Translation of place in Spanish:


lugar, n.

Pronunciation /pleɪs//pleɪs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(spot, position, area)

      lugar masculine
      sitio masculine
      the best place for that is … el lugar / el sitio más indicado para eso es …
      • we've come to the wrong place nos hemos equivocado de lugar / de sitio
      • do you think this is the right place? ¿te parece que es aquí?
      • she was in the right place at the right time and got the job tuvo la suerte de estar allí en el momento oportuno y le dieron el trabajo
      • this is the place where I left it fue aquí donde lo dejé
      • do you have a place to stay? ¿tienes donde quedarte?
      • the road is poor in places algunos tramos / algunas partes de la carretera están en mal estado
      • what a stupid place to leave the money! ¡a quién se le ocurre dejar el dinero allí!
      • I can't be in two places at once no puedo estar en dos sitios / en dos partes al mismo tiempo
      • there's no place like home no hay nada como estar en casa
      • The fields are trying to dry - though there is still a lot of moisture in places.
      • The Alice, one of the most remote places in the world, ought to have some kind of response to globalisation.
      • When I found out that 25,000 people lived there it just sounded like the biggest place in the world.
      • Residents say the area was once a peaceful place to live, but has been ruined by unruly youths.
      • Attention to road surfaces and footpaths is also required in places.
      • The course is tough, it is rough in places, it is challenging.
      • Even now, although this land is being developed in places in the village, there are still vast areas left undeveloped.
      • It's difficult to believe that such a peaceful place was the site of a massacre.
      • Most nodded approvingly, for this region has a big place in the hearts of many Azeris.
      • I also remember the last time I painted I used my hands in places.
      • Well, I suppose it isn't one of the most remote places on Earth for nothing.
      • The lane of Meimeili near the road was the place accommodating most comfort houses in this area.
      • It's also at the centre of our metropolitan areas, the main streets, these great places that we once had in every town.
      • The writing itself is not flashy, nor is it overly inventive; actually it's quite plain in places.
      • He was never going to be happy on a surface that resembled a bog in places but he was the second Irish finisher in the junior event.
      • Aberdeen, as a city and as a club, still have a big place in my heart.
      • This is the way in which his narrative speaks to actual locations and places discovered.
      • Big cities are intimidating places even when you speak the language and know where you're going.
      • We became aware of the places between populated areas, aware of the spectrum of space.
      • While working full-time at the BBC, I spent about four years flying to quite faraway places to film on location.
      • Fringed in places by swaying palm trees, this usually quiet beach is an ideal spot to take in those last minute rays and a cooling dip.
      • The weather in Yorkshire was restricted to widespread rain which was heavy in places but there were no reports of the flash floods seen on Sunday.
      • The surface had failed in places, and this had allowed grass and weeds to come through.
      • There was a good level of litter control the judges commented although some litter was noted along the roadway in places.
      • We usually name public places and spaces after the big shots or big donors.
      • The map of the city is frayed in places, and the box shipper should be at the worn blue door shortly.
      • Training mostly occurs in remote places, in harsh climates and in environments that test the resolve of newcomers.
      • One of the most peaceful places on earth is actually 15 metres underwater on the Great Barrier Reef.
      • It's serious and supposedly scary in places, but it's just so incredibly over-the-top that it loses all impact for me.
      • As a result, Taiaroa Head is the only place in the world where albatrosses nest on a mainland.
      • My jaw was broken in two places, and more than 16 pins were needed to wire my jaw in place.
      • The paradigm of the open space as a public place must be promoted better across the country.
      • A lot of heavy lorries use this road, and the surface is terrible in places.
      • Peace is wonderful and we should have more of it, but some of the most peaceful places on earth are cemeteries.
      • Such a pessimistic view of a place once described as a paradise is unacceptable.
      • A huge thing, the wreck was 380 ft long with a beam of 75, and in places comes within a metre or two of the surface.

    • 1.2(town, region, country)

      lugar masculine
      sitio masculine
      from place to place de un lugar / un sitio / un lado a otro
      • Grove Place was the home of John de la Grave in 1296.
      • Foots Cray Place was the home of the one-time Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nicholas Vansittart, Lord Bexley.

