Translation of pier in Spanish:


embarcadero, n.

Pronunciation /pɪə//pɪr/


  • 1

    • 1.1(landing place)

      embarcadero masculine
      muelle masculine
      • Looking, we saw two people, a male and a female, laughing, hugging, kissing and giggling as they went down the pier to a sail boat.
      • These laws ensure that all ships will be closely monitored and I.D required for access to the new pier.
      • The grounds include a boat shed and pier with river and lake frontages, as well as lawn areas and a number of mature shrubs.
      • A safety zone was established around all visiting Navy and foreign ships as they transited to their berths at Manhattan's piers on the Hudson River.
      • There are two families resident there and the new 30-metre pier will greatly improve access to the island.
      • Rates for boats using the pier were also announced, with the final amount differing from original discussions.
      • The pier at Ballinskelligs dries at low water, so passengers transfer to and from the larger boats by tender.
      • As soon as the ship was close to the wharf, he jumped from the boat to the pier.
      • Staircases descend beneath most homes, creating personal piers for every resident's most valued possession - a boat.
      • She smelled fish when the boat came alongside the pier.
      • Existing state marinas were built from the 1950s to 1970s, boat ramps and piers even earlier.
      • This brought all its exhibitors together in one building instead of scattered among four piers at the Passenger Ship Terminals, the show's previous home.
      • A friend of mine had a similar experience disembarking two passengers at the pier.
      • Ferry operators have welcomed the funding which will make the pier fully accessible and increase the efficiency of the ferry service.
      • The driver pointed a white-gloved hand in the direction of a small ferry boat waiting at the pier, its engine idling.
      • Business will get a say in regional transport projects, such as new access roads or pier extensions, through membership of the new regional transport boards.
      • Here, piers for lake boats delivering coal and oil to wholesale distributors, as well as building materials, were busy for many decades.
      • One pier will be operated by the city as a ferry terminal, although it will be integrated into the museum complex.
      • And they can come right into the pier at Invergordon, which passengers love because they don't have to climb into launches to go ashore.
      • They made their way down the pier to the boat landings.

    • 1.2(with amusements)

      paseo con juegos y atracciones sobre un muelle
      • He called for the provision of toilets on piers and harbours.
      • People express more obvious delight in the pier arcade than in a museum or art gallery.
      • The combination of the beautiful pier, great library, beach, playground and pedestrian mall made for a really fun outing.
      • There would be piers, cafes, a wee beach type affair resplendent with the shiny pebbles, seaweed and rock pools remembered from childhood.
      • Some of the more radical ideas floated include a new pier full of restaurants and bars, and the removal of all car parking from the dock area.
      • I found my way to a snack establishment near the pier operated by a businesswoman from Kyushu.
      • One pier is vibrant with candyfloss, arcades and people, the other stands derelict and rusty.
      • However, visits to arcades on piers or family amusement centres suggest that this form of gambling is no longer conducted within a family environment.
      • The shops weren't as good, there were no amusement arcades and no pier or beach.
      • We are eager that the Pier becomes a community asset so we are offering Local artists/Crafts/Charities a free stall for a week to promote themselves & raise awareness/funds.
      • A pier and hotels were built and Byron declared itself to be a seaside resort, although tourism was somewhat hindered by the stink of the town's abattoir.
      • Wildwood has three amusement piers, which is fun, but on this trip they all seemed designed specifically for my humiliation.
      • Leisure Parcs already owns Blackpool's Tower, the landmark that symbolizes the town, its three piers, an opera house, a sealife centre and a wax museum.
      • The news of the overspend comes as work continues at the shore end of the pier to build a new entrance bridge across the road.
      • He currently owns Blackpool Tower, the Winter Gardens, the town's three piers and a large chunk of the Golden Mile.

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    • 2.1Architecture

      pilar masculine
      • He said: ‘These were then lifted one at a time into place on top of the supporting piers to form the bridge.’
      • The bridge's support system features two concrete pylons and two concrete anchor piers.
      • You could take off the Brooklyn Bridge's asphalt, remove half of the cables, make the piers a little narrower, make the span shorter, and you would still have a quite viable bridge.
      • Various foundation types have been adopted to support the bridge piers and abutments.
      • ‘We could have built a conventional multi-span bridge supported by piers for about 20 per cent less,’ he said.

    • 2.2Architecture
      (section of wall)

      entrepaño masculine
      • With the demolition of the old church began the building of the Community Hall and the piers and gates were re-erected as an entrance.
      • The initial solution was the masonry vault, or a barrel-shaped, load-bearing span that supported the floor above, and rested on massive, and expensive, walls and piers.
      • Meanwhile the two piers between the windows are equal in width.
      • Upon approaching the site, the main iron gates are anchored with brick piers and cast stone finials that frame the building beyond.
      • The window piers at Hampton Court are also too narrow to accommodate any of the illustrated tables except Figure 5.