Translation of pistol in Spanish:


pistola, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪstl//ˈpɪst(ə)l/


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    pistola feminine
    revólver masculine
    to hold a pistol to sb's head ponerle un revólver en el pecho a algn Southern Cone
    • He quickly opened the door to his apartment and ran into it with his .45 caliber pistol in hand.
    • Taking direct fire, and outnumbered, he pressed forward, firing his M9 pistol at enemy forces.
    • He was then apparently detained by palace staff but drew a 9mm pistol and shot himself in the head.
    • There's nowhere to run… but there's a .40 caliber pistol in your hand.
    • She aimed the loaded pistol at the officer who looked up with a startled expression.
    • Caine drew his pistol from its holster and leveled its muzzle at the approaching Carey.
    • In his hand he carried a pistol which was pointed at Carter.
    • Miss Dando's killer used a 9mm semi-automatic pistol.
    • In addition, most Rangers had one or more single-shot flintlock pistols of varied design and manufacture.
    • A figure in the shadows behind a dumpster aimed a Swiss automatic pistol.
    • Each man had a pistol on his right hip and a shotgun of his back.
    • Jay stood back up and pulled out his small emergency laser pistol.
    • My grandmother carried a loaded pistol in her purse.
    • Only that and the dull metallic sheen of the flintlock pistol clutched firmly in his hand.
    • The business man agreed as he pulled out a laser pistol from his back holster.
    • Aruna pulled out a small pistol from a shoulder holster.
    • Historically, the Walther PP was the first commercially successful double-action semiautomatic pistol.
    • The glint of the silenced pistol was seen as Timothy drew out the weapon.
    • Williams was carrying a loaded air pistol in his pocket.
    • Each vehicle should be assigned an M9 pistol.