    • 1.3(specific location)

      lugar masculine
      place of birth lugar de nacimiento
      • place of worship lugar de culto

    • 1.4(locality)

      lugar masculine
      time and place tiempo y lugar

  • 2

    • 2.1(building, shop, restaurant etc)

      sitio masculine
      lugar masculine
      it's not the sort of place you'd take your maiden aunt no es el tipo de sitio / de lugar adonde uno llevaría a una tía solterona
      • Bas Bleus is still theplace in New Orleans Bas Bleus aún es el sitio de moda en Nueva Orleans
      • the hotel was a depressing place el hotel era deprimente
      • they've moved to a bigger place se han mudado a un local (or a una casa) más grande
      • there's a good hamburger/pizza place nearby hay una buena hamburguesería/pizzería cerca
      • The Romans used their gardens very much as we do today, as a place for family activities.
      • Glasgow's reinvention is no more apparent than in the West End, which now has a string of very decent places to eat and trendy pubs.
      • They applied for Planning permission to use the building as a place of worship and I went to the public meeting.
      • What we have now is a splendid modern building, a place of worship and a resource centre for the whole community.
      • Community centers, museums, and places of worship also might be used for this purpose.
      • Can our motorway service stations become stylish places to eat?
      • As soon as there is a demand for 50 or more child care places in a location, it plans to open a centre there.
      • It was the centre of business activities and a meeting place for all religions.
      • Not only does it serve as a focal point for the community and a place of worship, it also helps keep the local economy moving.
      • Some, such as Dona Ines, Restaurant Al Fonte and Pedros, are decidedly decent places to eat.
      • On the way to the apartment Chris pointed out some good restaurants and places to eat.
      • The mayor granted the permit on the condition that the building did not serve as a place of worship.
      • Tourists look for good places to sleep and excellent places to eat.
      • It is also the location of many business places including food outlets.
      • That means you need to construct places for them to eat, sleep, have fun and spend their money.
      • Internet users all over the world will soon be able to go on a virtual tour of Heckmondwike, visiting shops, restaurants and places to stay.
      • On the whole then, restaurants are great places to eat in, but perhaps not that good as an investment.
      • They go to the Scarlet Bar, because of course it is the only place to eat lunch in Erinsborough.
      • There are huge pedestrian walk ways and squares with theatres, museums and places to eat and drink.
      • Chaining communities to their places of ritual and worship does not create secular institutions.

    • 2.2(home)

      casa feminine
      this is a palace compared to my place comparado con mi casa, esto es un palacio
      • we went back to Jim's place después fuimos a lo de Jim
      • After awhile we headed back to my place, where we watched some Family Guy until she had to go.
      • I'm still nursing my head after a heavy night at my place with dinner guests.
      • We finished our meal with a bottle of wine and went back to his place to watch anime dvds.
      • I stayed over at his place last night after watching an episode of Buffy.
      • Now he is staying with friends, until his place is habitable once again.
      • I spent a lot of time hanging out at their place and the books were always out in the open.
      • It turned out the man had several places in the big city, which surprised her quite a bit.

  • 3

    • 3.1(correct, appropriate location)

      sitio masculine
      lugar masculine
      put them all back in their (proper) places ponlos todos en su sitio / lugar
      • this is no place for a dog este no es un lugar apropiado para tener un perro
      • there's a time and (a) place for everything todo a su debido tiempo y en su debido lugar
      • a place for everything (and everything in its place) un lugar para cada cosa y cada cosa en su lugar
      • In comes a calm, regionally balanced economy with the housing market in its proper place.
      • Holding it, she felt a sense of rightness, of things settling into their proper places.
      • Mark Gosche slips nineteen places from his 2002 ranking, reflecting his lack of profile.
      • In particular, he wishes to restore the history of Irish womanhood to its proper place.
      • She grabbed her weapons and gently placed them in the proper places around her black outfit.
      • Even if such indicators are present, they are not placed at the proper places.
      • The cold, round meal tray is impassively in front, with two bowls and two pairs of chopsticks placed in their proper places.
      • Another great consequence of this process is that we begin again to discover our proper place in the universe.
      • Normal service is now resumed, and all the images should be repointing to the proper place.
      • The French landscape artists of the mid-century are also accorded their proper place here.
      • I place my stuff onto the bed and put the items back to their proper places.
      • We really do not have a proper place to keep them, as anyone can plainly see in the photo.
      • He placed the pendulum and ring back in their proper place and turned around to leave the room.
      • In the end everything is neatly resolved and people are put in their proper place.

