Translation of pigskin in Spanish:


piel de cerdo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪɡˌskɪn//ˈpɪɡskɪn/


  • 1

    piel de cerdo feminine Spain
    cuero de chancho masculine River Plate Andes
    • Since touching the skin of a dead pig makes one ‘unclean,’ no one can wear gloves made of pigskin.
    • It can be made from a variety of pelts and hides including leather, sealskin, mink, racoon, rabbit or pigskin in hundreds of different styles.
    • Her document was trifolded to fit into a thin pigskin leather envelope.
    • It's that I have come to resemble a huge, distended pigskin sack that has been stuffed to bursting point with offal and custard by greedy giants.
    • Anmar took out his last little swatch of pigskin leather from the bag at his feet.
    • I had also a pigskin bag, old and creased but sturdy, and still showing the mark of painted designs of spirals upon it, which had been my father's.
    • Instead of the traditional brown pigskin with white laces, the XFL and Spalding created a two-tone football, with a red X on a black background.
    • Off she roared in her pigskin jacket and her kid gloves, mindlessly crushing living creatures beneath the Harley's wheels.
    • They put down their loads and went back for more, and Burginde brought in one hand my pigskin satchel, and in the other the willow cage that held the linnet.
    • Sit back on the pigskin seats with a glass of Pig's Nose whisky and a bowl of Pork Scratchings watching Babe for the tenth time.
    • This is a superb rig consisting of a tapered belt, holster and double cartridge case all of oiled single weight leather except for the Mexican loop style holster, which is lined with pigskin.
  • 2US

    pelota feminine
    balón masculine
    • The only animals I've been interacting with lately are behemoths who tackle each other over pigskin.
    • Well before the first official football game in 1887, Penn State students were more likely to be found playing cricket than tossing the pigskin around.
    • In the late 1970s when I crouched under center, I turned around and placed that pigskin in the very capable hands of Billy Sims.
    • As you chuck it to one of your receivers or are playing defense on the thrown ball, the pigskin almost seems to disappear for a split second.
    • The second reflex, should you be fortunate enough to get your hands on the pigskin, is trying to put it away as quickly as possible.
    • When a game of footy is compared, in serious terms, it begs the question, what is valued more, life or kicking the pigskin around?
    • There's room on the Thanksgiving-week sports buffet for more than just pigskin.
    • During her free time, you can often find Rhi tossing the pigskin.
    • He even went so far as to suggest that we go out and ‘throw the pigskin around,’ as he so nicely put it.
    • But with the football season winding to a close, fantasy owners' minds have started turning from the gridiron to the diamond, from the pigskin to the horsehide.
    • His main competition at training camp has been there the whole time, sweating it out with his teammates, and throwing the pigskin pretty well, one might add.
    • He chased after that bouncing pigskin while I crossed my arms and shivered.
    • He had no desire to run a pigskin down a field and risk being jumped on top of doing so.
    • When in doubt, forwards, don't just boot the pigskin into the air, look to another TEAM member and pass the ball.
    • But while you're tossing the pigskin around, maybe you should explain to a son that the measure of a man is more than the ability to summon or endure violence.
    • He may impede more than he helps, but we know his heart is noble because, with sonar helmets and a beeping pigskin, he is trying to teach blind people to play football, though nobody yet has caught a pass.
    • He grunts in ecstasy as his foot makes contact with the pigskin.
    • Imagine playing a game of pickup pigskin and getting to choose your players from the rosters of real NFL teams.
    • I'm supposed to play football tomorrow, because unlike baseball, the weather is not a factor with the pigskin, or else, Wisconsin wouldn't be a sea of green and yellow.
    • Early in his career, which began in 1995 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Holcomb seemed more comfortable with a clipboard in his hands than a pigskin.