Translation of place in Spanish:


lugar, n.

Pronunciation /pleɪs//pleɪs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(spot, position, area)

      lugar masculine
      sitio masculine
      the best place for that is ... el lugar / el sitio más indicado para eso es ...
      • we've come to the wrong place nos hemos equivocado de lugar / de sitio
      • do you think this is the right place? ¿te parece que es aquí?
      • she was in the right place at the right time and got the job tuvo la suerte de estar allí en el momento oportuno y le dieron el trabajo
      • this is the place where I left it fue aquí donde lo dejé
      • do you have a place to stay? ¿tienes donde quedarte?
      • the road is poor in places algunos tramos / algunas partes de la carretera están en mal estado
      • what a stupid place to leave the money! ¡a quién se le ocurre dejar el dinero allí!
      • I can't be in two places at once no puedo estar en dos sitios / en dos partes al mismo tiempo
      • there's no place like home no hay nada como estar en casa
      • all over the place por todas partes
      • I've looked all over the place he buscado por todas partes / por todos lados
      • her ideas are all over the place sus ideas son un desbarajuste / un caos total
      • they were all over the place in the scherzo en el scherzo cada uno iba por su lado
      • The fields are trying to dry - though there is still a lot of moisture in places.
      • As a result, Taiaroa Head is the only place in the world where albatrosses nest on a mainland.
      • The paradigm of the open space as a public place must be promoted better across the country.
      • Peace is wonderful and we should have more of it, but some of the most peaceful places on earth are cemeteries.
      • The weather in Yorkshire was restricted to widespread rain which was heavy in places but there were no reports of the flash floods seen on Sunday.
      • Aberdeen, as a city and as a club, still have a big place in my heart.
      • My jaw was broken in two places, and more than 16 pins were needed to wire my jaw in place.
      • Well, I suppose it isn't one of the most remote places on Earth for nothing.
      • The course is tough, it is rough in places, it is challenging.
      • It's serious and supposedly scary in places, but it's just so incredibly over-the-top that it loses all impact for me.
      • Fringed in places by swaying palm trees, this usually quiet beach is an ideal spot to take in those last minute rays and a cooling dip.
      • Training mostly occurs in remote places, in harsh climates and in environments that test the resolve of newcomers.
      • We became aware of the places between populated areas, aware of the spectrum of space.
      • The Alice, one of the most remote places in the world, ought to have some kind of response to globalisation.
      • The surface had failed in places, and this had allowed grass and weeds to come through.
      • We usually name public places and spaces after the big shots or big donors.
      • This is the way in which his narrative speaks to actual locations and places discovered.
      • A lot of heavy lorries use this road, and the surface is terrible in places.
      • Residents say the area was once a peaceful place to live, but has been ruined by unruly youths.
      • It's difficult to believe that such a peaceful place was the site of a massacre.
      • Most nodded approvingly, for this region has a big place in the hearts of many Azeris.
      • The writing itself is not flashy, nor is it overly inventive; actually it's quite plain in places.
      • I also remember the last time I painted I used my hands in places.
      • The lane of Meimeili near the road was the place accommodating most comfort houses in this area.
      • Such a pessimistic view of a place once described as a paradise is unacceptable.
      • When I found out that 25,000 people lived there it just sounded like the biggest place in the world.
      • Attention to road surfaces and footpaths is also required in places.
      • One of the most peaceful places on earth is actually 15 metres underwater on the Great Barrier Reef.
      • Even now, although this land is being developed in places in the village, there are still vast areas left undeveloped.
      • The map of the city is frayed in places, and the box shipper should be at the worn blue door shortly.
      • Big cities are intimidating places even when you speak the language and know where you're going.
      • While working full-time at the BBC, I spent about four years flying to quite faraway places to film on location.
      • He was never going to be happy on a surface that resembled a bog in places but he was the second Irish finisher in the junior event.
      • A huge thing, the wreck was 380 ft long with a beam of 75, and in places comes within a metre or two of the surface.
      • It's also at the centre of our metropolitan areas, the main streets, these great places that we once had in every town.
      • There was a good level of litter control the judges commented although some litter was noted along the roadway in places.

    • 1.2(town, region, country)

      lugar masculine
      sitio masculine
      from place to place de un lugar / un sitio / un lado a otro
      • to go places
      • this boy will go places este chico va a llegar lejos
      • a new rock group that's really going places un nuevo grupo de rock que viene pisando fuerte
      • we like to go places, not just lie on the beach nos gusta visitar distintos lugares, no simplemente estar tumbados en la playa
      • Foots Cray Place was the home of the one-time Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nicholas Vansittart, Lord Bexley.
      • Grove Place was the home of John de la Grave in 1296.

