Translation of piquant in Spanish:


punzante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈpiːk(ə)nt//ˈpikənt//ˈpikɑnt//ˈpiːkɒnt/


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    (contrast/irony) punzante
    (contrast/irony) agudo
    • Stocking four flavours of dishy, piquant womanhood, it treated the audience to one tasty conundrum after another.
    • This experience was on display in a lithe, nicely proportioned performance of the Overture to Rossini's L' Italiana in Algeri (with a piquant oboe solo by Melanie Feld).
    • A bracing fusion of austere synth-rock and piquant pottymouth, The Teaches of Peaches resonated with punks, gays, electroclash devotees, indie kids, feminists and anyone who got off on really raunchy beats.
    • All in all, this is a good middle of the road recording whose flavoring is more sweet than piquant, and whose intention is more to please than to inspire.
    • Not only is the flavouring piquant but the structure of the movements and the material in development sturdy and, for us, rewarding to absorb.
    • I have often found that triangle an irritant and tend to avoid this concerto, but here it gives a delicate and piquant touch to the orchestral sonority, instead of asserting itself as an obbligato second soloist.
    • Building on Comden and Green's piquant words, Bernstein has given us an immortal score, making all others on today's Broadway calling themselves musicals look like the pygmies they are.
    • Les Noces is one of the Ballets Russes’ most piquant works.
    • And when the boy playing Raoul began to romance me - or, at least, my character - I focussed on his piquant, if somewhat annoying, courting and pushed the problem out of my mind.
    • Perhaps the most piquant recent occult comparisons have come in more subtle and complex (and sometimes unintentional) shades.
    • As could be expected, Newman editorialized in NewsNotes with characteristically tangy opinions, sharp observations, and piquant commentary.
    • Because self-improvement tastes best with a piquant little sprinkle of something self-defeating on top.
    • It consists of large, wall-painted versions of his witty or piquant statements, realised in a variety of typefaces and colours.
    • Milton Hatoum transports us to a magical boomtown, full of shimmering light, tropical colour and piquant incident.
    • One might expect McQuade to render a piquant gendered fiction, a story of aesthetically pluralistic feminist intervention, a ‘swerving’ into the genealogies of our fathers.
    • It may be of piquant interest that The Fourth Wall uses the conceit of a parallel between the heroine and Shaw's Saint Joan, a device currently put to infinitely better use in Lanford Wilson's Book of Days.
    • The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy was given a piquant performance, proving itself a wonderful display piece for a grand pipe organ.
    • The album begins promisingly with ‘Built for Sin,’ a short instrumental with menacing, skulking riffs, and Carcass-style piquant harmonies.
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    (sauce) sabroso
    (sauce) bien sazonado
    (taste) pronunciado
    (taste) fuerte
    • The spinach soup had a deep, dark colour, and was flavoured with the strong, piquant, earthy spices of Kerala.
    • Both cheeses deliver a rich, piquant taste, and each is also offered in a variety of sizes and forms.
    • They add a sharp, pungent flavour to dishes with a piquant base.
    • "The toast was overdone, but the chicken had a piquant flavour, " he said.
    • This cheese usually has tangy, piquant, spicy and peppery flavor.
    • Assorted breads, piquant sauces and fine African wines accompany it.
    • Herbs and spices add a piquant taste that ketchup can't match.
    • The salmon came with finely chopped egg and a sharp piquant sauce with horseradish base and was simply excellent.
    • Meanwhile, revisit Couchwarmer and taste the original piquant recipe.
    • Mezzaluna ravioli hosts the piquant gaminess of braised rabbit, unhistrionically set against roasted parsnips, a quick blast of mint, and tomato.
    • The duck was lovely and the pork, apricot and Stilton stuffing gave a piquant twist to the flavour.
    • Madame judged her fish as excellent and the potato salad was piquant and very tasty.
    • I've had this several times before and it has always been superb, a tasty combination of sweet and piquant flavours.
    • However, despite the pain and fearful reactions by some, it is possible to create and balance flavors in piquant foods.
    • The duck was very pleasant and the sauce piquant, as orange sauces should be.
    • It had a piquant flavour all its own and really made the dish.
    • ‘The toast was overdone, but the chicken had a piquant flavour,’ he said.
    • These cookies may look down-home, but with a kick of pungent molasses and piquant ginger, they're really very sophisticated.
    • The fresh pesto sauce added a lovely piquant flavour.
    • The salted eggs added a lovely, piquant flavour.