Translation of ping in Spanish:


sonido metálico, n.

Pronunciation /pɪŋ//pɪŋ/


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    sonido metálico masculine
    (of bullet) silbido masculine
    the bell goes ping when the meal is cooked el timbre hace tin cuando la comida está lista informal
    • Do you find that showing pings on the archive pages, but not rebuilding them when pinged, gives you more multiple pings?
    • The pings could sound like dinner bells to the animals, letting them know where to find fast food caught in a net.
    • Just think of the reverberations created with all those pings and clicks!
    • This concussive approach is more pronounced on ‘Sticks and Nails’, where resonant metallic pings and tongs sound off like broken grandfather clock chimes.
    • Elongated roars and fragments of voices gave a sense of atmospheric portent, while syncopated pings, clicks and chirps added a desultory counterpoint.
    • It emits pings and listens for echoes bouncing back from small particles in the water.
    • It will be interesting now to see, when the oven pings, if the whole confection really is a recipe for success.
    • Beeps, blips and pings are the everyday sounds that we live with, thanks to our push-button gizmos and fast-paced lifestyle.
    • Walking into an arcade shop where there's all those arcade games and noises going left right and centre and beeps and pings, I hear that type of noise in day to day life.
    • Its low-frequency ping can last 100 seconds, can travel hundreds of miles, and harass and displace whales from their feeding and breeding grounds.
    • The steel sparked, flashing in the half-light like lightning bugs in a cacophony of musical pings!
    • The ping or beep that signals a new e-mail exploits the human capacity for infinite distraction, guaranteeing it will take priority over other tasks that might be more important, even though they seem less urgent.
    • The End Of Summer is warm and slithery, borne on slurred drums and elastic pings (perhaps the sound of tent pegs pounded by rubber mallets?)
    • My head was consumed with these thoughts, when I heard a ping and the distinctive sound of a message being announced over a PA system.
    • The brass bed frame was bent and it echoed with a sharp ping.
    • He could hear the pings from ricocheting bullets as well as the dull thuds from direct impacts.
    • After all the dirt has been cleaned away, the contraption retiles the remaining shards of the bird's voices into a mosaic of noticeably cold bleeps and pings.
    • She hears, from the right phone, the metallic ping of an off center echo: ‘Hello?’
    • I could hardly hear the various beeps and pings over the fog machine.
    • The gun's trigger guard cracked with a high-pitched ping, but the sound was pretty much lost in the screaming.

intransitive verb

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    (bell) sonar
    (bell) hacer tin informal
    • Pereira had held off his man and slipped the ball back to the fullback, who weaved his way in to the box and side-footed his shot past Marshall only for the ball to ping off the base of the post.
    • The laptop sitting on the center console continuously pinging at the networks being discovered.
    • Then, like a grand old tree succumbing to the woodman's axe, Mary's Dad keeled over forwards onto his face, his putter pinging away, bent double by the impact of body and ground.
    • At intervals the washer pinged, I hit Save and toddled along to move the loads along, picking up the next heap as I went and shuffling it along the floor in front of me.
    • As elastic bands pinged across the classroom, I reached in desperation for a book.
    • Bullets were pinging off our armor all over our vehicle.
    • Bloggers use pinging to let blog tracking services such as that their weblog has been updated.
    • When I woke the guys were here cutting the grass and the alarm was pinging gently to remind me it was time to get ready and go get my chest x-ray.
    • On our bombing run with the bomb doors open we could hear the shrapnel from the anti-aircraft guns pinging on our bomb casings.
    • Again, test your gateway by accessing an external site (use ping or your web browser or whatever).
    • When the lift came to a halt and the doors pinged open with a pleasant ding the girls dragged the bags down the hallway, stopping outside of the apartment while Forever searched for her keys.
    • Ward got another nudge which Barton blocked and the ball pinged up from their clash and smacked the unfortunate Mills in the face before finally looping into the net.
    • Their sensors consisted of a box that pinged whenever something was nearby.
    • To test your IPv6 connection, first try pinging something with the ping6 program on both the gateway and a connected host.
    • While that had been a very good thing for ping, FTP and TELNET, it was now a very bad thing.
    • Try pinging or otherwise connecting to hosts on the remote network; the connection should behave no differently from before when you brought the tunnel up.
    • Instead of being a taut, minimal straight line, I'm a curvy, springy, unmarshalled dithering thing, unable to ping, ding or ker-ching.
    • My mouth stayed firmly shut as insects pinged off my sunglasses.