Translation of piggy bank in Spanish:

piggy bank

alcancía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪɡi ˌbæŋk///


  • 1

    alcancía feminine Latin America
    (en forma de cerdito) hucha feminine Spain
    chanchito masculine Southern Cone
    • They took our cash, my jewellery, my husband's laptop computer, my children's piggy banks and broke my bathroom window.
    • His line, launched last year, included hats, piggy banks, stuffed dolls and even street fashion.
    • He's raided your piggy banks and filched all your birthday money.
    • They even fled with cash from children's piggy banks from houses in Park Lane.
    • The piggy bank is a timeless tool and see-through ones work best.
    • From birth to 11, the account offers an interest rate of 3.80%, a twice-yearly magazine, a piggy bank and a set of money-off vouchers.
    • Workers turned up with boxes, bags and piggy banks crammed with coins and by the end of the day the total reached £1, 550.
    • Do you try to spend it to 'get rid of it', or do you put it in a jar or a piggy bank?
    • As a measure of motivation, kith and kin present tiny piggy banks to them.
    • As usual, she raids her children's piggy banks and heads to the supermarket with £6.50.
    • One evening in 1940, my grandmother walked into my father's bedroom - he was 7 at the time - to find him sitting on his bed, the contents of his piggy bank spread around him, in floods of tears.
    • They gave your father piggy banks when he was young because they wanted him to develop healthy spending and saving practices, thus protecting him from the curse of debt.
    • Donations had ranged from children raiding their piggy banks to large cheques for hundreds of pounds.
    • His parents urge him to save his coins in the little piggy bank on his dresser, yet they willingly give their own coins away to any stranger extending a hand across a counter.
    • He counted out the entire contents of his piggy bank to help tsunami victims after seeing newspaper and television coverage of the disaster.
    • The under- 11s can opt for an organiser and calculator, piggy bank, squirrel or back pack with the Supersaver account.
    • I've always loved the things, from the little tinware postboxes I had as a small child to the stainless steel savings box the banks used to issue to children, right through to the ceramic piggy banks I still enjoy.
    • Every few months, when his piggy bank is full, we take it to a real bank, run it through the coin sorter, change the total into bills.
    • If you have any old £10 notes hiding away in a wallet, purse or piggy bank, you have until midnight tonight to spend them.
    • There are piles of change next to the piggy bank.