Translation of piece of eight in Spanish:

piece of eight

real de a ocho, n.


  • 1

    real de a ocho masculine
    • Spanish piece of eight, a coin common in the American colonies during the Revolution, had eight segments marked on their reverse so that the coins could be divided (to make change).
    • I changed all my available funds into copper pennies - the old ones, the size of half-crowns - which I would trickle through my fingers as if they were doubloons or pieces of eight.
    • Silver dollars would be chiselled into fragments to provide change - hence pieces of eight, quarters, two-bits.
    • The material reported ranges from the obligatory porthole to cannon and shot, several pieces of eight and a Charles I gold coin.
    • My senses were all confused as within my sight was a king's ransom - Spanish gold doubloons and shining silver reals, gold pieces of eight, old English milled gold guineas, crowns, minted silver shillings.