There are 2 main translations of pin in Spanish

: pin1PIN2


alfiler, n.

Pronunciation /pɪn//pɪn/


  • 1

    (for cloth, paper)
    alfiler masculine
    • To save time replacing the pins, I taped little colored pieces of paper on the floor where the pins went.
    • One of them cleverly decorates a vase by drawing plant leaves using a sharp pin, while another shapes small frog-like figures to be put on ashtrays.
    • She had already filed down one end of the pin to have a sharp point and thin width; it had never hurt to be prepared before.
    • Make sure there are places your dog can get stuck in or fall from and there is no sharp objects like nails or pins laying around.
    • At the age of 14 he became interested in curves he could draw using a pen held by thread looped round pins.
    • I sure hope whoever put that diaper on fastened the pin tight.
    • But he's also hoping a wall piece covered by pins from every city he crossed will fetch a fair sum.
    • To adjust the fit, stick the tapes on the underneath side to the front of the nappy or use grips or pins to fasten a cloth nappy.
    • Although the plastic pinned poppies are less dangerous, they often require metal pins to keep them in place.
    • The metal in the pin and screws was the finest space-age steel alloy.
    • Use a pin to push the paper bits gently back into place so they're hidden by the stitches.
    • The Major applied the last of the bandage cloth and used a pin to keep it in place.
    • Victor carefully threads the sharp pin through Laurie's sweater.
    • She said today's nappies were a far cry from the terry towelling nappies boiling on a stove and the need to juggle metal pins.
    • Documents are copied with carbon paper and then held together by straight pins.
    • The pushpin color photograms are created by placing the pins directly into the photographic paper surface in the color darkroom.
    • The works are fashioned from paper and use ink, glitter and pins and are incredibly delicate, erotic and dense.
    • I have made the universe out of paper and pencil and pins.
    • Insert map pins, metal tacks, and pushpins with plastic heads to create dots, stripes, and hearts.
    • Wig pins are small and usually have a sharp point at one end to help the pins penetrate the wig piece.
  • 2US

    (brooch, badge)
    insignia feminine
    • Kerry fundraisers will be busy as bees this week as they take to the streets of the county selling pots of honey and lapel pins in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland.
    • Rings, bangles, ear-rings, and nose pins are among the Vivah collection.
    • The cufflinks, lapel pins and brooches have been made in Orkney and are available only to MSPs and parliament visitors.
    • As a material it was used for making a wide variety of objects but was especially common for jewellery such as brooches, buckles, belt ends, dress pins and rings.
    • Joe and I had found lapel pins and baggage stickers with a Canadian maple leaf design; these too were part of the kit.
    • Her work includes headpieces, necklaces, rings and pins.
    • We also add jewelry, from rings and bracelets to pins and neckwear.
    • There are angel bookends, guardian angel lapel pins and ceramic candle-holder angels.
    • Strands of faux pearls, hand-painted ladies' lapel pins, and other jeweled accents amplify the theme of the day.
    • Prison Service Orders say staff should not wear unauthorised badges or pins, and whatever the reasons for wearing it, the badge concerned could be misconstrued.
    • Hanging from the brooch pin was a white crystal on a worn leather thong.
    • Jewellery in the form of bracelet, rings, pins and earrings have been used universally since time immemorial.
    • In my satchel I had a black leathern pouch stuffed with silver pieces, and the tiny red one, full of rings and pins and brooches and chains.
    • Due to the small size, we related the netsuke to our Western-style jewelry of pendants and pins.
    • He also had pins and badges of all the bands Tina had mentioned, plus a couple of more.
    • Studying it, it appeared that it could actually be a pin more than a brooch.
    • They ranged from the production of brass and other non-ferrous metals to screws, nuts, bolts, chains and anchors, pins, and jewellery.
    • Bronze brooches and pins, dress fasteners, silver rings, knives, beads of amber and glass and even some objects that seem to be made of ivory appear as the shallow graves were excavated.
    • The class also received public relations catalyst lapel pins.
    • Van Dyke chuckles and asks if we might like to take some lapel pins home with us.
  • 3

    • 3.1(on grenade)

      anilla feminine
      • Orr simply walked across the sand, clambered on to one of the tanks, ‘popped’ the pins on his hand grenades and moved over the edge of the hatch.
      • After nearly three hundred years of grenade technology development, and the best way to activate it was still the old-fashioned pin.
      • Kerry didn't see an opportunity; he saw a hand grenade with the pin taken out.
      • I woke the other day with this quote floating around in my head ‘When you remove the pin, Mr. Hand Grenade is no longer your friend.’