  • 4

    • 4.1(position, role)

      lugar masculine
      she's back in her rightful place as party leader vuelve a ocupar el lugar que le corresponde como líder del partido
      • he will always have a special place in our hearts siempre ocupará un lugar especial en nuestros corazones
      • your place is helping out on the farm tú donde debes estar es en la granja, ayudando
      • it's not my place to interfere yo no soy quién para meterme
      • I feel it is my place to advise you considero mi obligación aconsejarte
      • there is no place for authoritarianism in a democratic society en una sociedad democrática no cabe el autoritarismo
      • nobody can ever take your place nadie podrá jamás ocupar tu lugar / reemplazarte
      • Despite the fact that she was childless, she held an important place on the island.
      • Does the independent press have an important place in literary life or is it little more than vanity publishing?
      • I think flood irrigation is going to have an important place here for a long time.
      • But if you obey and teach others its commands, you will have an important place in the kingdom.
      • All three have their important place in the law of torts, but the liability attached to them will differ.
      • This is a remarkable work which gives him an important place in the history of probability.
      • Bulgaria will have an important place to play in any book that he writes about this.
      • I believe that there is indeed an important place for the type of care that general physicians provide.
      • The instruments soon gained a regular place in the orchestra as well as the military band.
      • I am sure that the book will find a place as a text in schools and at an introductory level in universities.
      • Scrutiny by English Heritage experts is ensuring the listed building retains its place in history.

  • 5

    • 5.1(seat)

      save me a place next to you guárdame un asiento / un sitio al lado del tuyo
      • the conference hall has places for 500 people la sala de conferencias tiene capacidad / cabida para 500 personas
      • change places with Jan cámbiale el asiento a Jan
      • take your places, ladies and gentlemen ocupen sus asientos, señoras y señores

    • 5.2(at table)

      cubierto masculine
      to lay/set a place for sb poner un cubierto para algn
      • As the fans took their places in the designated embankments and stands, the anticipation grew.
      • Visitors need to book places at the cookery demonstrations.
      • He had saved a place for him in the middle of the table and was guarding it diligently.
      • Just visit the pier any weekend, summer or winter, and you'll see the dive-school vans parked in their regular places.
      • Grandfather was already in his place and Anna slid into the chair next to his.
      • Forty places for cars are available in the underground car park under the supermarket.
      • There are house banners hanging from the ceiling over the designated places to sit.
      • I had to work, but my daughter went in my place and had dinner with the band.
      • Residents had to reserve places at dinner for themselves and their guests; missed meals would be charged to their accounts.
      • So they said they would tell me when a place became available for me to sit until a table became available.
      • The oarsmen were already seated at their places and were laughing and joking as they prepared to set to the oars.
      • As you couldn't reserve the table, it was up to you to arrive early for dinner to secure your place.
      • They took their places in the studio, but as the show unfolded the running order started to change.

  • 6

    • 6.1(in contest, league)

      puesto masculine
      lugar masculine
      he took first/second place obtuvo el primer/segundo puesto / lugar
      • to hold one's place mantener / conservar su (or mi etc.) posición
      • to take second place pasar a un segundo plano
      • your social life will have to take second place tu vida social va a tener que pasar a un segundo plano
      • Apparently, these interruptions do not tend to occur at particular places in the sequence.
      • They're the third group out, and their place in the running order reflects their chances.
      • The British number eight showed all his Yorkshire grit to beat a player ranked more than 200 places above him in the world.
      • He dropped more than 50 Order of Merit places to 74th and managed only one top-ten finish.
      • In Mexico this month, although seeded two, she lost to Carla who is ranked ten places below her.
      • Inevitably, the victory earned him the order of merit title, swapping places with Bradley who had captured it last year.
      • Her opponent was ranked 16 places above her.
      • The weight of an athlete's first lift determines their place in the starting order.
      • At the time, his side was ranked seven places and twelve-and-a-half points above the home team.
      • In Europe Ulster is still ranked 13 places ahead of Glasgow so the match promises to be a close one.
      • If a driver changes his engine, he'll be moved back 10 places in the starting order.
      • Despite being ranked more than 850 places below his opponent, he is settling well and holds serve to 15.
      • He used the image of a guest at a banquet who chooses the lowest place in order to be seen being elevated to a higher one.
      • The Peugeot drivers drove conservatively in order to maintain their places, finishing fifth and sixth on both stages.
      • He may be occupying a place lower in the pecking order, but they started with far more purpose.
      • Yet the site has risen by 10,000 places and is now ranked at 30,000 over the last 3 months.
      • He is now a senior whip and is ranked seven places above the finance spokesperson.

