pieces.
      • She saw a piece of it break off and a gout of flame shoot into the air.
      • Sections of main roads are completely broken to pieces.
      • The girls made the discovery after spotting a piece of red material sticking out of the ground in the park's wooded area.
      • I glued all three pieces in place with epoxy.
      • Break the chocolate in pieces and melt with the rum in a bowl over simmering water.
      • With that, my mother knife and cut a small piece of the pie.
      • Then she took out a lump of sandalwood from the wall cupboard, washed it, broke it in pieces, dissolved it in water and cleaned her face and arms with the paste.
      • Oh well, at least her mom didn't have to worry about cutting the pizza, it was broken in pieces already.
      • Gradually it starts to be crushed in one direction and then stretched in another until it is broken to pieces.
      • A police spokesman said that the man was scrabbling across the slope when a piece of rock broke away.
      • In a second the whole sword was broken in pieces and Kashiro's attack continued.
      • Avie looked down at her tray and started to break off a piece of her cookie.
      • In the busy commercial streets of the city you will find huge pumpkins broken to pieces and scattered on the road.
      • She picks up a glass vase and flings it on the ground, breaking it to pieces.
      • Scarlet sighed as she put a small piece of pumpkin pie in her mouth.
      • Her bed with torn to pieces with cloth and portions of her blanket lying all over the floor.
      • In the middle of the confusion, the thieves try to get away with the mirror, only to break it to pieces in their fight to have the first glance.
      • The gold chain was retrieved and returned to the owner, albeit in pieces and with a portion missing following the scuffle.
      • Near the bottom is a chunk that originally was a piece of soundproofing material.

    • 1.2(component)

      pieza feminine
      parte masculine
      he's taken the clock to pieces ha desarmado / desmontado el reloj
      • it comes to pieces es desmontable
      • we took the novel to pieces analizamos la novela parte por parte
      • a three-piece suit un traje de tres piezas
      • the pieces are starting to fall into place las cosas se están empezando a aclarar
      • The laser device is used to monitor the correct alignment of mechanical pieces over a distance up to 10 m.
      • In my day we only had the simplest of Lego pieces - just square blocks.
      • He suggested that the regulations previously construed could be said to apply to particular pieces of machinery of an unduly hazardous nature.
      • The pieces of the iron construction crashed down into the water.
      • After that, you start sanding other people's work and start to help put pieces of furniture together.
      • The scribble is constructed from 229 separate pieces of steel, weighs 25 tonnes and has 72 twists.
      • Construction pieces from every set can be combined in an infinite number of ways, which contributes to excitement and adventure.
      • By combining the good pieces and assembling them into a somewhat complete firearm, it can now be sold as a functioning weapon.
      • All of the pieces are cast or constructed in nonferrous metals, so that they resonate musically.
      • Silversmith Biggs was responsible for the basic design and construction of the piece.
      • If you wonder if you can replace the clutch yourself, you should first consider how much knowledge you have regarding how to do it and the car pieces involved.
      • Even so, you could recycle those items into scrap pieces to make parts for another robot.
      • For all customers who want to coat boat pieces and other non-car pieces, or car pieces which don't appear on our price list, we have tried to give you enough information below to estimate what your piece(s) would cost.
      • The kit contains hundreds of miniature pieces of the popular construction toy that comprises a building system of rods and connectors.
      • Sometimes pieces of the construct will be inserted as well as, or instead of, the full construct.

  • 2

    a piece of advice un consejo
    • 500 pieces of artillery 500 piezas de artillería
    • a piece of chewing gum un chicle
    • a piece of clothing una prenda (de ropa)
    • a piece of fruit una pieza de fruta
    • a piece of furniture un mueble
    • a piece of jewelry una alhaja / joya
    • an absurd piece of legislation una norma (/ disposición etc. ) absurda
    • that was a piece of luck! ¡qué suerte!
    • how many pieces of luggage do they have? ¿cuántos bultos llevan?
    • a piece of news una noticia
    • a piece of paper un papel
    • an excellent piece of work un trabajo excelente
    • we sell the cutlery by the piece vendemos los cubiertos sueltos / por piezas
    • of a piece
    • they are all of a piece están todos cortados por el mismo patrón
    • to be a nasty piece of work ser una porquería
    • to give sb a piece of one's mind cantarle las cuarenta / decirle cuatro verdades a algn
  • 3