    • 3.2British Electricity
      (on plug)

      clavija feminine
      borne masculine
      pata feminine informal
      • In either case, you must ensure that there are no bent connection pins, the unit is plugged in properly, and the IDE cables are in good condition.
      • It is an 80 pin connector that is designed for drives that plug into a SCSI backplane.
      • The position of these upper pins keeps the plug from turning - the pins bind the plug to the housing.
      • For those with THE perfect pins, hemlines from micro short and slim fitting will suit individual tastes.
      • However, the publicity blurb does make clear that Malaysia has three pin electric plugs at 240 volts which is more than Thailand can claim.
      • Breathing deeply, I pulled the pin on the smoke bomb and hurled it at an unsuspecting Enrico, who was walking with a phone and had Jeff by his side.
      • The ports differ in how specific signals are connected to pins on the connector.
      • The circuit couples the speaker connection of the first pin to the microphone connection of the second pin.
      • Mounting it is straight forward and then it's just a simple matter of plugging the 3 - pin fan socket into the motherboard's fan header.
      • The demo board is also equipped with a six pin modular connector to interface directly with the company's MPLAB in-circuit debugger.
      • In between the molex convertor and the 3 pin power connector is where the speed controller fits in.
      • Even if you can't sing, can't dance but have a half decent set of pins and can play football, a new reality TV series wants to hear from you.
      • The pins in the power cable female connector are not springy enough, and fail to make good contact with the pin in the plug in the appliance.
      • The processor, for example, must be installed with great care, since the socket's pins can become easily bent.
      • Luckily for me I had a three pin connector around from a much older case and was able to make my own adaptor.
      • Through holes are also provided on the board for user expansion via a 96 pin DIN connector.
      • I was a little surprised that a 4 pin molex connection is required, as the fan doesn't really draw a lot of power.
      • The PCI connector includes voltage I / O pins for supplying power to the I / O buffers.
      • These pins plug into the circuit board of the product for which the chip is intended.
      • Next to each power input for each port there is an output, again of the 3 pin connector type.
      • We also can get a look at the three pin fan connections (four total) on the board.
      • One of the sockets is only 2 pins, and this is for a ‘Fan Only’ cable.
      • The cartridge cover also supplies key features that aid in alignment of the pins and a socket.
      • If my auld pins were half a century or so younger, I'd give it a go meself.

    • 3.3Technology

      perno masculine
      • ‘You give people individual notes like the little pins in a musical box’, he chided the composer.

    • 3.4clothes pinUS

      pinza (de la ropa) feminine
      broche (de la ropa) masculine Argentina
      palillo (de la ropa) masculine Uruguay
      perrito (de la ropa) masculine Chile
      gancho (de la ropa) masculine Venezuela Colombia

    • 3.5Medicine

      clavo masculine
      • The operation was success and her femur was pinned together with three large metal pins.
      • The woman next to me was in an accident and had metal pins surgically planted into her back for reconstruction.
      • They removed damaged tissue and inserted bolts and pins, trying to piece together his shattered bones and tendons.
      • His knee will now be held together by metal pins.
      • Surgeons at St James's Hospital in Leeds, where she was treated, thought she may lose her legs but managed to save them with a variety of metal implants, screws, plates and pins.

  • 4

    • 4.1(in golf)

      banderín masculine
      • Daly had an opportunity to force a playoff, but also stroked his four-foot par hole past the pin.
      • In a round that included three birdies and seven pars, she also claimed near pins on holes eight and fifteen, and the long putt on hole nine.
      • His third shot out of the sand sees the ball roll 20 feet past the pin but he holes the tricky par putt.
      • And as Fred and his three colleagues approached the green, the wind again took hold to blow the flag pin - and the four watched amazed as the ball plopped into the hole.
      • Can you imagine wanting to play golf without greens, targets, pins, or holes.