    • 1.3(specific location)

      lugar masculine
      place of birth lugar de nacimiento
      • place of worship lugar de culto

    • 1.4(locality)

      lugar masculine
      time and place tiempo y lugar

  • 2

    • 2.1(building, shop, restaurant etc)

      sitio masculine
      lugar masculine
      it's not the sort of place you'd take your maiden aunt no es el tipo de sitio / de lugar adonde uno llevaría a una tía solterona
      • Bas Bleus is still theplace in New Orleans Bas Bleus aún es el sitio de moda en Nueva Orleans
      • the hotel was a depressing place el hotel era deprimente
      • they've moved to a bigger place se han mudado a un local (/ a una casa) más grande
      • there's a good hamburger/pizza place nearby hay una buena hamburguesería/pizzería cerca
      • Community centers, museums, and places of worship also might be used for this purpose.
      • That means you need to construct places for them to eat, sleep, have fun and spend their money.
      • There are huge pedestrian walk ways and squares with theatres, museums and places to eat and drink.
      • The Romans used their gardens very much as we do today, as a place for family activities.
      • Glasgow's reinvention is no more apparent than in the West End, which now has a string of very decent places to eat and trendy pubs.
      • What we have now is a splendid modern building, a place of worship and a resource centre for the whole community.
      • Chaining communities to their places of ritual and worship does not create secular institutions.
      • Internet users all over the world will soon be able to go on a virtual tour of Heckmondwike, visiting shops, restaurants and places to stay.
      • As soon as there is a demand for 50 or more child care places in a location, it plans to open a centre there.
      • Can our motorway service stations become stylish places to eat?
      • On the way to the apartment Chris pointed out some good restaurants and places to eat.
      • Not only does it serve as a focal point for the community and a place of worship, it also helps keep the local economy moving.
      • It is also the location of many business places including food outlets.
      • Tourists look for good places to sleep and excellent places to eat.
      • They applied for Planning permission to use the building as a place of worship and I went to the public meeting.
      • They go to the Scarlet Bar, because of course it is the only place to eat lunch in Erinsborough.
      • It was the centre of business activities and a meeting place for all religions.
      • Some, such as Dona Ines, Restaurant Al Fonte and Pedros, are decidedly decent places to eat.
      • The mayor granted the permit on the condition that the building did not serve as a place of worship.
      • On the whole then, restaurants are great places to eat in, but perhaps not that good as an investment.

    • 2.2(home)

      casa feminine
      this is a palace compared to my place comparado con mi casa, esto es un palacio
      • we went back to Jim's place después fuimos donde Jim
      • I'm still nursing my head after a heavy night at my place with dinner guests.
      • I stayed over at his place last night after watching an episode of Buffy.
      • I spent a lot of time hanging out at their place and the books were always out in the open.
      • It turned out the man had several places in the big city, which surprised her quite a bit.
      • Now he is staying with friends, until his place is habitable once again.
      • We finished our meal with a bottle of wine and went back to his place to watch anime dvds.
      • After awhile we headed back to my place, where we watched some Family Guy until she had to go.

  • 3

    • 3.1(correct, appropriate location)

      sitio masculine
      lugar masculine
      put them all back in their (proper) places ponlos todos en su sitio / lugar
      • this is no place for a dog este no es un lugar apropiado para tener un perro
      • there's a time and (a) place for everything todo a su debido tiempo y en su debido lugar
      • a place for everything (and everything in its place) un lugar para cada cosa y cada cosa en su lugar
      • to fall into place aclararse
      • things were beginning to fall into place las cosas estaban empezando a aclararse
      • Even if such indicators are present, they are not placed at the proper places.
      • In particular, he wishes to restore the history of Irish womanhood to its proper place.
      • The cold, round meal tray is impassively in front, with two bowls and two pairs of chopsticks placed in their proper places.
      • We really do not have a proper place to keep them, as anyone can plainly see in the photo.
      • Mark Gosche slips nineteen places from his 2002 ranking, reflecting his lack of profile.
      • Holding it, she felt a sense of rightness, of things settling into their proper places.
      • Another great consequence of this process is that we begin again to discover our proper place in the universe.
      • Normal service is now resumed, and all the images should be repointing to the proper place.
      • The French landscape artists of the mid-century are also accorded their proper place here.
      • She grabbed her weapons and gently placed them in the proper places around her black outfit.
      • In comes a calm, regionally balanced economy with the housing market in its proper place.
      • In the end everything is neatly resolved and people are put in their proper place.
      • I place my stuff onto the bed and put the items back to their proper places.
      • He placed the pendulum and ring back in their proper place and turned around to leave the room.

