Translation of pinched in Spanish:


Pronunciation /pɪn(t)ʃt//pɪntʃt/


  • 1

    (puckered, drawn)
    she had a pinched look tenía mala cara
    • faces pinched with grief/bitterness caras transidas de dolor/amargura
    • Prosser appears the stereotypical Welshman - pinched face, thin-rimmed spectacles and no sign of extravagance.
    • She makes you feel as if you are witnessing the reactions to a disturbing scene, because anxiety is what you read in the whites of eyes, pinched cheeks, stringy hair.
    • In the dim light of the tent his bony features reflected Leah's sallow grimace, Ksandra's pinched cheeks.
    • There were bags under her eyes, and her face was pale and pinched looking.
    • Standing and gathering her cloak tightly around her shoulders she turned away from Madam Corbeau's pinched expression and down the lane.
    • She looked to the side, and two faces hovered over her, both pinched and worried.
    • The children looked pinched and hollow-eyed for want of food.
    • The queen was a thin woman, with pointy elbows, a pinched face, and wispy white hair on which the crown marking her rank sat.
    • Augusta is a tall, thin girl with a pinched face with an unpleasant expression.
    • The vendor was a young woman with a pinched face.
    • Nathan was tall, with a pale, pinched face, and David was shorter and almost stocky, with a tan and brownish hair.
    • On the tube between High Street Kensington and Earl's Court in the hottest part of this afternoon, there was a woman with a pinched face and knuckles wrapped whitely around a small backpack.
    • The six cameras dotted around the court picked up her pinched and weary face as the Lord Advocate began questioning her.
    • I crouched down over Holly, and drew back the curtain of golden hair to reveal a white, pinched face.
    • Danovin strode in with a pinched expression, and sighed as he leaned against the door, shooting into a sharp and speedy litany that made Visbec chuckle.
    • Randomly, one or the other gets a pinched expression.
    • She wore purple contacts and had thin eyebrows to go along with her pinched cheeks and small chin.
    • He was thin and gaunt, with an odious pinched white face and fierce big black bushy eyebrows.
    • Her usually rosy cheeks were now pinched and deathly pale.
    • Recognition played across his pinched face.
  • 2to be pinched for

    (having insufficient)
    estar apretado de
    andar escaso de
    we're pinched for money/time estamos apretados / andamos escasos de dinero/tiempo
    • Its atmosphere is nonetheless bleak, evoking cold gray skies and a pinched existence in a slum area of town, with the ever-present fear of discrimination.