Translation of pinion in Spanish:


inmovilizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪnjən//ˈpɪnjən/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) (esp sujetándole los brazos) inmovilizar
    • Oh, Mr. Goose, it appears that you are pinioned behind a wall of chain!
    • The matronly Judith, unable to hack off Holofernes's head, carves through it with businesslike concentration, pinioning him to the blood-weltering bed with the help of her equally brutish maidservant.
    • Asaire cried out and tried to get away, but the stranger pinioned him down with inhuman strength.
    • Within seconds he had me pinioned on my back, his own weight pressing me down.
    • No one wants to be friends with the guy who spears people in the gut or pinions them under a heavy net.
    • Ariel and Audrey were trapped in the corner, pinioned by several of the girls.
    • Then she went up and held on to him, pinioned him, her head on his left shoulder.
    • Thomas had her pinioned on the bed and was intent on making good his promise.
    • In his haste to escape he fell and was pinioned between the stalks.
    • Finally, with a magnificent sense of the dramatic, we were pinioned by headlights against a wall in a blind alley.
    • There he was pinioned to the floor by devices with smooth jaws similar to the trap that had taken him.
    • The latter's figure of King Harold pinioned by an arrow through the eye has been more influential in the historical imagination of generations of British school children than all the patient researches of scholars.
    • She felt them tighten the strap around her waist and realized that she was now quite securely pinioned.
  • 2

    (bird) cortarle las alas a
    • Swans are caught and their wings' flight feathers are clipped, or pinioned.


  • 1literary

    (of bird)
    (with masculine article in the singular) ala feminine
  • 2

    piñón masculine