    • 3.2

      in place
      • the window frames are in place ya han colocado los marcos de las ventanas
      • when the new accounting system is in place cuando se haya implementado el nuevo sistema de contabilidad
      • the new manager is not yet in place el nuevo director aún no ha entrado en funciones / no ha asumido el cargo
      • to hold sth in place sujetar algo
      • out of place
      • despite the wind she arrived with not a hair out of place a pesar del viento llegó impecable
      • modern furniture would look out of place in this room quedaría mal / no resultaría apropiado poner muebles modernos en esta habitación
      • a small tip would not be out of place una pequeña propina no estaría fuera de lugar
      • I felt very out of place there me sentí totalmente fuera de lugar allí

  • 4

    • 4.1(position, role)

      lugar masculine
      she's back in her rightful place as party leader vuelve a ocupar el lugar que le corresponde como líder del partido
      • he will always have a special place in our hearts siempre ocupará un lugar especial en nuestros corazones
      • your place is helping out on the farm tú donde debes estar es en la granja, ayudando
      • what would you do in my place? ¿tú qué harías si estuvieras en mi lugar?
      • if I were in your place yo que tú
      • put yourself in my place ponte en mi lugar
      • it's not my place to interfere yo no soy quién para meterme
      • I feel it is my place to advise you considero mi obligación aconsejarte
      • the prince and his servant changed places el príncipe y el criado se cambiaron los papeles
      • I wouldn't change places with her for anything no me cambiaría por ella por nada
      • there is no place for authoritarianism in a democratic society en una sociedad democrática no cabe el autoritarismo
      • nobody can ever take your place nadie podrá jamás ocupar tu lugar / reemplazarte
      • a place in the sun una posición destacada
      • to know one's place saber el lugar que le corresponde a uno
      • I know my place, madam yo sé el lugar que me corresponde, señora
      • to put sb in her/his place bajarle los humos a algn
      • The instruments soon gained a regular place in the orchestra as well as the military band.
      • Despite the fact that she was childless, she held an important place on the island.
      • But if you obey and teach others its commands, you will have an important place in the kingdom.
      • Does the independent press have an important place in literary life or is it little more than vanity publishing?
      • All three have their important place in the law of torts, but the liability attached to them will differ.
      • This is a remarkable work which gives him an important place in the history of probability.
      • Bulgaria will have an important place to play in any book that he writes about this.
      • Scrutiny by English Heritage experts is ensuring the listed building retains its place in history.
      • I think flood irrigation is going to have an important place here for a long time.
      • I believe that there is indeed an important place for the type of care that general physicians provide.
      • I am sure that the book will find a place as a text in schools and at an introductory level in universities.

    • 4.2

      as preposition in place of en lugar de
      • Mike's coming in Arthur's place va a venir Mike en lugar de Arthur

    • 4.3

      to take place tener lugar
      • the ceremony took place last Friday la ceremonia tuvo lugar el viernes pasado
      • we don't know what took place that night no sabemos qué ocurrió / qué sucedió aquella noche

  • 5

    • 5.1(seat)

      save me a place next to you guárdame un asiento / un sitio al lado del tuyo
      • the conference hall has places for 500 people la sala de conferencias tiene capacidad / cabida para 500 personas
      • change places with Jan cámbiale el asiento a Jan
      • take your places, ladies and gentlemen ocupen sus asientos, señoras y señores

    • 5.2(at table)

      cubierto masculine
      to lay/set a place for sb poner un cubierto para algn
      • As the fans took their places in the designated embankments and stands, the anticipation grew.
      • Residents had to reserve places at dinner for themselves and their guests; missed meals would be charged to their accounts.
      • Grandfather was already in his place and Anna slid into the chair next to his.
      • He had saved a place for him in the middle of the table and was guarding it diligently.
      • Just visit the pier any weekend, summer or winter, and you'll see the dive-school vans parked in their regular places.
      • Forty places for cars are available in the underground car park under the supermarket.
      • There are house banners hanging from the ceiling over the designated places to sit.
      • As you couldn't reserve the table, it was up to you to arrive early for dinner to secure your place.
      • They took their places in the studio, but as the show unfolded the running order started to change.
      • Visitors need to book places at the cookery demonstrations.
      • I had to work, but my daughter went in my place and had dinner with the band.
      • So they said they would tell me when a place became available for me to sit until a table became available.
      • The oarsmen were already seated at their places and were laughing and joking as they prepared to set to the oars.

