Translation of piquancy in Spanish:


gracia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpiːk(ə)nsi//ˈpikənsi/


  • 1

    (of situation)
    gracia feminine
    interés masculine
    • It's no surprise either that the Hollywood version lacks the style and piquancy of the original.
    • This, combined with a lack of self - consciousness, is what gives the diary its piquancy and constant freshness.
    • But it has the same class, aromatic piquancy, and absence of jargon in treating so specialised a theme.
    • The couple's angst will have added piquancy.
    • How Grace helps Bernice to deal with family tragedy gives this narrative emotional heft and piquancy.
    • The drama wants more painting, and for the present day, more piquancy.
    • Indeed, because of suffering the joys contain a special piquancy, a reminder that in the end God is good and wants the good for us.
    • The piquancy of such jokes lay in the suspicion that at some time and place, inevitably, the funny event would have happened in reality.
    • The assessment suggests that, were his new team, on the way up, to pass his old on the way down, it would add piquancy to his success.
    • Cultural differences are indeed the making of us, adding a little tussle and piquancy to a relationship.
    • Notice the purity of the opening, the piquancy of the birdcalls, the unfussy phrasing of the main theme.
    • Given Microsoft's recent legal history, the piquancy is quite delicious, even without Disappearing becoming an eServices partner.
    • It was not always that one could understand the broad Scotch brogue, but that lent a piquancy to the situation.
    • The royal element of the performance adds an extra piquancy to proceedings, especially during the shake-and-fake line-up between the stars and the monarchy.
    • That the latter two were innocent yet still condemned to take a fall adds piquancy to the tale.
    • The pulsating syncopations of the first movement of the Beethoven conveyed bite, and there was piquancy to the march-like second theme exchanged across the duo.
    • That many of the participants have endured their share of tragedy only adds piquancy to the tale.
    • And the events of that terrorist super-Tuesday also give a nearly unbearable piquancy to old pictures of New York.
    • These remarks are all the more moving because they have the piquancy of voyeurism: they were never meant for us.
    • You should be feeling your way towards the level of piquancy you want.
  • 2

    (of sauce)
    lo sabroso
    lo bien sazonado
    • Piquancy is something I value in a fish recipe, especially when that fish is one of the oily varieties such as tuna, herring or, my favourite, mackerel.
    • Leave aside for other occasions the finesse of nouvelle cuisine, or the delicate freshness and piquancy of sushi.
    • It was not fiery, as the chilli was used only to add a hint of piquancy.
    • On the whole, food is, in general, bland but the use of various hot and spicy pickles and chutneys with the rice adds flavour and piquancy.
    • The onions and feta added a touch of piquancy and sharpness overall making this salad my favourite dish of the evening.
    • Bush tomatoes have an intense, earthy-tomato and caramel flavor of great piquancy and pungency.
    • The salsa, which I expected to give the rest of the ingredients a spicy kick up the backside, had no piquancy whatsoever.
    • The chicken breast "al limone" was a very subtle taste, with a clean, smooth lemon sauce adding piquancy to the dish.
    • Blushers will add a touch of piquancy to a dish of milder mushrooms.
    • It has a streak of nut and lime piquancy and a touch of crispness at the finish.
    • After discussing all this and trying his pickled tomatoes and cucumbers, (the radiation lent an added piquancy)
    • The slightly spicy sauce with the lime butter piquancy certainly paid off with this dish.
    • A few chopped gherkins, capers, or chillies will give the required piquancy.
    • Kosher salt is the key to the steak's flavor and piquancy.
    • Five splashes of Tabasco were added to each person's plate, increasing the piquancy of the already spicy chili.
    • The flying fish and prawns, both tasted excellent au natural, but the tangy soy dip gave them a slightly Asian piquancy - delicious.
    • It was warming and nourishing - though perhaps lacking the piquancy that would have lifted it above the merely satisfying.
    • Taste for piquancy, and add more cayenne and black pepper if you like.
    • And the briny piquancy of the broths that hold together his risotto with razor clams or bucatini with lobster make the addition of seafood to both dishes almost unnecessary.
    • A simple, fairly healthy, fairly nutritious meal combining the smooth mild flavour of chicken rice with the piquancy of the Thai beef salad.