Translation of pipeline in Spanish:


conducto, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈpaɪpˌlaɪn//ˈpʌɪplʌɪn/


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    conducto masculine
    ducto masculine Mexico
    a gas pipeline un gasoducto
    • an oil pipeline un oleoducto
    • in the pipeline
    • it's in the pipeline hay planes al respecto
    • there are no changes in the pipeline no tenemos (/ no tienen etc. ) proyectado ningún cambio
    • Should you need something for your pipeline or underground work, take a look here.
    • Building roads, widening of roads, laying underground cables or pipelines - for all such work, trees are a big hurdle!
    • First, international standards regarding safety distances from pipelines are not being followed in this case.
    • Yesterday an explosion ripped open an oil pipeline north west of Kirkuk.
    • This would be used to pump air to the tunnel digger via a nested tin can pipeline buried along one side of the tunnel floor.
    • But power loss at WASA's Caroni Water Treatment Plant Water left pipelines unserviceable across an amazing geographic range.
    • Just as pipelines arm conflict, they also create it.
    • I would say, for example, the most important thing is to keep the oil pipeline intact because of the revenue that generates.
    • Transporting the waste gas needs pipelines five times bigger than our existing natural gas network.
    • This would significantly benefit Russia, which seeks dominance over Caspian oil exports and desires pipelines to run through territory under their control.
    • This is because part of the existing East Rail line will be diverted on to new track that has been sandwiched between the existing live railway and the main pipelines carrying water from China.
    • In another chapter, he says the real pipeline the United States is pushing for runs from the Caspian oil to the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, wisely missing the Black Sea.
    • It is believed there was a fault in the underground pipeline which caused aviation fuel to seep out.
    • There was a sabotage of the oil pipelines a few days ago, now this.
    • Stress corrosion cracking begins when short, shallow cracks develop on the outer surface of an underground pipeline.
    • Generators may accumulate extra current, causing transformers to burn out, and large currents may build up in power pipelines causing corrosive damage.
    • Stretching over 895 kilometres, the pipeline will convey gas from Mozambican gas fields to South Africa.
    • If I was living 70 metres away from that pipeline I would not be happy.
    • Underground pipelines were used to transport the material to market in Alberta and Eastern Canada.
    • It followed one on Saturday that set a gas pipeline ablaze in the western desert and which Oil Ministry officials said was due to sabotage.