Translation of piecework in Spanish:


trabajo a destajo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpiːswəːk//ˈpisˌwərk/


  • 1

    trabajo a destajo masculine
    to do piecework trabajar a destajo
    • Various factors were decisive here: more food for better performance, the widespread introduction of piecework wages, and the constant expansion of the plant-internal system of surveillance and punishment.
    • Health care is one of the few areas left where society pays on a piecework basis: the more you do, the more you're paid.
    • Traditionally paid for piecework - how many apples picked - the workers were now to be paid the minimum wage of $6.50 an hour.
    • Throughout the 19th century, they used piecework wages and inside subcontracting to control labor costs.
    • By the 1930s, British factory owners had worked out their own variants of labour control which featured piecework incentives combined with the use of skilled labour.
    • His parents thought he was crazy, he said, but he did it, while earning a living by doing copywriting piecework at night.
    • The division of labor and piecework system was a great deal more sophisticated and modern than has previously been thought.
    • They are independent people doing some kind of piecework.
    • Coffee workers average only a dollar a day in piecework rates when they have work, about the same as the average price of a cup of coffee in most major cities of the world.
    • The new contract includes piecework payment that would mean workers were only paid for the number of beasts they slaughter and prepare.
    • As well, the greater efficiency of the spinning wheel probably led to lower piecework rates for all spinning, whether with distaff or wheel, despite the fact that wheel-spun yarn was not always the suitable material.
    • Taylor assumed that piecework incentives would discourage opportunism because workers would be motivated to maximize their earnings.
    • It is so much bound up with the domestic, the homely, with the kids, with budgeting and making ends meet, and with piecework type occupations.
    • It is not uncommon for women to do piecework in their homes.
    • Our goal was to have both elders and young people as part of the core group, who could then work with other seamstresses from their communities on specific piecework.
    • Thus, Italian women supplemented the family income by taking in boarders and doing piecework alongside their daughters.
    • It turns out that prevailing piecework rates worked out to less than the minimum wage, so it's hardly surprising that people didn't want to take them.
    • In a bid to encourage dentists to make immediate improvements, the new NHS paid them piecework fees.
    • Male trade unionists, by contrast, considered piecework anathema, for it was associated in their minds with unskilled labour, exploitative working conditions, and with a loss of control and dignity.
    • To support their families, women would bring in piecework from garment factories, make paper flowers to sell, and take in boarders.