Translation of pillow talk in Spanish:

pillow talk

conversaciones íntimas, n.


  • 1

    (en la cama) conversaciones íntimas feminine
    • We are privy to bedroom scenes; both love making and morning pillow talk.
    • After a little bit of pillow talk we fall asleep together.
    • Coffee talk can turn to pillow talk in the blink of an eye.
    • Unless you're being watched by other means, your coffee shop conversations, your pillow talk, and your Friday night parties are all still your business.
    • The album's lyrics, many of which are raw, unfocused, love-and-sex pillow talk, are clearly secondary to the music.
    • Before leaving Partridge's embrace for that of the ostler she indulged in some pillow talk.
    • I'll make sure that Sakura joins you and both of you could have some pillow talk.
    • Hearing them flatly deliver quasi-Marxist slogans as a sort of pillow talk is a constant hoot.
    • In this case, it proved largely pillow talk with the celebrated new boyfriend.
    • Their pillow talk pulses with the fierce rhythms of his life - now amazingly making sense, now comprehensible and exhilarating.
    • Just remember to bail out before the pillow talk turns to the merits of silver refrigerators versus white ones.
    • The newest novelty item for sale in Tokyo generates a lot of pillow talk.
    • With her husband Andrew failing to get among the medals as he tried to win a fourth straight team title for Australia, it must have made for some interesting pillow talk.
    • So, like, maybe he told Britney in pillow talk what the bad man did to him.
    • A couple finishes having sex, roll onto their backs, and lift the covers up to their necks to commence staring at the ceiling and having pillow talk.
    • Curtis, her husband, was away at work all day, and at night Nyla looked forward to some cozy pillow talk with him before falling asleep in his arms.
    • The warmth, the fun, the sensuality, the pillow talk, the teasing, the tantalizing, the joy of intimacy are wonderful.
    • But, for lovers, pillow talk is the sweetest conversation.
    • But who wants to hear hours and hours of pillow talk?
    • So he can get involved in some pillow talk if it came to it.