Translation of placement in Spanish:


colocación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpleɪsmənt//ˈpleɪsmənt/


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    (in employment)
    colocación feminine
    the course included a year's placement with a company el curso incluía un año de prácticas en una empresa
    • Work experience placements, mentoring, curriculum projects, summer schools, master classes, careers advice and practice interviews are regular features of school life.
    • The training course is usually followed by work experience placement.
    • Another component of this 12 week course was a work experience placement.
    • And at least two more have become health care assistants with the Trust as a result of work experience placements.
    • Consequently, few are of sufficient size to offer significant training and the only way for fresh faces to get into television is to work for free on extended work experience placements.
    • Once the centre is built David hopes to expand the number of courses on offer, including evening courses, and next Easter will begin offering two-week work-experience placements for school children.
    • The school is now appealing to local businesses and organisations who may be interested in providing work experience placements for the new school year.
    • One of the other days would be spent doing off-site vocational courses and the other would be spent on a work experience placement.
    • There is growing speculation that he will join a prestigious Scottish firm when he takes up a work experience placement in the City of London later this year.
    • He said the two-year project had been a huge accomplishment, and pupils were already undertaking work experience placements.
    • Lucy said she gained a number of new skills through her placement.
    • A number of students were also selected to go on extended work experience placements at the restaurants in question.
    • Students would also go on more work experience placements and local business people would visit the school to discuss their experiences and give advice.
    • It was amazing, she was immediately given a long-term temporary placement and has since had many others and is still working, even though she is now 69.
    • He was introduced to the unique venue during a work experience placement and he went on to work there during summer holidays.
    • But the demand was attacked by business leaders last night who said work experience placements were essential for developing skilled youngsters for the workplace.
    • One young man is studying for an NVQ in retailing after successfully completing work experience placements in shops in Barnsley.
    • During the four years of his degree, he did two six month work experience placements at a company called Wild Promotions.
    • Charles will be 57 this year and we still haven't been able to find a good work experience placement for him.
    • All students, whether on industrial placement or those doing projects, fill out weekly logs and complete all monthly reports.
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    colocación feminine
    ubicación feminine Latin America
    before noun placement test (para determinar qué curso se ha de seguir) test de aptitud masculine
    • Use of a large needle facilitates proper suture placement.
    • The surgeon passes the endoscope through the tube and inspects and confirms proper placement of the tunnel before proceeding.
    • Proper placement of a permanent mirror in your home can help you look down a hallway before you have to stick your head in.
    • With proper colony placement and sampling, gradient maps of the distribution of chemical or biological materials can be produced.
    • In addition to making the injection itself less painful, the anesthetic can help verify proper placement of the needle.
    • Microphone placement also seems to vary on the piano selections.
    • But proper placement of such tracks is also important to him.
    • For proper placement of deadlifts in your back routine, see the beginner's and advanced back-routine charts.
    • Bolt Rite fasteners assist in the proper placement of anchor bolts in wet concrete.
    • For proper placement, hoop and stitch the design before cutting the rectangle.
    • So it's the radio promoters going into places like Fort Wayne, Indiana and making sure you're getting the proper placement.
    • The placement was arranged through Bank of Ireland's corporate division.
    • The proper placement of art in a home should also reflect the client's connection to the piece.
    • An empty room makes it easier to hang artwork, said Reis, but it's impossible to gauge proper height and placement.
    • Its proper placement is yet to be determined by a more complete taxonomic sampling.
    • Some students chose to continue with their placement despite the fact that CECS cancelled the credit for it.
    • Check fire regulations for the type needed in your work area and to determine proper placement.
    • This increases the security of the tube and ensures proper placement; minimizing trauma to mucus membranes.
    • This will give you proper placement so that the finishing nails will not puncture through the cabinet.
    • In that letter he stated the restrictions, ‘To facilitate proper work placement of this employee’.
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    (in tennis)
    tiro masculine
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    colocación feminine