Translation of placard in Spanish:


letrero, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈplækərd//ˈplækɑrd//ˈplakɑːd/


  • 1

    letrero masculine
    cartel masculine
    (at demonstration) pancarta feminine
    • Each person was forced to sign an agreement not to carry placards or banners, shout slogans, or wear clothes with written words of complaint.
    • Similarly, a placard carrying a message on road safety has been displayed at the Time Keeper's office in every depot.
    • The Metro stations are tidy, the advertising placards on the walls are artistic and very French.
    • The students carried placards and posters on water conservation.
    • They come to a placard mounted on the wall, displaying a map of the Palace's three floors.
    • Workers carried placards and banners, and raised slogans against privatisation and increases in electricity prices.
    • The protestors were carrying banners and placards and they were raising slogans against the government and the security forces.
    • Students painted their bodies with slogans or carried hand-written placards condemning the drive to war.
    • The protest march, which was over a mile and a half long, included tractors, farm machinery and farmers carrying placards.
    • The article says that his followers already have the placards for the demonstrations printed up and stored for use.
    • The workers waved placards during an hour-long public demonstration in the central city, and will continue doing so twice a week.
    • We have thrown all our resources into ensuring posters, placards and stickers carrying the anti-war message are out across Britain.
    • Workers carried banners and placards accusing employers of using unemployment to drive down wages and conditions.
    • It was a schoolroom by day and on each of the four walls there were placards on which were written the four main verbs: do, make, say and think.
    • There were one or two pro-hunting demonstrators carrying placards saying polls showed a majority in favour of hunting.
    • One demonstrator even carried a placard saying ‘Self employed worker on strike’.
    • Teachers carried banners and placards calling for the right to organise and to strike.
    • Instead, anyone who wants to take part carries on with their normal day, but carries a placard or banner while out and about.
    • Protesters carried banners and placards denouncing the move.
    • This positive value was most eloquently summed up in a placard carried by a pregnant demonstrator in New York City on February 15th, 2003.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hoarding/walls) cubrir de carteles
  • 2


    con carteles