Translation of pilgrimage in Spanish:


peregrinación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪlɡrɪmɪdʒ//ˈpɪlɡrəmɪdʒ/


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    peregrinación feminine
    to go on a pilgrimage ir de peregrinación
    • I made a pilgrimage to my parents' old house fui en peregrinación a la antigua casa de mis padres
    • Cutting short his pilgrimage, he immediately left for Tamil Nadu to live the life of a singing saint.
    • It also has a religious pilgrimage on March 16 to bless the waters of Lake Masaya.
    • Like all religious pilgrimages, the Goddess pilgrimage is made for the purpose of devotion, but it is also at some level a feminist liberatory project and protest.
    • If you were going on a pilgrimage tour, where would you go?
    • There we offered prayers for a successful pilgrimage and got our rudraksha rosaries sanctified by the priest.
    • Luke reports that Jesus accepted invitations to many parties in the Galilee and on his pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
    • The Hajj is a real pilgrimage - a journey, with rites and rituals to be done along the way.
    • This year the pilgrims were able to walk the pilgrimage.
    • The Feast of the Sacrifice comes at the end of the Hajj - the pilgrimage to Mecca - and signals the end of the Islamic year.
    • The discussion of prayer and pilgrimages, fasting and forgiveness, is both insightful and enticing.
    • The participation of these Gentiles in the pilgrimage to Jerusalem with the offering for the poor symbolized their share in this righteous activity.
    • People making a pilgrimage are expected to sacrifice a goat or sheep and offer the meat to the poor.
    • Any crusader could claim to be going on a pilgrimage for God - pilgrims did not have to pay tax and they were protected by the Church.
    • Three times a year - on Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot - we made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
    • If a person does not have the financial means, then that person is not required to do the pilgrimage or the Umrah.
    • A pilgrimage to Medina is often made in conjunction with the pilgrimage to Mecca in order to visit the tombs and shrines of Muhammad, his family, and the first three caliphs.
    • The fifth Pillar is the Hajj, the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, in present-day Saudi Arabia, which every Muslim must make at some time in his or her life.
    • Bretons are also noted for their pilgrimages.
    • It is a clear order that the pilgrimage and the Umrah should be done exactly in the manner he did or approved.
    • I'd remind them that this is a pilgrimage and a pilgrimage does mean some walking.