Translation of pitched battle in Spanish:

pitched battle

batalla campal, n.

Pronunciation /pɪtʃd ˈbat(ə)l//ˌpɪtʃt ˈbædl/


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    batalla campal feminine
    • It might help to recall that dreams of a pitched battle between East and West were Hellenistic and Mesopotamian before they were biblical.
    • The news of their escapades be it in fleeting skirmish or pitched battles was eagerly listened to in Ireland.
    • And in war, every dog might have its day; the Welsh did after all defeat an Anglo-Norman army in a pitched battle north of Cardigan in 1136.
    • He avoided pitched battles and instead kept his army at Hannibal's heels.
    • He is now, in his third age, a military historian specialising in the pitched battles of the Second World War.
    • By 1309, besides waging brilliant guerrilla warfare, he had defeated his enemies in four pitched battles.
    • Moreover, Richelieu accepted the commonly-held contemporary view that wars were no longer about pitched battles.
    • In a pitched battle, Tuscaloosa's warriors inflicted heavy casualties on the Spaniards.
    • With all this firepower, a spat between clans often turns into a pitched battle.
    • The ‘victories’ of the Alliance, in north and south, follow rounds of skirmishing and negotiating rather than pitched battles.
    • These faction feuds and pitched battles are being fought not just in Andhra Pradesh, but Karnataka as well.