    • 6.2(in horseracing)

      uno de los tres primeros puestos en las carreras de caballos
      • He had a good trip to Solihull, having a first place and champion at the Heritage besides second, third and fourth places.
      • He wasn't actually hunting the lead, as a second place at the end of the race would have been fantastic for him.
      • Not only did Max lose his third place, he even jeopardized his participation in the second race.
      • The only competition in the Scottish game these days involves the one-legged race for third place.
      • In qualifying we clinched the pole position, and in the race, second and third places.
      • He had a first and two second places at Mallory Park, a third and fourth at Cadwell Park and second, third and fourth at Snetterton.
      • Brian has raced around the UK and Europe for many years and won more than 50 races with 35 second places.
      • He made a good start to the season with four second places in the Peter Craven Memorial meeting at Kirkmanshulme Lane last Monday.
      • Pole position and a second place in the race made a great weekend for him and for the whole team.
      • For all these reasons the second, third and fourth places could make interesting reading.
      • Nonetheless, with two wins and two second places in his last four tournaments, he remains favourite to capture the money title.
      • How we roared, jumping in anticipation of a well earned place at the finish.
      • He has an impressive National record, with two second places, a third and a fourth but has yet to capture the big prize itself.
      • The Team Eurotech Porsche finished the race in third place.
      • His finishes include tied for second, tied for sixth, tied for third and a second place in 2001.
      • He beats them into second and third places.
      • Both swimmers recorded good times, with Louis taking another second place and Sam third.
      • However, the battle for the third and fourth places is very close.
      • Kim Young was in second place after the third round but finished the final fourth round at four over par.
      • He brought the car in on lap 90 for fuel and resumed his race in third place.

  • 7

    (in book, script, sequence)
    you've made me lose my place me has hecho perder la página (or la línea etc.) por donde iba
    • the audience laughed in all the right places el público se rió cuando había que reírse
  • 8

    • 8.1(job)

      puesto masculine
      we have places for 20 workers tenemos 20 puestos de trabajo / 20 vacantes
      • to fill a place cubrir una vacante
      • She has been offered a place to study politics and modern history at Oxford.
      • She has been offered a place by Education Bradford at Rhodesway but says her daughter has no friends there.
      • Do universities need to do more to make sure that students who are rejected know why they have not been offered a place?
      • This in turn frees up the health services and places in residential care.
      • That child has been placed on the waiting list and will be offered a place as soon as one becomes available.
      • Seven sixth form students from Bootham School in York have been offered places to study at Cambridge or Oxford universities.
      • Around the time of my diagnosis I had also been offered a place to study for an MPhil in philosophy.
      • This is because there is nowhere else for them to go, thanks to a severe shortage of places in care homes.
      • It seems sad that men who have done such great work abroad are returning with no-one back home to fill their places.
      • City of York Council says it has lost 119 places in nursing and residential homes after closures in the past year.
      • Since 1997 they have also been allowed to offer similar places to eligible Australian students.
      • The growing shortage of care home places in the Forest means local pensioners who need long-term care often have to leave the area.
      • There is now a shortage of care home places throughout the country.
      • In the long-term, a significant increase in places at dental schools is also expected to try to plug a severe shortage of dentists.
      • Students lucky enough to win one of the few places available here, feel sure they can make a living out of their work.
      • The facility has got off to a flying start with most of the places already filled.
      • Many of our parents are also fearful about the existing masts and some have already applied for places at other schools in the area.
      • The children have been offered places at Sandal Primary in Baildon, or schools in Shipley, Menston and Guiseley.
      • He has been offered places in assisted care homes in Boston Spa and Wakefield, but wants to stay near his family in York.
      • In England, undergraduate places have already been increased to help raise the number of new doctors.

