Translation of pitchman in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpɪtʃmən//ˈpɪtʃmən/

nounPlural pitchmen


  • 1

    persona que usa su labia para convencer, vender una idea, producto etc.
    • Occasionally, the Gillette pitchmen were real athletes like Muhammad Ali or David Beckham, who provided aspirational examples of the masculine ideal.
    • Who needs those guys when you've got the 43rd president of the United States as your TV pitchman?
    • Kobe had so many things going for him as a pitchman.
    • He spent eight years as a corporate pitchman for General Electric.
    • There was a even an issue cover I think, or at least some page art we had commissioned, showing Krugman as a crude pitchman or something.
    • Without vendor sponsorship, you are never served up a speaker pretending to be unbiased, but is really just a pitchman.
    • Anyway, his position makes him a natural pitchman in St. Louis for just about anything.
    • Would you believe even sought-after pitchmen?
    • Failing that, a campaign needs professional explainers - pitchmen who can whisper the real meaning.
    • We spoke to Doornick about his newfangled pitchmen and the old-fashioned sales techniques that guide their design.
    • But now, the $55 billion a year footwear and sports apparel market is looking to hip-hop stars as their leading pitchmen.
    • There are a lot of celebrity pitchmen out there, a lot of famous people, sports figures who have pitched products.
    • The average American child watches more than 20,000 TV ads a year, to the certain delight of pitchmen.
    • The show further blurs the line between advertising and entertainment in an age of celebrity pitchmen and scripted product placement.
    • All those old, out-of-shape reservists being dragged back by Rummy would be great pitchmen for arthritis medication.
    • Already prominent pitchmen in Japan, Ichiro and Sasaki are now fielding offers from U.S. companies.
    • In some cases, they become sports anchor or pitchmen for products ranging from underwear to deodorant.
    • Harris cleverly creates lingering interest in the product even after the pitchmen have motored on to another city.
    • Jesus, now the GOP's Indian pitchmen can ruin my dinner for a product they don't want.
    • It's unimaginable what could happen if optimism were reinterpreted as artifice and the pitchmen ended up being punished.