Translation of piercing in Spanish:


penetrante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪəsɪŋ//ˈpɪrsɪŋ/


  • 1

    (look/eyes) penetrante
    (wind/cold) cortante
    (scream) desgarrador
    (sarcasm/wit) hiriente
    (wit/sarcasm) agudo
    • Shaking with fear the President broke the intense silent with a piercing question.
    • He imagined being in the coyote's fur - the piercing cold made him wish even stronger.
    • On a more intellectual level, he felt a piercing fear that he would only hurt her by drawing her close, that to even be near him was draining her very essence away.
    • However, as I like being in the open, later on I return to the stern, which was the only place to escape the piercing wind.
    • His black leather trench coat billowing out behind him as his piercing blue-eyes seemed deep in thought.
    • Then a piercing panic hit me: What if the lawyers found this broken glass? Of course they'd suspect foul play.
    • It was a split second before the piercing sound broke the air.
    • Abruptly he stopped, the sharp, piercing cry of a bird reaching his hearing.
    • Jerry and I were in the house alone and I'd just fallen asleep, when I was awakened by a loud piercing scream.
    • I am grateful to an unknown referee whose piercing comment on an earlier version of the paper greatly simplified the proof.
    • As I opened the door, the strong piercing cold, and the rain, stung me in the face.
    • No more though, they began to cry for mercy as the school collectively recoiled from the piercing sound that had broken the silence.
    • A piercing insight and egoless clarity in the assessment of his own future reinstalled his cricketing career once again.
    • Bronwyn stuck two fingers in her mouth and whistled, a high, piercing sound.
    • She felt the piercing sting of humiliation and her heart being broken and torn apart like some fragile letter.
    • Not long after the sun rose, a piercing sound went off in Faith's ears.
    • I bet he watched this fine, piercing interview with a sinking heart.
    • They were all treading through ankle-deep snow in the lot, holding their jackets up to their necks against the piercing gale.
    • The weather conditions were quite abysmal with the piercing cold and rain testing the stamina and endurance of all players and panel members.
    • It was a loud and piercing sound that filled the entire room.
    • Amanda woke in darkness and for an electrified moment lay perfectly still, roused abruptly from a profound sleep by such piercing terror that she was completely disoriented.
    • It is an enterprise that is always on the job, rain or shine, dry heat or piercing cold.
    • He does, and it's what leads him to some very fine insights and piercing analyses.
    • One of them had a voice so loud and piercing that you could hear him from one end of the carriage to the other.
    • By reading this book, you'll get an introduction to the hilarious irony of his day-to-day situations, the piercing sadness of his struggle, and the amazing strength he shows in everything he does.
    • Then his ears picked up another sound, a piercing sound that ran shivers down the entire length of his body.
    • The trio was having some pleasant talk about the house when suddenly a loud piercing scream filled the house.
    • Padlin recognized the kid and a cold flash ran through him, a piercing sense of panic.
    • Shutting her mind as tightly as she could, she folded up into a ball and began to shiver uncontrollably in the piercing, soul-biting cold.
    • What struck him though was the piercing gaze of the other.
    • This is a piercing analysis of political currents and an epic tragedy filled with fascinating characters and antagonisms and beliefs that divided the nation.
    • A painful piercing feeling went through my heart when she did that.
    • Suddenly, the temperature made a drop from warm to freezing, as the plants around her froze and the gust of wind became a piercing gale.
    • It took me just one step out to be confronted with piercing wind and the black hostile waves of the North Sea a mere hundred yards away.
    • After a little while, he put the book away and slipped his jacket back on against the piercing chill of the wind.
    • Suddenly startled, it flew away as the piercing sound of the bell rang out.
    • The sharp, piercing wail of the alarm shattered her dream and woke her abruptly from her sleep.
    • I opened my window, a piercing sound in the almost complete silence.
    • That cold, piercing fear. It could come quickly or slowly, brought on by who knows what.
    • Her lungs felt heavy from the exercise and her throat ached each time she took a breath of the cold, piercing air.
    • She covered her ears with the piercing sound of shattering glass.
    • The sharp, piercing shriek of the morning bell sounded in from within the school building, echoing through the campus.
    • When we went out the first time, a piercing wind had whipped the tops off the crashing waves to send biting showers of stinging sea water at us.
    • Besides, he was a refreshing reminder that gentlemen do indeed still exist in the world, which you know has been a piercing fear of mine.
    • Suddenly, all around her, the flames froze, and a piercing wind built up.
    • His eyes were keen, their piercing gaze complementing the wisdom behind them.
    • He leaves the piercing insights for another day though.
    • Soon enough, the boat's whistle began to blow an eerie piercing sound as the water vehicle began moving.
    • With its piercing insights into the human condition, Ecstasy is an actor's paradise.
    • The D minor Quartet is by far the most tragic of the six, with a piercing sadness that sometimes borders on gloominess.
    • Even then he had responded emotionally, as he would assert, to the deep, piercing sadness of the music.
    • He was cut off in mid-sentence by a loud and piercing scream from the rear of the wagon.
    • A loud, piercing scream escaped her as she saw his face contort into a wild look of determination.
    • She and the guys turned to go, their peaceful silence only to be interrupted by a loud, piercing scream.
    • When he laughed a bit nervously, she took it as an insult and with a piercing glare asked if he was the reason her daddy wasn't allowed to live here.
    • I yelled and wiggled, but I couldn't stop the piercing feeling from growing more intense.
    • You'll know when you're sat opposite a Scorpio; they'll be holding their knife a little too tightly and pinning you with a deep, piercing gaze.
    • Angel managed to find an outcropping of stone to protect her from the piercing, howling wind.
    • Both babies screamed together, the same pitch, the same sound, the same abrupt, piercing terror and pain.
    • At night, I was awakened by the piercing wind and burrowed under the quilt to escape the cold.
    • She lay sprawled out across the flagstones relishing the piercing cold and the blistering heat.
    • She looked to be in her early thirties, long blonde hair and intelligent, piercing green eyes.
    • She pronounced it with venomous, piercing rage, like a vulture pouncing on its prey, and then she threw her cup against the wall.
    • Outside the hut the wind has got up, a strong piercing wind.
    • Our daughter was just waking up and seeing her face that morning struck a piercing fear in me.
    • That piercing insight is not included in her Critical Editions though it is implicit in the pages reprinted from her own perceptive book.
    • It snowed on and off all day and a cold piercing wind blew down the streets, along the canyons between the city's skyscrapers.
    • I remove my own sunglasses and give her a piercing glare, though it rarely has any affect on her.
    • It came out cold, a piercing cold that can freeze you solid in your tracks.
    • Jim followed, his eyes still watering from the piercing sound of that chair screaming across the hardwood floor.
    • Uncaring, the piercing gusts of air sullied his racked frame, and his head pounded with fatigue.