Translation of piety in Spanish:


piedad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpaɪədi//ˈpʌɪəti/

nounPlural pieties

  • 1

    piedad feminine
    devoción feminine
    • The unintended but inevitable outcome of this religious subjectivism was the separation of religious piety from secular learning.
    • True spirituality does not vest in any one religion or form of piety, it is to be found in the least expected of places.
    • An atmosphere of piety and religious fervour permeated the building, as the Catholics, many of whom had taken time off from work, gathered in front of a large photo of the Pope placed on the altar.
    • This was one act of religious piety that did not convey anger, but deepened communal solidarity.
    • Of course, I don't mind because this was the surest way of curing me of any religious piety.
    • They take advantage of the sentiments of people who think they are doing an act of piety and charity at the same time.
    • This follows the view that ‘useful ‘knowledge is that which enhances religious piety.’
    • ‘I'm not doing it out of any sense of religious piety or anything,’ Megan explained.
    • His religious piety, even his self-critique, seems sincere here.
    • Commemorating the Crib means passing on the history of popular piety and religiosity.
    • Once there was devotion, piety, fervor, religion, holy priests, purity of heart.
    • Independent political inactivity now went hand in hand with religious quietism and piety.
    • Superstition more than prayer and piety characterized popular religiosity there.
    • The former have been religions of piety with a strong tendency to deny reason.
    • Although wealth is often inversely related to religious piety, the dissatisfaction amidst great wealth reveals a spiritual void that wealth cannot fill.
    • Most authors gave consistent coverage of themes, with the exception of lay religious piety and practice.
    • The Italian-inspired architecture of the baroque period reflects a combination of religious piety and worldly opulence.
    • It also appeals to the emotion in a very direct way and gives us an insight into Bach's own personal religious piety.
    • Machiavelli certainly exaggerated when he observed in The Prince that, ‘owing to the bad example set by the Court of Rome, Italy has lost all piety and religion’.
    • The strain of keeping up the appearance of piety while lacking all religious conviction helped to turn him into a querulous hypochondriac whom it was difficult for his wife and son to love or respect.
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    devoción feminine