Translation of pillow in Spanish:


almohada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪloʊ//ˈpɪləʊ/


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    almohada feminine
    • My bed was also round, with many feather pillows and the softest mattress around, since my mother was a weaver.
    • The blankets were shredded, as were the pillows, the feather stuffing strewn everywhere.
    • Gwyneth tried to get up by leaning on her left arm for support, but she winced in pain as she did so, and fell back down onto the soft feathery pillows.
    • Although nowadays pillows stuffed with feathers are quite common, this should be regarded as a modern innovation.
    • Wobble feathers were sold and stuffed into pillows and quilts.
    • It was beautiful, but couldn't support a feather pillow.
    • Blaise asked, sitting up, but falling back in pain, his head hitting a soft feather pillow.
    • I took a deep breath and rested my pounding head against the feather soft pillow.
    • Juen heard a stifled breath and she turned around, Kumma's face had paled immensely and his fist was clenched in the soft material of the pillow.
    • Ikeda was slouched in a stuffed chair, head tilted back and supported by a pillow as he slept peacefully.
    • Without a word, he laid down beside her, letting his head sink into the soft feather stuffed pillow and resting his hands on his stomach.
    • Her bed was an oak four-post bed with sheets of silk and pillows of soft goose feathers.
    • The maiden quickly laid her head against the pillow stuffed with goose feathers.
    • The crib should be empty, with no blankets, pillows, soft materials, stuffed toys, sheepskin, or comforters.
    • These devices are supposed to be far healthier than sleeping on a soft pillow, and are still in use today.
    • In other areas, sleeping on a pillow stuffed with Mugwort leaves is claimed to provoke dreams that reveal one's future.
    • Her arms wrapped around her pillow tightly, stuffing her face in the soft cloth and heaving a sigh.
    • I felt the soft material against my back and the feathery soft pillow that supported my head.
    • Her head fell back against the soft pillows supporting her and she pulled the covers up to her forehead.
    • At night you sleep on the softest pillow ever, and both sides of the pillowcase are cool.

transitive verb

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