Translation of pillar in Spanish:


pilar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪlər//ˈpɪlə/


  • 1

    pilar masculine
    columna feminine
    a pillar of smoke una columna de humo
    • a pillar of salt una estatua de sal
    • They had reached the wall surrounding the offices where the King's business in the city was conducted, and stood outside impressive iron gates with tall ornamental pillars on either side.
    • They carve memorial pillars in wood and stone for their dead.
    • A metal fence post was found nearby and it has been used to chip chunks of stone from the other pillars and the monument itself.
    • At the other end of the cone shaped island was a two mile long causeway with tall stone pillars as markers connected to the mainland near Strandhill.
    • The tall pillar of stones on the summit is a well-known landmark and there are great views of the valleys and tarns below.
    • There were a number of tall metal pillars and beams spread out to hold up the massive weight of the city above them.
    • Confining roses to pillars or other vertical structures may be a better option.
    • The pillars supporting the building were of smooth white wood, the pews solid oak.
    • In the center of the room stood a stone pillar about four feet tall.
    • The lower storey disappeared in 1889 when the building was modified and the distinctive stone pillars supporting the upper storey were added.
    • They are modern and stylish additions to an older building that has grand pillars and a sweeping stone staircase at its entrance.
    • Substantive stone pillars absorb that heat, radiating it out throughout the night.
    • Most of the rooms were large and empty, like a monument, supported by tall, white pillars.
    • The hallway was lined with tall stone pillars and ivy.
    • The former asylum opened in 1816 is a stately quadrangular building of stone with pillars of the Doric order.
    • Every bungalow is supported on stone pillars, which permits us to maintain the natural terrain and vegetation.
    • The Cells were in groups of five and each of those groups stood vertically around a metal pillar.
    • Ornate pillars with stone carved towers stand as monuments of glory to their builders.
    • Well maintained buildings, gates, pillars, old stone walls and styles add to the visual appearance of the farm and help it blend into the landscape.
    • All pillars are essential to a firm and sturdy building.
  • 2

    (exemplary member)
    pilar masculine
    baluarte masculine
    he is a pillar of the community es uno de los pilares / baluartes comunidad
    • Mary Nicholas, his mother, a seamstress by profession, has always been a pillar of support encouraging his musical efforts.
    • All those detained in the sweep were members of a family described as a pillar of support for the ousted regime, said the US Lieutenant Colonel.
    • After the move from the company, he was a pillar of support following the death of Wyclef's father two years ago, and a strong influence on the vocal aspect of his music.
    • It's known all along that property ownership is an essential pillar of self-funded retirement.
    • He had always seemed to her like a pillar of quiet strength.
    • He is the ultimate example of drug-fuelled rock 'n' roll excess, the other is a douce, dapper pillar of Scotland's literary establishment.
    • The Sikh Coalition would like to thank the Hate Free Zone for helping to protect the pillars of our democracy by exercising the voice of the people.
    • She learned Arabic and became a pillar of support in local communities, often helping the needy in the face of opposition during the dictator's regime.
    • I am a small but essential pillar of society; I'm not a doctor or a soldier, I don't teach or sweep streets, but I do have a little role to play.
    • They see the static regional context as having become a pillar of support for the occupation in this unjust war.
    • Since the '60s Lee has been a pillar of Canadian literature as an editor, essayist and poet.
    • Dad thought himself a pinnacle of strength and a pillar of optimism to guide everyone through the dark times.
    • Consequently, a reliable pillar of our public safety infrastructure is gradually being undermined.
    • A strong modern military was considered an essential pillar supporting the nation.
    • There is no doubt manners and social graces are essential pillars to hold up our society.
    • They're quite willing to mess around with essential pillars of freedom without understanding what they're doing.
    • At first she thought he would be a hindrance, but it turned out that he had been a pillar of support.
    • The US considers it essential to maintain Morocco as a pillar of support in the Arab world.
    • During a routine sale of U.S. Treasury bonds in early September, one of the essential pillars holding up the economy suddenly disappeared.
    • I've often heard people wondering how these students, notoriously wild, turn into pillars of responsibility and reliability.