    • 8.2British School University

      plaza feminine
      a school/university place una plaza en un colegio/en la Universidad

    • 8.3(on team)

      puesto masculine

  • 9

    (in argument)
    lugar masculine
    in the first/second place en primer/segundo lugar
    • you shouldn't have been there in the first place! en primer lugar / para empezar tú no deberías haber estado allí
  • 10

    correct to three decimal places correcto hasta tres decimales
  • 11

    (space, room)
    sitio masculine
    lugar masculine
    is there (a) place for one more suitcase? ¿hay sitio / lugar para otra maleta?

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put, position)
    (object) poner
    (object) (carefully, precisely) colocar
    (sentries/guards) poner
    (guards/sentries) apostar
    (sentries/guards) colocar
    she placed the book in his hand le puso el libro en la mano
    • I'm very badly placed here to see what is happening estoy muy mal ubicado para ver lo que está pasando
    • how are they placed as regards finance? ¿cuál es su situación a nivel financiero?
    • I'm rather badly placed for time at present en este momento no dispongo de mucho tiempo
    • this places them at a disadvantage esto los coloca en una situación de desventaja
    • we were placed in an awkward position nos pusieron en una situación muy violenta
    • this places you under an obligation esto te obliga / te compromete
    • to place sb in custody poner a algn bajo custodia
    • he's been placed under observation lo tienen en observación
    • she's been placed under house arrest está bajo arresto domiciliario
    • to place one's confidence / trust in sb/sth depositar su (or mi etc.) confianza en algn/algo
    • I don't place much faith in the medical profession no tengo mucha fe en los médicos
    • he placed the blame on the lawyer in charge of the case responsabilizó / le echó la culpa al abogado que llevaba el caso
    • her promotion placed a great strain on their relationship su ascenso provocó muchas tensiones en su relación
    • he places a high value on originality concede gran importancia a la originalidad
    • I placed the matter in the hands of my lawyer puse el asunto en manos de mi abogado
    • The plates may be placed in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
    • I have come to the conclusion that the Conservative who is best placed to offer a new Tory idealism is David.
    • These need a lot of space and must not be placed in a windy position.
    • The bacon rashers can be placed on a heat-proof plate and put back in the oven to finish cooking till all the fat has melted and there are just very crisp bits left.
    • When everyone has their train in place, each player in turn places tile on the end of trains according to these rules.
    • He thinks that Britain is uniquely placed to exploit the advantages of its genetic diversity.
    • Her mouth began to water at the sight of the ham and eggs, and she placed some on her plate.
    • Its employees must be better placed than most to pay parking charges.
    • It is better placed to reach out to the majority of the people in the community and many are ready to listen to their church leaders.
    • As a qualitative research scientist, he is ideally placed to examine the differences.
    • A recent Sunday newspaper placed Heywood Gardens at Ballinakill in Kilkenny.
    • Electrode pairs can be placed at various positions on the body to yield information about the status of the heart.
    • When they sat down to eat, he placed himself beside her and strove to engage most of her attention.
    • Second, it would be up to him, as the lawyer, to be best placed to identify a conflict.
    • It's a new step for him that, for once, places mood and atmosphere ahead of the riffs.
    • Place on a large serving plate and cut into small squares.
    • Each sector is now appropriately placed to take advantage of the developments in the industry in which it operates.
    • Instead, it will be placed in an upright position next to the speaker.
    • I crossed my legs and placed myself beside him on the bed, the mattress sinking a little under weight.
    • He, with his rugged good looks and background, was ideally placed to take advantage of this trend.
    • Although we operate throughout the UK, it is our staff who are best placed to identify needs within their communities.
    • Patients may be placed in unnatural positions for several hours during surgery.
    • I informed him that Time would be prepared to transfer the licences but he was best placed to identify potential purchasers.
    • He grabs her off her horse and places her upside down across his lap.
    • Alternatively, the patient may be placed in the supine position for the abdominal prep.
    • They are best placed to explain the events leading to McCreevy's funding decision.
    • Yesterday the memorial was roped off, and a wreath had been placed beside it.
    • The trap was then placed gently on the floor between the fridge and the stove.
    • He was best placed to take advantage and went on to win from Charlie with McAlpin third.
    • The Queen gestured to a tray that had been placed beside the bed filled with all sorts of food.
    • To speed cooling divide into smaller portions, place in shallow containers or stand in a tray of cold water.
    • Again, the local authority is best placed to identify and deal with such problems.
    • And the corollary is that people on the ground are best placed to deal with the complexity of pastoral need.
    • Instead, each village was assigned a number and then placed randomly on the list.
    • As the dust settles we are now a little better placed to identify those businesses that are likely to benefit from the Internet revolution.
    • It is surely the case that in 2006 we are better placed to deal with a pandemic than in 1918.
  • 2