    • 3.1

      a piece (of music) una pieza (de música)
      • Has anyone ever heard a beautiful piece of music played on a recorder?
      • Many of the pieces are beautifully written and personal.
      • A child prodigy, he wrote his first piece of music at the age of five and completed his first symphony at the age of eight.
      • We're not trying to just write songs, we're trying to write musical pieces.
      • The program consisted of a wide range of varying pieces, including songs written by each of the performers.
      • His close friendships with women produced some of the best-known pieces of music ever written by any composer; but they did not secure him a wife.
      • Never has such a beautiful piece of music been played on the electric guitar.
      • As a composer, he wrote several pieces for the oboe family, which I am delighted to publish.
      • Students write about narrative pieces and give a title to their artwork.
      • He wrote and arranged many pieces of liturgical music, and set up several computer programs.
      • There is currently an open invitation for composers to write pieces for the bells.
      • She composed at least eight pieces, written for a variety of voices, instruments, and genres.
      • Soon afterwards he was writing his own pieces, and at seven he became only the second child under the age of 10 ever to be accepted by the Vienna Conservatoire.
      • Ideas and written pieces can be published online and vetted by readers before going to print, blogging helps the journalism process.
      • I might even offer the theory that it is the most perfect piece of music ever written.
      • Most, in fact, are relatively early pieces by composers who are now mid-career.
      • Next, I shared how Beethoven's music was much more emotional and how he often wrote pieces in a minor key.
      • They are both very beautiful pieces, both musically and lyrically, and her voice is just gorgeous.
      • The piece conveys the sense of an urgent, fully focused formal sensibility at work.
      • Each fellow will write several pieces while in residence, which will each be subjected to detailed criticism.

    • 3.2Theatre

      pieza feminine

    • 3.3Journalism

      artículo masculine

    • 3.4(of poetry)

      poema masculine
      poesía feminine
      to say one's piece opinar

    • 3.5Art

      pieza feminine

  • 4

    moneda feminine
    pieza feminine
    a 50 peso piece una moneda de 50 pesos
  • 5

    • 5.1(in board games)

      ficha feminine
      pieza feminine
      • Soon, his smile was back and he moved one of his pieces over.
      • Game pieces move horizontally and vertically, but not diagonally, making the game more challenging as paths become obstructed.
      • To focus on the moves of the individual pieces without understanding the strategy misses the point.
      • She was sat on her desk, moving some puzzles' pieces, trying to figure out something, maybe an image, or a letter.
      • Glass playing pieces for board games have also been found in some numbers.
      • Withdrawing from the banquet and watching others move chess pieces was more compatible with his bleak mood.
      • The objective is simply to be the first to move all the pieces across the board and into the star point opposite.
      • Then, once many of his pieces cannot move, you add yours and win the game.
      • Hathorne feebly lifted one of the jade pieces and moved it diagonally to the edge of the board.
      • The buffalo player may only move his pieces one space directly forward as long as that space is unoccupied.
      • Chess pieces and chessboards lend themselves to all sorts of puzzles and mathematical investigations.
      • First, I'll show you how each pieces moves, then I'll show some basic opening strategies.
      • Adam moved his chess piece and leaned back, satisfied with the way the game was progressing.
      • Knowing this, you can try and figure out which pieces are which simply by how they're being moved.
      • If a piece is in limbo, the player must get it back on the board before moving any other piece.
      • Charlie moved her pieces with rapid decision, while Adam preferred to take his time.
      • We love to roll dice and move pieces around a board, plot battleship strategies, play cribbage, chess, and mancala.
      • She stretched her legs out in front of her in a relaxed position, staring hard at the pieces on the long chess board before her.
      • In the end, he only shuffles around the pieces of a board game of his invention.
      • It was an abstract race game called Tempo in which pieces were moved not by the roll of the dice, but by the playing of cards.

    • 5.2(in chess)

      figura feminine
      • Black gets three pawns for the piece, which leaves him a pawn down on balance - in theory.
      • Though the Queen is the strongest piece, it is vulnerable to attack by weaker enemy units.
      • If the single piece happens to be Queen or Rook, the weaker party becomes all too powerful.
      • Here, however, you will find more coverage of endgames with more pieces and pawns.
      • This can be done by a pawn break or by a sacrifice involving pieces or pawns.

  • 6slang

    pistola feminine
    pipa feminine Spain slang
    fusca feminine Mexico slang
  • 7USinformal

    a piece un trecho
    • that's a fair piece from here de aquí es un tirón
  • 8

    • 8.1(woman)

      tipa feminine informal derogatory
      tía feminine Spain informal
      mamacita feminine Mexico informal
      mina feminine Southern Cone slang

    • 8.2US (sexual partner)

      she's a terrific piece es muy buena en la cama informal