Translation of pig in Spanish:


cerdo, n.

Pronunciation: /pɪɡ//pɪɡ/


  • 1

    Zoology Farming
    cerdo masculine
    chancho masculine Andes River Plate
    a pig in a poke
    • you've bought yourself a pig in a poke te han dado gato por liebre
    • you're expecting the electorate to buy a pig in a poke ustedes pretenden que el electorado los vote a ciegas / sin conocer su programa
    • pigs might fly / if pigs had wings la semana de tres jueves
    • to make a pig's ear of sth hacer algo muy mal
    • to scream like a stuck pig gritar como un desaforado
    • to sweat like a pig sudar a mares
    • before noun pig farm granja de ganado porcino
    • pig farmer criador de cerdos
  • 2

    • 2.1(informal) (obnoxious person)

      cerdo masculine informal
      cerda feminine informal
      • I mean, a male chauvinist pig isn't born, he's made, and more and more of them are being made by women.
      • It's in my nature to be a greedy fat-sucking pig.
      • He deserved it anyway, leaving me to be trampled on by those male pigs!
      • Almost down to his last low, although this time round, he had been such a greedy pig.
      • Maybe I'm a chauvinist pig, but you know, the women in my life have never given me any reason to think otherwise.
      • A devotee of the sexual revolution, he remained in many ways an unreconstructed, 1950s male chauvinist pig.
      • She'd come close to hitting him except that he'd finished with such a charming smile that she couldn't stay irritated at him for being a chauvinist pig.
      • At least I know he's not a sexist chauvinistic pig.
      • He was a greedy pig, and he should never have given in.
      • Happily, in most cases, the gentlemen are not chauvinist pigs either, and both parents share the duties of feeding the chicks when they hatch.
      • Some of the lads embrace their new role as master of the house more enthusiastically than others, but are they really capable of playing the male chauvinist pig for the full four weeks?
      • He couldn't help but admire how much more of a fat, greedy, oafish pig his uncle had become in his absence.
      • Thirty years later, feminists referred to men as ‘male chauvinist pigs.’
      • Go ahead: call me an insensitive male chauvinist pig.
      • Girls get backhanded by misogynist male pigs, women get into fistfights with each other, old flames line up on opposite sides of the battlefield.

    • 2.2(informal) (glutton)

      glotón masculine
      glotona feminine
      angurriento masculine Southern Cone informal
      angurrienta feminine Southern Cone informal
      to make a pig of oneself darse un atracón

    • 2.3(British) (sth difficult, unpleasant)

      this is a pig of a door to open esta maldita puerta es jodida de abrir

    • 2.4(slang) (derogatory) (policeman)

      policía masculine
      mono masculine Spain slang derogatory
      tombo masculine Venezuela Colombia informal derogatory
      paco masculine Chile informal derogatory
      cana masculine River Plate slang derogatory
      tira feminine Mexico informal derogatory
      the pigs la poli
      • And a man who called a policeman a pig had to stand for two hours with a hog in a pen set up in a town centre.
      • He's known for unusual sentences, like the time he ordered a man who called a police officer a pig to spend a couple of hours penned up with the real thing.
      • At about the same time, people who disliked the police began calling them pigs.
      • All police are pigs because they make the conscious decision to join an organization which is, basically, legal GANGSTERISM.
      • Sure, you might call the guy who is a pig a pig, but not all policemen.

    • 2.5(US) (slang) (unattractive woman)

      bagre masculine informal
      callo masculine Spain informal
      charamusca feminine Mexico informal

transitive verb

  • 1US

    (share sleeping accommodation)
    compartir la cama
    • Settlements began to encourage the growth of plants such as barley and lentils and the domestication of pigs, sheep and goats.
    • State and government agencies are also investigating whether wild pigs might play a role in spreading disease to crops that reach humans' plates.
    • Hunting provided most food: deer, wild cattle, elk, wild pig, pine martens, red fox, and beavers.
    • In Missouri last week state wildlife officials publicly urged the nearly 500,000 licensed deer hunters to kill feral pigs too.
    • Pigs are hardy animals and prolific breeders, and in addition to the domestic animals reared on farms, nearly four million wild pigs now roam the United States.
    • Foot and mouth can affect cattle, pigs, sheep and goats, leading to the development of blisters in the mouth causing increased salivation, and lameness.
    • Wild pigs include the warthog, giant forest hog and red river hog.
    • The trees' seeds are dispersed by birds, wild pigs, agoutis, bats, and monkeys, as well as by wind and water.
    • Wild pigs, porcupines and rats, which are the main predators in paddy fields, are kept away using traps.
    • Cloned animals now include five species of mammals: sheep, goats, pigs, mice and cows - but all come with a dubious safety record.
    • Ecologically, they range from forest dwellers, such as wild pigs and chevrotains, to dominant large herbivores on grasslands.
    • Because of the rich diversity of this region, Nicobari pigeons, wild pigs, monitor lizards, tortoises, and crocodiles thrive there.
    • Such holidays occur after good hunts or when large game animals, such as an elephant or a wild pig, have been captured.
    • Less than 25 percent of those eggs would hatch in the wild, with the rest eaten by monitor lizards and feral wild pigs or drowned by rainy season floods.
    • In areas of highest density of the highlands there are no wild pigs and a few boars are kept for breeding.
    • The telling factor could be if the disease gets into pig herds.
    • Almost everyone worked with cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry and other domestic livestock.
    • With the advent of farming in the Neolithic, a number of animal species were domesticated, starting with sheep, goats, pigs, and cattle.
    • They first introduced horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and domestic poultry.
    • Apparently rural hunters use dogs to hunt down and kill feral pigs.
    • These features correlate with the more or less omnivorous diet of pigs and peccaries.
    • The hides of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and deer, and perhaps horses, were all used.
    • When the programme is completed, it will have encompassed more than 1,200 pig herds.
    • With the help of some farmers around, we kept two pigs fed on our leftovers.
    • Supplies of meat will be affected as cattle, pigs and sheep remain wherever they are.
    • Golden eagles are also being relocated to the mainland, an option not available for wild pigs, which the state designates as pests.
    • Hair of pigs and horses are widely used in rugs and upholstery stuffings.
    • Besides this, Spanish cattle, pigs, sheep, and goats introduced European meats and fats, milk, butter, and cheese to the Mexican diet.
    • In warmer periods the reindeer and mammoths would withdraw northwards, but they would give place to deer and wild pigs, which prefer a wooded environment.
    • Feral pigs churn up soil and uproot native plant species, denuding landscapes and promoting weed growth.
    • The disease can affect cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and deer (cloven hoofed species).
    • We enjoy long walks on the trails searching for the perfect walking stick, tracking deer, wild pigs and other animals.
    • In addition, the water has been contaminated by discharge from local pig farms.
    • I researched all the farmers' markets and spent time on a rare breed pig farm in Cumbria.
    • Remember to stress that they cannot keep the pot-bellied pig.
    • But all cattle, sheep, pigs and goats will be banned from the show site.
    • Other creatures can also flourish there, including quail, jackrabbits, and small, wild pigs called javelinas.
    • The animals that were kept domestically were much the same as today, sheep, pigs, cattle, goats and a few horses.
    • Catlike predators with long tails, fossas hunt everything from lemurs and mice to wild pigs.
    • From what scientists can tell, their preferred diet is deer and wild pigs called peccaries.
  • 2British

    (live in dirty, slovenly manner)
    vivir como un cerdo informal
    vivir como un chancho Latin America informal