    • 2.1(in hierarchy, league, race)

      I wouldn't place money that high on the list of priorities para mí el dinero no ocupa un lugar tan prioritario
      • national security should be placed above everything else la seguridad nacional debería ponerse por encima de todo
      • this victory places her among the top three este triunfo la sitúa entre las tres primeras
      • the team is currently placed fourth actualmente el equipo ocupa el cuarto puesto / lugar

    • 2.2(in horseracing)

      to be placed (en segundo o tercer lugar) llegar placé / colocado

  • 3

    • 3.1(find a home, job for)

      they placed her with a Boston firm la colocaron / le encontraron trabajo en una empresa de Boston
      • They have been placed in foster care, with the expectation she will be reunited with them when she is able to cope.
      • Parents and leaders are best placed to impact positively on children.
      • These puppies need to be placed in foster homes for approximately one year.
      • In order to prevent children from being tortured, they can be temporarily placed in a foster home.
      • The teenager, from Darwen, had been placed with foster carers by Blackburn with Darwen Council social services.
      • She added that the council would like to improve services in the community so fewer children needed to be placed in secure accommodation.
      • He was taken into care before being placed with foster parents.
      • The children, as many as nine according to some reports, have been placed in foster homes.
      • Psychologists said the child, who was immediately placed in foster care, would suffer long-term trauma.
      • The family made the decision not to contact police until she gave birth to a baby girl, who was immediately placed with foster parents.
      • If there is no partner or willing family older children will be placed in foster care.
      • In the same vein, the entity charged with placing redundant workers into employment, has not improved.
      • Through this work, forty children have been placed in adoptive and foster homes.
      • Most, though, were placed with foster parents around the country, where the level of care varied enormously.
      • In Greenwich there are over 300 children of all ages and from all sections of the community who need to be placed with foster carers.
      • It also oversees the care of more than 100 orphans who have been placed with foster families.
      • It is only those workers whose market wage is below the minimum wage who are placed in employment jeopardy.
      • Taken into the care of the London Borough of Newham, he was placed with a foster family in Mayland.
      • Its overall objective is to employ, train and place individuals in the wider workplace in Wiltshire.
      • Every minute that passed signified a smaller chance that they'd be placed on temp assignments for the day.