    • 4.2(in bowling)

      bolo masculine
      pino masculine Mexico
      • And this idea is related to the ending of the film, where you see the strings that pull on the pins in the bowling alley.
      • Wandering among its pillars, I felt like an ant among the pins of a bowling alley: 134 awesome skittles, each more elaborately decorated than the last.
      • Then again, one morning this week I was walking to the subway and a guy passed by on 3rd Avenue on a unicycle, juggling three bowling pins.
      • They have 6 Mexican boys working for the YMCA bowling alley setting pins.
      • Antero bowled a 515 series and Jim Montgomery knocked down 509 pins, both bowling as spares
      • Olivia moved to Azure as Akamaru was about to take the bowling pin and smack Olivia's bowling ball, but lost balance and fell on his face.
      • A'senti created a very large ball of electricity and sent it over to a throng of guards, laughing as they were knocked down unconscious like bowling pins.
      • I flew across the country with a bowling pin in my carry on luggage.
      • All you need to add are the bowling pins and a bowling ball.
      • In the winter you worked shoveling sidewalks and setting up pins in the bowling alley.
      • She throws a Brunswick Arc but is looking for something reactive, a ball that goes long and hits hard at the pins.
      • Glass threw a strike on his first ball in the 10th frame and needed only eight pins to take home the trophy.
      • You know what this is like, when you're doing you're best material and all you can hear is the sound of bowling pins being knocked over.
      • He was unable to convert the spare and found himself down by 22 pins after the 1st frame.
      • Marvin runs, slipping on a banana peel, crashing into a mound of stacked bowling pins.
      • To help bring much-needed money into the household, the stalwart student set pins at the local bowling alley and poolhall.
      • He could react to the start signal, bring up the 625, blast six bowling pins off the table, reload, and take two more in under six seconds.
      • The Crown suggested it made no sense for Willis, armed only with a bowling pin, to challenge a man with a gun.
      • The way every crash of bowling balls and pins made her jump, and caused her eyes to dart about like those of a wary rabbit or a wild mare made him want to take her in his arms and allay all her fears.
      • It features lights that begin flashing on impact and continue to do so as the ball rolls down the lane and strikes the pins.

  • 5pins plural

    patas feminine informal

There are 2 main translations of pin in Spanish

: pin1PIN2


PIN, n.

Pronunciation /pɪn//pɪn/


  • 1

    PIN masculine
    • personal identification number

transitive verbpinning, pinned

  • 1

    (fasten, attach)
    (seam/dress) prender con alfileres
    I pinned the papers together sujeté los papeles con un alfiler
    • she wore her hair pinned up llevaba el pelo recogido (con prendedores)
    • pin the list (up) on the board pon la lista en el tablero de anuncios
    • she had a flower pinned on / to her dress llevaba una flor prendida en el vestido
    • I pinned the clothes on the line colgué / tendí la ropa
    • they tried to pin the blame on him trataron de hacerle cargar con la culpa
    • One young woman recalled the way her badges had been pinned to her school blazer; another said she'd never forget Leigh's smile.
    • A bloodstained note left by the couple, which suggested they might be planning to kill themselves, was found pinned to a fence nearby.
    • She also comments on the amount of pornographic material that was pinned up on inmate's walls, despite the prison having a policy banning it.
    • Nenine managed to pin one onto her dress and proceeded to fasten another onto a red stole trimmed with gold.
    • Tom Crute's ‘Corporate Death Star’ was pinned up near the ceiling and above other works.
    • ON a recent visit to our daughter in London, she brought home the following which had been pinned on the staff notice board by the head teacher.
    • Mikey pins a large decorated badge of Jackie Robinson on the Golem, who smiles.
    • By his Glasgow Academy days, he was pinning Labour Party flyers under his blazer and flashing them at fellow pupils.
    • One of the Red Soldiers turned me and pinned a beautiful shining badge onto my left chest.
    • Attach and pin the pre-curled hair wefts around the base of the ponytail anchoring to the previously placed bobby pins.
    • Close by, fields were busy with tractors yesterday, but Peddie had declared his premises a no-go area, pinning a hastily-written ‘Keep Out’ to a tree.
    • Then he pinned one of the badges to Becki's coat.
    • The gate was just the first step, there are fence rails to be nailed and sheep netting to be pinned before the boys can pack up their belongings and flit.
    • Beau studied the handsome silver badge that was pinned inside, and his eyebrows rose.
    • A map of Afghanistan is pinned above the fridge and the names of the provinces and towns trip off Moler's tongue as though they were just across the Mississippi.
    • In recent years, signs had been pinned to trees saying ‘No Permissive Footpath Exists’, he claimed.
    • She has golden blonde hair that is neatly pinned back with a few random strands left on her face as if she is saying that she could be cute without any effort.
    • Her long black hair, having been pinned randomly across her head, and dark eye make-up gave for a very gothic look.
    • Under sunny skies, Chirac pinned Legion of Honour medals on 14 veterans in the pomp-filled ceremony at Arromanches.
  • 2

    (hold motionless)
    they pinned him against the wall lo inmovilizaron contra la pared
    • she pinned my arms to my sides me sujetó los brazos a ambos lados