Translation of pizzazz in Spanish:


dinamismo, n.


Pronunciation /pɪˈzaz//pəˈzæz/



  • 1

    dinamismo masculine
    • She was glitz, glamour and pizzazz ripped from the headlines.
    • Outlandish costumes and attitudes would also add pizzazz to the game.
    • Enter nonprofit Trees New York, which together with Cooper Union art school decided to go beyond signage while adding a touch of pizzazz.
    • This tip is equally suited to people who want to add a little more pizzazz to their computer and for those who want to make them as businesslike a possible.
    • What was missing was pizzazz: that certain zing in her walk and attitude, to set her apart.
    • It's typical of the Belfast approach to life, this earthing of Ireland's celebrities and stars, this demystification of the glamour and pizzazz of showbusiness.
    • Peppers, in all their bold, beautiful hues, are a terrific way to add color and pizzazz to almost any dish.
    • It will be celebrated with pizzazz and stamina.
    • Instead, we just adore how it adds pizzazz to our favorite tops and dresses.
    • Punters are encouraged to dress up to add glamour and pizzazz to a night which will transport the willing to disco dance heaven.
    • All of these men carried themselves with grace and pizzazz.
    • In dark brown, these are traditionally styled and lack the punch panache and pizzazz hip kids require in a shoe.
    • But if you want a bit of pizzazz, a touch of class and a little extra, go somewhere else.
    • Positive and negative colorations add pizzazz on garment seams.
    • Lenny liked a certain amount of opulence: glitz and glamour, an expensive sound and maximum pizzazz.
    • Give your party some pizzazz by throwing it around a theme.
    • Here are simple ways I have found over the years to add pizzazz to the anniversary of the day a child was born.
    • Have everyone bring a vintage linen or favorite place mat to add pizzazz.
    • Take your time with the overhaul, but punch it out with pizzazz.
    • European papers, metallic inks and varnishes add pizzazz to the images.