  • 6

    • 6.1(in contest, league)

      puesto masculine
      lugar masculine
      he took first/second place obtuvo el primer/segundo puesto / lugar
      • to hold one's place mantener / conservar su (/ mi etc. ) posición
      • to take second place pasar a un segundo plano
      • your social life will have to take second place tu vida social va a tener que pasar a un segundo plano
      • The British number eight showed all his Yorkshire grit to beat a player ranked more than 200 places above him in the world.
      • They're the third group out, and their place in the running order reflects their chances.
      • Inevitably, the victory earned him the order of merit title, swapping places with Bradley who had captured it last year.
      • He is now a senior whip and is ranked seven places above the finance spokesperson.
      • He dropped more than 50 Order of Merit places to 74th and managed only one top-ten finish.
      • If a driver changes his engine, he'll be moved back 10 places in the starting order.
      • Apparently, these interruptions do not tend to occur at particular places in the sequence.
      • Yet the site has risen by 10,000 places and is now ranked at 30,000 over the last 3 months.
      • The weight of an athlete's first lift determines their place in the starting order.
      • He may be occupying a place lower in the pecking order, but they started with far more purpose.
      • At the time, his side was ranked seven places and twelve-and-a-half points above the home team.
      • Her opponent was ranked 16 places above her.
      • The Peugeot drivers drove conservatively in order to maintain their places, finishing fifth and sixth on both stages.
      • In Europe Ulster is still ranked 13 places ahead of Glasgow so the match promises to be a close one.
      • Despite being ranked more than 850 places below his opponent, he is settling well and holds serve to 15.
      • He used the image of a guest at a banquet who chooses the lowest place in order to be seen being elevated to a higher one.
      • In Mexico this month, although seeded two, she lost to Carla who is ranked ten places below her.

    • 6.2(in horseracing)

      • He had a first and two second places at Mallory Park, a third and fourth at Cadwell Park and second, third and fourth at Snetterton.
      • He had a good trip to Solihull, having a first place and champion at the Heritage besides second, third and fourth places.
      • Pole position and a second place in the race made a great weekend for him and for the whole team.
      • He beats them into second and third places.
      • His finishes include tied for second, tied for sixth, tied for third and a second place in 2001.
      • In qualifying we clinched the pole position, and in the race, second and third places.
      • He brought the car in on lap 90 for fuel and resumed his race in third place.
      • However, the battle for the third and fourth places is very close.
      • Both swimmers recorded good times, with Louis taking another second place and Sam third.
      • For all these reasons the second, third and fourth places could make interesting reading.
      • How we roared, jumping in anticipation of a well earned place at the finish.
      • Nonetheless, with two wins and two second places in his last four tournaments, he remains favourite to capture the money title.
      • Not only did Max lose his third place, he even jeopardized his participation in the second race.
      • Brian has raced around the UK and Europe for many years and won more than 50 races with 35 second places.
      • Kim Young was in second place after the third round but finished the final fourth round at four over par.
      • He made a good start to the season with four second places in the Peter Craven Memorial meeting at Kirkmanshulme Lane last Monday.
      • The Team Eurotech Porsche finished the race in third place.
      • He wasn't actually hunting the lead, as a second place at the end of the race would have been fantastic for him.
      • He has an impressive National record, with two second places, a third and a fourth but has yet to capture the big prize itself.
      • The only competition in the Scottish game these days involves the one-legged race for third place.

      uno de los tres primeros puestos en las carreras de caballos

  • 7

    (in book, script, sequence)
    you've made me lose my place me has hecho perder la página (/ la línea etc. ) por donde iba
    • the audience laughed in all the right places el público se rió cuando había que reírse
  • 8

    • 8.1(job)

