Translation of pistachio in Spanish:


pistacho, n.

Pronunciation /pɪˈstatʃəʊ//pəˈstæʃiˌoʊ//pɪˈstɑːʃɪəʊ//pəˈstɑʃiˌoʊ/


  • 1also pistachio nut

    pistacho masculine
    pistache masculine Mexico
    • In an elegant ice-cream shop a white-coated young man is pounding green pistachios in a massive mortar.
    • If you want your paste to not be green, soak the pistachios overnight, and then remove the skins with a tea towel.
    • Thankfully for me I love cashews, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios.
    • I love the reds and the greens of the pistachios layered on top.
    • That's just 22 almonds, three tablespoons of cashews, 28 peanuts, 47 pistachios, or 14 walnut halves.
    • I also added some dried cranberries to give a bit of Christmas touch to the cookies with their color combined with green from pistachios.
    • I can only describe them as 150% sweet, sticky, full of sesame seeds and pistachio nuts with added chilli and curry powder.
    • At any rate, we move from walnuts to pistachios.
    • Olives and pistachio nuts are the most luxurious things I have ever eaten.
    • Place the pistachios in a sauté pan and lightly toast over medium heat.
    • Besides being fun to eat, pistachio nuts are a boon to our health.
    • Serve the rice hot, in a mound, with the pine nuts, pistachios and almonds sprinkled on top.
    • Halve or chop the pistachios and scatter them over the top.
    • How she loved to crunch them; dry roasted peanuts, macadamias, cashews, pistachios, walnuts and Brazils.
    • (Once, Ken showed up with a bag of shelled pistachio nuts.
    • Garnish with celery greens, pistachios, capers and sea salt.
    • Substitute shelled pistachios for nuts in any recipe you fancy.
    • On the plate was a kind of honey-puff cereal with pistachios, ‘shredded wheat,’ liquefied melon, yogurt, and candied walnuts.
    • It has hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts… all held together in a flaky, buttery crust.
    • Chop the pistachios and scatter both nuts and cherries over the rice just before serving.
  • 2

    pistacho masculine
    pistache masculine Mexico
    • Many of these lepidopteran pest species of pome fruit have a broad host range that can include cherry, peach/nectarine, grape, citrus, kiwi, and pistachio, as well as uncultivated hosts.
    • The king of such devices is the divine Chateau Laguiole cleaver, which is available from Terroirs from around £80 in a variety of burnished woods including pistachio and olive wood.
    • One of the first pistachio growers in the state, David has seen pistachio farming grow to over 100,000 acres and 150 to 250 million pounds of in-shell nuts per year in California.
    • Mangoes come in hundreds of varieties and a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are distant relatives of cashews, pistachios, poison oak and poison ivy.
    • The Chinese pistachio is a beautiful tree that matures to about 40 feet in height with a 30-foot canopy.
    • Representatives of several major media outlets were on hand as hundreds of volunteers, many of them TXU employees, gathered to plant the oaks, cypresses, and pistachios.