Translation of place-bet in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈpleɪsbɛt/


  • 1

    (in US) apuesta a un caballo de que llegará en primer or segundo lugar
    (in UK) apuesta a un caballo de que llegará en una de las tres primeras posiciones
    • A race must have five runners or more for you to be able to make a place bet.
    • Professionals don't completely eschew the standard win and place bet, but their focus is overwhelmingly on the exotic bets, especially trifectas.
    • It was a fine day at a lovely little track, a day only slightly marred by the fact that I didn't cash once, not even one teensy little place bet to give me a momentary feeling of winnerness.
    • It stands to reason that the most famous place bet in the world was a subject of some confusion in the great motion picture, "The Sting."