      puesto masculine
      we have places for 20 workers tenemos 20 puestos de trabajo / 20 vacantes
      • to fill a place cubrir una vacante
      • to have friends in high places tener amigos influyentes
      • The growing shortage of care home places in the Forest means local pensioners who need long-term care often have to leave the area.
      • Around the time of my diagnosis I had also been offered a place to study for an MPhil in philosophy.
      • City of York Council says it has lost 119 places in nursing and residential homes after closures in the past year.
      • This is because there is nowhere else for them to go, thanks to a severe shortage of places in care homes.
      • In the long-term, a significant increase in places at dental schools is also expected to try to plug a severe shortage of dentists.
      • The facility has got off to a flying start with most of the places already filled.
      • Seven sixth form students from Bootham School in York have been offered places to study at Cambridge or Oxford universities.
      • Do universities need to do more to make sure that students who are rejected know why they have not been offered a place?
      • Students lucky enough to win one of the few places available here, feel sure they can make a living out of their work.
      • She has been offered a place to study politics and modern history at Oxford.
      • She has been offered a place by Education Bradford at Rhodesway but says her daughter has no friends there.
      • That child has been placed on the waiting list and will be offered a place as soon as one becomes available.
      • He has been offered places in assisted care homes in Boston Spa and Wakefield, but wants to stay near his family in York.
      • It seems sad that men who have done such great work abroad are returning with no-one back home to fill their places.
      • There is now a shortage of care home places throughout the country.
      • Many of our parents are also fearful about the existing masts and some have already applied for places at other schools in the area.
      • In England, undergraduate places have already been increased to help raise the number of new doctors.
      • Since 1997 they have also been allowed to offer similar places to eligible Australian students.
      • This in turn frees up the health services and places in residential care.
      • The children have been offered places at Sandal Primary in Baildon, or schools in Shipley, Menston and Guiseley.

    • 8.2British school University

      plaza feminine
      a school/university place una plaza en un colegio/en la Universidad

    • 8.3(on team)

      puesto masculine

  • 9

    (in argument)
    lugar masculine
    in the first/second place en primer/segundo lugar
    • you shouldn't have been there in the first place! en primer lugar / para empezar tú no deberías haber estado allí
  • 10

    correct to three decimal places correcto hasta tres decimales
  • 11

    (space, room)
    sitio masculine
    lugar masculine
    is there (a) place for one more suitcase? ¿cabe otra maleta?
    • to give place to sth dar paso a algo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put, position)
    (carefully, precisely) colocar
    (guards/sentries) poner
    (guards/sentries) apostar
    (guards/sentries) colocar
    she placed the book in his hand le puso el libro en la mano
    • I'm very badly placed here to see what is happening estoy en muy mal sitio para ver lo que está pasando
    • how are they placed as regards finance? ¿cuál es su situación a nivel financiero?
    • I'm rather badly placed for time at present en este momento no dispongo de mucho tiempo
    • this places them at a disadvantage esto los coloca en una situación de desventaja
    • we were placed in an awkward position nos pusieron en una situación muy violenta
    • this places you under an obligation esto te obliga / te compromete
    • to place sb in custody poner a algn bajo custodia
    • he's been placed under observation lo tienen en observación
    • she's been placed under house arrest está bajo arresto domiciliario
    • to place one's confidence / trust in sb/sth depositar su (/ mi etc. ) confianza en algn/algo
    • I don't place much faith in the medical profession no tengo mucha fe en los médicos
    • he placed the blame on the lawyer in charge of the case responsabilizó / le echó la culpa al abogado que llevaba el caso
    • her promotion placed a great strain on their relationship su ascenso provocó muchas tensiones en su relación
    • he places a high value on originality valora mucho la originalidad
    • I placed the matter in the hands of my lawyer puse el asunto en manos de mi abogado
  • 2

    (in hierarchy, league, race)
    I wouldn't place money that high on the list of priorities para mí el dinero no ocupa un lugar tan prioritario
    • national security should be placed above everything else la seguridad nacional debería ponerse por encima de todo
    • this victory places her among the top three este triunfo la sitúa entre las tres primeras
    • the team is currently placed fourth actualmente el equipo ocupa el cuarto puesto / lugar
  • 3

    (in horseracing)
    to be placed llegar placé / colocado en segundo o tercer lugar
  • 4

    (find a home, job for)
    they placed her with a Boston firm la colocaron / le encontraron trabajo en una empresa de Boston
  • 5

    (advertisement) poner
    (phone call) pedir
    (goods/merchandise) colocar
    Finance (money/shares) colocar
    we placed an order with Acme Corp hicimos un pedido a Acme Corp
  • 6

    (tune) identificar
    (tune) ubicar Latin America
    her face is familiar, but I can't quite place her su cara me resulta conocida pero no sé de dónde
  • 7

    (locate, estimate)
    I would place the time of death at around eleven o'clock estimo que su muerte se produjo alrededor de las once
    • that would place (the date of) his arrival in Venice much further back eso indicaría que su llegada a Venecia fue muy anterior
  • 8

    (direct carefully)
    (shot/ball) colocar

intransitive verb


  • 1

    to place fourth/ninth quedar en cuarto/noveno lugar
    • his horse didn't even place su caballo no llegó ni placé / colocado