Translation of pitfall in Spanish:


dificultad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpɪtfɔːl//ˈpɪtˌfɔl/


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    (difficulty) dificultad feminine
    (difficulty) escollo masculine
    (risk) riesgo masculine
    his works contain many pitfalls for a Spanish translator sus obras encierran muchas dificultades / muchos escollos para el traductor español
    • 'Pitfalls of Japanese Grammar' 'Problemas de gramática japonesa'
    • one of the pitfalls of doing it without professional advice is … uno de los riesgos de hacerlo sin asesorarse con un profesional es …
    • Architecture also serves as a good example domain to understand the pitfalls associated with evolutionary design.
    • The lawyer duly warned him of some possible pitfalls, and the book was published.
    • How do you deal with difficult grandchildren while avoiding the pitfalls of interfering or being over-critical?
    • Another common pitfall is failing to understand the boss's goals, she said.
    • Many foreigners may resolve to avoid such potential pitfalls altogether, by taking their lives and businesses elsewhere.
    • The series also underlines the pitfalls inherent in a burning desire to become an overnight celebrity.
    • There will be numerous pitfalls along the way.
    • He bought some books on self-publishing and brushed up on the perils and pitfalls involved.
    • No matter how often you've done this job before there are still hidden snags and pitfalls along the way.
    • The competition fits in with the school's programme of teaching, which highlights the pitfalls of using fossil fuels.
    • However, as with many technology acquisitions, pitfalls lie at every stage in the process.
    • The Business Place is running a course to help sidestep the pitfalls of starting your own company.
    • But I also recognize the need to avoid potential pitfalls.
    • Or do you just want to point out the obvious pitfalls?
    • Most heads of family businesses know the possible pitfalls ahead but few act in anticipation.
    • Recognizing the origin of the malignant tumor represents another diagnostic pitfall.
    • But it is also clear that there are many methodological pitfalls along the way.
    • The following cases illustrate a new pitfall that can lead to treatment failure.
    • For the company considering the decision to outsource, how can potential pitfalls be avoided?
    • There are obvious pitfalls of such behavior, if it ever developed into a habit.