Translation of pitchfork in Spanish:


horca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪtʃfɔːk//ˈpɪtʃˌfɔrk/


  • 1

    horca feminine
    horquilla feminine
    horqueta feminine Chile

transitive verb

  • 1

    to be pitchforked into/onto sth
    • I was pitchforked into taking on extra responsibility me vi obligado / forzado a aceptar más responsabilidades
    • I was pitchforked onto the committee me metieron en la comisión
    • And being suddenly pitchforked into that select group of classmates after twenty years away from such environment, I immediately felt at home and quickly realized I readily could keep up with the group.
    • This has pitchforked the EC into a role that it was never envisaged for and one that raises a number of questions.
    • That at once is pitchforking me into a full review of the whole of the case.
    • In 1978 he set a world record in 400m Freestyle and then came the Moscow triumph which pitchforked him among the greats.
    • A year after he first played for New South Wales here at the SCG, he was pitchforked into the Australia team at 20.
    • The youngster, pitchforked in 2002 from nowhere into a National senior camp for a Four-Nation event, had attracted Indian Hockey Federation chief K. P. S. Gill's attention on television then.
    • Even now, as the so-called leader of the NDA, his opinion was that ex-Ministers who lost the Lok Sabha elections should not be pitchforked into the Rajya Sabha.
    • Being pitchforked into weekend psuedoparenthood is very, very frightening.
    • Declan, a young Irishman, noticeable for his startlingly burnished red hair, on the run from the law, and Lin, one of a small Chinese party searching for gold, are pitchforked into a macrocosm of greed, discomfort and ruthlessness.
    • Tiger Pataudi, following the nasty injury to Nari Contractor in the West Indies, was pitchforked when he did not even know Indian cricket so well.
    • With Sachin Tendulkar out through injury and Sourav Ganguly likely to stay on the sidelines, it will be interesting to see who Chappell pitchforks into the opening slot alongside Virender Sehwag.
    • Several persons unfit to hold public office were pitchforked into high office.