Translation of pitta in Spanish:


(pitta bread)


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    • I also fail to understand why Mediterraneo's pita bread can't be fresher.
    • Try pinto beans with chickpea hummus on pita bread, or a black bean soup.
    • You can even try a low-fat tortilla or pita bread instead.
    • All the bread they use, from pita to the crust of Turkish pizza, is baked fresh in a traditional clay oven.
    • What of the man balancing a four-foot-long flat of pita on his head as he swims through all these vibrant people?
    • No one will thank you for that mean little tub of hummus and packet of pitta bread you bought at the corner shop.
    • The main part of my diet consists of fish and meat, such as the traditional souvlaki meat eaten in pita bread.
    • Tea and wheat products such as chapattis or pitta bread adversely affect iron absorption
    • I like real food; pitta bread not garlic pitta bread.
    • We had the wine, the sparkling water, the started salad, the starter garlic pita bread and then pizzas all round.
    • The store offers either pita bread or Italian focaccia stuffed with beef, chicken or tuna.
    • For dinner, all I had was pita bread, hummus, spinach and a lovely glass of Merlot.
    • The pita bread that accompanied it was sheer perfection - toasty, fresh, firm.
    • One of the main Arab dishes is called hummus, which is ground chickpeas and garlic with spices served with flat pita bread.
    • Try a biscuit crust, tortillas, flatbread such as pita, bun halves or a baguette cut in half lengthwise as bases for pizza toppings.
    • I could eat it three times a week, given an ample supply of pita bread, and I blush to say I have.
    • Toast pita bread in a 350 F oven until dry and crisp, about 15 minutes.
    • This of course is mopped up with hot fresh pita bread that is brought in every half hour from the bakery up the street.
    • Everyone guffawed as they swiped the small bowls before them with triangles of pita bread.
    • The first dish to arrive was a simple plate of pita bread and hummus.