Translation of pipe in Spanish:


tubo, n.

Pronunciation /paɪp//pʌɪp/


  • 1

    (for liquids, gases)
    tubo masculine
    caño masculine
    tubería feminine
    cañería feminine
    • He was enquiring about a burst sewer pipe in Smith's field.
    • There are also plans to lay new water mains to replace pipes dating back to the Second World War as part of the project.
    • Modern roads have a maze of water and sewer pipes running beneath them.
    • If it is shown to have been the cause of the blast, the problem of leaking gas pipes will have been thrust into the public domain once more.
    • The thaw after heavy snowfall meant that plumbers were inundated with calls to repair burst pipes.
    • Two new rainwater drainage pipes have been installed.
    • Shut off the water to prevent pipes from freezing and if you have sprinklers drain them out.
    • Lead tends to accumulate as water sits in pipes overnight.
    • Geraldton homes and a school were evacuated yesterday after a gas pipe was damaged during roadworks.
    • There also were reports of leaking gas pipes.
    • Most of the pipes and ducts for the utility companies have now been laid and roadworks have started.
    • We are constantly upgrading drain and water supply pipes.
    • Also, the underground water pipes have allegedly been damaged by vehicle traffic going in and out of the area.
    • They simply lay a drainage pipe between their home and the canal.
    • Roads, bridges, utility lines, water and sewer pipes, and other supporting services have to be rebuilt.
    • Instead of being buried, the pipe supplying water to the school lay above ground, a violation of national building guidelines.
    • The city has an extensive system of stormwater drains and pipes to channel water away from the heavy downpours in the wet season.
    • Water poured from the pipe and buckled the road making it impassable.
    • Many residents were woken by the deafening sound of the exploding pipe and water gushing down the street and into their houses.
    • Tom's fixing the pipes under the bathroom sink.
  • 2

    (for tobacco)
    pipa feminine
    I smoke a pipe fumo en pipa
    • the pipe of peace, the peace pipe la pipa de la paz
    • put that in your pipe and smoke it! ¡chúpate esa!
    • before noun pipe bowl cazoleta
    • pipe smoker fumador de pipa
    • pipe tobacco tabaco de pipa
    • I wasn't nervous or afraid; but I sat up and lit my pipe and leaned against a rock.
    • Clive puffed again, then slowly pulled the pipe from his mouth and leaned back in his chair, making it rock slightly as he held the pipe in front of his face.
    • He sat in a rocking chair after dinner and smoked a long clay pipe.
    • Household objects ranging from baskets to pipes for smoking tobacco are made out of bamboo.
    • It was then that she realized three bearded men were regarding her with keen interest, smoking identical pipes.
    • On the fringes, old men sit smoking huge pipes and pineapple vendors provide refreshment for tired buyers and sellers.
    • He thrust his pipe toward me and began a monologue.
    • His eyes narrowed and he took the pipe out of his mouth.
    • He was wearing a deer stalker's outfit, puffing on a pipe and wearing a monocle, or would have been wearing a monocle if it weren't swinging in the air beneath him.
    • Cancer of the oral cavity is more common in people who chew tobacco or smoke pipes.
    • She placed a pipe in her mouth, and blew out the smoke.
    • I sat on a rough log, across from Father, who smoked his pipe.
    • A lot of people are loitering outside the city, just talking amongst themselves or smoking from pipes.
    • Ali spoke and Steve just sat and smoked his pipe.
    • Some of the older women were also smoking traditional pipes.
    • Into his car I would eagerly climb, greeted by the familiar smell of cigars and pipe tobacco.
    • Jones found what he was looking for and put the pipe in his mouth to light.
    • So we'd laugh and smoke our pipes, and laugh again, sitting in the old run-down barn.
    • He was sitting on his porch, as always, rocking in his rocking chair and puffing on his pipe.
    • An ancient woman sat on the step, smoking her pipe.
  • 3

    • 3.1(wind instrument)

      caramillo masculine
      the pipes of Pan la flauta de Pan

    • 3.2(of organ)

      tubo masculine
      cañón masculine
      • On the earlier organs, the pipes for each note stood directly in front of its key on the keyboard.
      • The organ is the largest on the continent with 6,035 pipes, weighing 60 tons and rising to three stories.
      • The enormous burnished pipes of the organ, lit from below, rose like architecture behind the musicians.
      • In the late nineteenth century, organ pipes in many cathedrals of Northern Europe began to crumble in very cold weather.
      • It was resounding like an organ pipe, strongly enough to rattle windows.

    • 3.3pipes pl

      gaita feminine
      to play the pipes tocar la gaita

    • 3.4(boatswain's whistle)

      pito masculine
      • The boatswain's pipe is the 'modern day' descendant of the flutes used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans to convey orders to the oarsmen and galley slaves.
      • The shrill of the pipe draws the attention.
      • Shrill trilling vocalizations are thought to be similar to the sound of a boatswain's pipe.
      • Various calls were made by bugle and bosun's pipe across the PA system of a ship to announce daily activities and pronouncements.
      • The pipe was blown as soon as the food was ready.

  • 4

    pleca feminine
    línea vertical feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (transport by pipe)
    (oil/water/gas) llevar

    por tuberías, gasoducto, oleoducto

  • 2

    they were piped in to dinner entraron al comedor al son de una gaita
    • the captain was piped aboard tocaron el silbato cuando el capitán subió a bordo
  • 3

    (cake) decorar
    pipe the cream onto the cake decorar el pastel con la crema usando una manga de repostería

    con manga de repostería

  • 4

    a red dress piped with white un vestido rojo ribeteado en blanco