There are 2 main translations of pine in Spanish

: pine1pine2


pino, n.

Pronunciation /paɪn//pʌɪn/


  • 1also pine tree

    pino masculine
  • 2

    madera de pino feminine
    pino masculine
    (furniture) (before noun) de pino
    • In Wang's paper cutting works, one can find the style of traditional Chinese painting, such as the hill in the distance and a pine tree standing beside the a river.
    • Viewing the figure of a tall pine tree standing at the peak of Huangshan Mountain near the scenic spot of Meng Bi Sheng Hua, who would suspect that it was plastic?
    • The interior landscape is planted with Korean pines 50 to 65 feet in height.
    • The next morning found Saoirse, sitting under a pine tree with a pile of potatoes and a rough knife in her hand.
    • The result was very helpful, but I wasted three hours climbing around in a pine tree trying to retrieve the damned parachute.
    • Hollyhock landed in a low branch of a pine tree, and dangled there as she tried to find a way to get down.
    • He apparently struck a pine tree on the edge of a wheat field before crashing into the field at a steep angle, LaRoche said.
    • Jade put her hand over her eyes to shield them from the sun and saw, true to Lanyon's word, that there was a large castle sitting on a hill past a large pine tree.
    • This was the most attractive man she'd ever seen in her life, and she just met him under a pine tree seeking shelter from a torrential downpour.
    • Holly leaned back on a pine tree, and thought about their problem.
    • Its araucaria pines, villages dotted with conical-roofed ‘fare’ ceremonial houses and balmy waters are the stuff of postcards.
    • He strung it up by its ankles from the branch of a pine tree, placed a five gallon pickle bucket under its snout, and deftly sliced open its jugular veins.
    • For example, when Czech designer Josef Halda created Mineo's crevice garden, he planted several dwarf mugho pines (Pinus mugo mugo).
    • I even discovered a large pine tree from a neighborhood behind the car shop; it seemed like the new place where all the birds had gone.
    • He used his strength against mine and pulled me successfully through the window and into the tall pine tree beside Josie's window.
    • While we don't find fossils of the Wollemi pine tree and humans together, we do know they live together - because both are alive today.
    • Keeping incredibly low, we wiggled our way through the trees, passing just below the drooping branches of a large pine tree.
    • Together, they took a seat under the dry cover of a pine tree.
    • Unlike the pine tree, which stood erect and broke before the storm, the willow yielded to the weight of snow on its branches, but did not break under it.
    • The money will be used to plant Korean pine, a native species that produces nuts eaten by tiger prey in the forests of the Russian Far East.

There are 2 main translations of pine in Spanish

: pine1pine2


estar triste, v.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    estar triste
    to pine for sth suspirar por algo literary
    • she was pining to see her family anhelaba ver a su familia
    • the dog was pining for its master el perro echaba muchísimo de menos a su amo
    • His children, who are pining for their father, are being cared for by relatives and told that their father is away working hard to raise case to take them to Disneyland Paris.
    • A marmoset monkey was pining for his lost brother last night after thieves snatched him in a daylight heist.
    • He also wryly acknowledges that he risks sounding like a grumpy old man pining for an overly-romanticised past.
    • A future monarchy cannot rest on an individual pining for the past.
    • Anyway, to stop me pining for my family, Reginald suggested we join a group protesting against a proposed massive wind-turbine development.
    • But for American Scots pining for a taste of the old country, there's nothing like a haggis from Scotland and that's where the smugglers come in.
    • He had never seen signs of an adult sheep pining for another.
    • The first semester was okay, but after Christmas I started to pine for home, wishing I was closer, that I could just be there.
    • From the heat and frenzy of my city kitchen, I'm pining for the woods, and will have to snatch some time out to fill a basket or two of wild harvest.
    • Once this happens, our bodies will no longer crave toxins and my pining for chicken popcorn will fade.
    • She is being helped by Stacey, an American of indeterminate function, who is pining for Starbucks.
    • Those of us pining for the sensuality of the tropical island often forget that paradise is, at root, a religious notion.
    • There are plenty of little people scattered about the corners of Ruisdael's vistas, but they are never Diana chasing Actaeon, or Echo pining for Narcissus, as they usually are in 17th-century landscapes.
    • No one spending long hours at work, pining for their baby is happy, but neither is a mother bored and depressed at home who longs to get back to her job.
    • Some might call it modern art, but I'll be pining for my classic landscape.
    • A tragic metaphor for unrequited homosexual desire, she pines for him, but, dismayed at his ‘arrogance,’ refuses to admit it.
    • Edie Falco plays Marly, a hard-drinking late-thirtysomething woman, working at her dad's motel and diner, hassled by her good-for-nothing ex-husband and pining for a way out of there.
    • I'd been pining for an early night since Tuesday.
    • He's feeling crook, pining for his bed, but the game face stays on.
    • Anything to keep oneself entertained on those long, lonely evenings when pining for unavailable men.