Translation of pine marten in Spanish:

pine marten

marta, n.


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    marta feminine
    • As well as being extremely rare, the pine marten - a member of the weasel family - is a shy creature that would seek to avoid humans.
    • Although many think the species is a type of bird, the pine marten is actually a bushy-tailed and foxy-faced tree-climbing mammal, similar to a ferret - but as big as a cat.
    • A pine marten rested high above our heads while a gaggle of monkeys swung through the very highest branches where the occasional owl perched imperiously on guard.
    • Why is the pine marten, a protected species, being allowed to threaten an endangered species?
    • Bears, coyotes, and pine martens, for example, frequently ingest berries when available and then move the seeds considerable distances by virtue of their large territories.