    • 3.2

      (advertisement) poner
      (phone call) pedir
      (merchandise/goods) colocar
      Finance (money/shares) colocar
      we placed an order with Acme Corp hicimos un pedido a Acme Corp
      • The electrical company is now thinking of either spinning off shares of Legrand to shareholders or placing an initial public offering of Legrand shares.
      • They started at the end of January when my mother placed her Christmas card orders with the reps.
      • However bad the odds against us seem, the odds against placing this bet at all are even higher.
      • This time at a lower register which is both more commanding and better suited to an auditory range ruined by years placing bets at the dog track at Concreton.
      • In the meantime, users can be assured their information is in a safe place, and orders can be placed securely.
      • At the Crown Prosecution Service in Harrogate, a spokeswoman said that an interim hospital order had been placed on Payling.
      • Analysts on Friday predicted the shares would be placed at a significant discount.
      • Anyone driving around in such a thing must have placed his or her order long before they knew how much it would cost, how fast it would go and how much space there was in the boot.
      • It has raised €2.8 million by placing 3.4 million shares at 82 cent each.
      • Through that backdoor listing deal, it has booked a HK $309 million profit from placing Dong Fang Gas shares.
      • Check with the manufacturer for the exact amount when placing your order.
      • Union bosses called on the Government to give a greater commitment to UK aerospace and shipbuilding industries when placing publicly funded orders.
      • Sometimes people living in the same city prefer to keep in touch with each other through e-mail or text-messaging rather then meeting in person or placing a phone call.
      • A precedent has been set that thuggish bigots can dictate who plays in a football match by placing one threatening telephone call to the BBC.
      • The Upper Arlington Fire Division placed a call for a NAS-T Fire Investigation response.
      • The shares were placed with institutions at 185p, following heavy oversubscription.
      • If any invoice was sent without an order having been placed, this would be in breach of the Unsolicited Goods and Services Act.
      • But everyone who has placed such an order should be getting their copies shortly.
      • The technology company raised HK $27 million by placing 96.43 million shares.
      • Sainsbury's this month confirmed it had placed its highest ever order for fair trade cotton.
      • Orders can be placed until mid April and will be ready in early May.
      • Later that month a further 350,000 ordinary shares were placed at £3 per ordinary share.
      • If the contractor asks for money to buy materials, make sure the order has been placed.
      • He raised some $1 billion by placing PCCW shares and plans to borrow $11 billion from banks.
      • ‘They were placing Christmas orders mostly but also some for spring 2004 for the bigger customers,’ he said.
      • "The controlling shareholder is placing the shares before the deal is completed, " he said.
      • Other sources have placed the opposition's share of popular support at 12 per cent.
      • It also plans to raise €8 million by placing over 53 million shares, which he has committed to buy if no new investors emerge.
      • If an offer, will CostPlus be in breach of contract in attempting to increase the price after Philip has placed an order?
      • It has been chosen to serve as the investment intermediary in placing the shares on the stock exchange.
      • The contract has been placed in the hands of Alfred McAlpine Construction.
      • In effect, this means that if there is any difficulty in placing the shares, he and his associates will put up the money.
      • So many people were going out to the track, pouring over the program, and placing their ‘sure bets.’
      • Further complicating the effort was the process for placing something on contract.
      • Over three days they will be placing orders for the spring and summer range for 2004.
      • These were now being examined and the contract would be placed shortly.

  • 4

    • 4.1(identify)

      (tune) identificar
      (tune) ubicar Latin America
      her face is familiar, but I can't quite place her su cara me resulta conocida pero no sé de dónde
      • Listeners are invited to take part in an audio game in which they must identify and place the sounds they hear.
      • Still, I couldn't place her but even her clothing, a worn leather jacket and a red knit scarf, had a certain familiarity.
      • His words that morning had placed him in her mind, and she prayed for his safety as the wall began to crumble.

    • 4.2(locate, estimate)

      I would place the time of death at around eleven o'clock estimo que su muerte se produjo alrededor de las once
      • that would place (the date of) his arrival in Venice much further back eso indicaría que su llegada a Venecia fue muy anterior

  • 5

    (direct carefully)
    (ball/shot) colocar

intransitive verb


  • 1

    to place fourth/ninth quedar en cuarto/noveno lugar
    • his horse didn't even place su caballo no llegó ni placé / colocado
    • He has won four Grade 1 races and placed in three others while racing in the United States.
    • Other German horses such as Silvano, Boreal and Paolini have all won or been placed in some of the world's biggest races over the past year.
    • Prior to the win on Sunday, Warrsan had not placed in four starts this season.
    • He recovered to develop into one of the best of his generation at three, winning three of 11 starts and placing in five other races.
    • A top-class swimmer and cross-country runner as a junior, she won the London Triathlon in 2001 and is now placing consistently well in World Cup events.
    • The eight-year-old horse has run 20 times and has won two races and been placed seven times.
    • Though her piece wasn't chosen as the cover, she said placing among the finalists inspired her to explore her talent.
    • He has won four of 13 starts, placing in seven other races, and has earned $190,190.
    • Flat Top has since made 16 starts over the jumps, winning eight races and placing in five others for Gerry.
    • The Claiborne Farm homebred has won four times and placed twice in six starts on the grass.
    • A total of 12 Super Bowl winners have placed among the top five in offense or defense.