Translation of placate in Spanish:


apaciguar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈpleɪkeɪt//pləˈkeɪt//ˈplakeɪt//ˈpleɪkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    aplacar la cólera de
    • Which are deserving and important welfare issues or just the easiest to pick on and likely to placate a few voters?
    • Take a saucer of milk to placate him and you might just escape unscathed.
    • She eventually storms off into another part of the house and he follows in an attempt to placate her.
    • In the meantime they can placate their opponents on the left and reward their supporters in the state sector.
    • People think that if they can placate the violent persons in their midst, then they won't get hurt.
    • Then out for a few drinks to appease that little drunken imp in my cranium, he was finally placated and I settled in for my first good sleep of 2005.
    • This seemed to placate her, and I finally won my release with a promise to pay next time.
    • I managed to placate both physician and parent by saying I would transport her to hospital myself.
    • Even though he and I didn't get along, I definitely did those things in order to placate the family.
    • It placated my brother and me for hours, despite the chaos going on around us.
    • It took a lot to placate him but finally I did and promised I would print a correction and apology.
    • She said her colleague said she could not deal with him that day and was eventually able to placate him.
    • He didn't want to argue so it was easier just to placate her until she went away.
    • Here's a picture from our visit to the Eden Project a couple of months ago to placate me for a little while.
    • Eventually, he is placated and leaves the scene.
    • She attempts to placate him by giving him something to eat, but he sets the food down behind him because it is too hot.
    • Such an answer cannot hope to placate the war's opponents, let alone satisfy the conspiracy theorists.
    • This doesn't placate anyone or calm things down or keep order.
    • It adopts no postures of phoney charms to placate its visitors.
    • That is something that not only will placate the fans; it is a trait that delights their manager.