Translation of plan in Spanish:


plano, n.

Pronunciation /plan//plæn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(diagram, map)

      plano masculine
      to draw up/draw a plan hacer un plano
      • A good friend told me that his friend, who's a school teacher, drew up a seating plan last week for her pre-teen pupils.
      • Directors instantly knew where they were in the pecking order by a quick look at the seating plan.
      • The point of education is not to give pupils a street plan of their local district but a putative map of the world.
      • The underlying street plans of towns like Otley were laid down centuries before motor vehicles were invented.
      • All of his six or so novels have a map as frontispiece from which one can see that much of the street plan has survived.
      • Over 170 Hilperton residents went to an open day in the village last month to look at plans proposed by the developer.
      • In this plan, two pagodas were built in front of one Main Hall in the main courtyard.
      • The basic L-shaped plan wraps around a patio courtyard in the internal corner of the site.
      • The seating plan for a national event is a good time to find out who's hot and who's not.
      • Know the seating plan and etiquette before boarding the company jet.
      • Oxford residents have expressed their anger at development plans on St Giles Street and at Keble College.
      • Tonight we're chilling after sorting out the seating plan and printing out the place cards for the wedding.
      • The yellow colouring on the enclosed plan indicated the area from Furnham Road to AA.
      • The plan also includes building stops along the way in hopes of expanding in the future.
      • Now, if there was a prize that allowed you to set the seating plan: that would be a prize worth winning.
      • Vestiges of a street plan can sometimes be seen on ploughed land north-east of the amphitheatre.
      • The seating plan was drawn up using French, the traditional language of diplomacy.
      • In addition to the price increases, Churchill Downs has changed seating plans on Oaks day.
      • All residents are urged to review their family flood plans and update their knowledge about flooding.
      • Even the seating plan, though, underlines one important reason for voter apathy.
      • I am especially grateful to my daughter for her assistance in preparing the maps and plans.
      • Householders are also being advised to prepare an escape plan from home and smokers are being warned to take special care.
      • The plans should incorporate street furniture, paving, lighting and trees.
      • I see she has the seating plan for the crematorium in her hand.
      • You can, in fact, check seating plans through airline websites - if you know how to find them.

    • 1.2(of book, essay)

      esquema masculine
      work out a plan before you begin hazte un esquema antes de empezar

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    (arrangement, scheme)
    plan masculine
    there are plans for a building on the site están planeando construir un edificio en el solar
    • do you have any plans for tonight? ¿tienes algún plan / programa para esta noche?
    • we're making plans for the wedding estamos planeando la boda
    • it's not worth making long-term plans no vale la pena hacer planes / planear a largo plazo
    • there's been a change of plan ha habido un cambio de planes
    • a five-year plan un plan quinquenal
    • pension plan plan de pensiones / de jubilación
    • By tradition, we want to start the year by sharing with you our plans and intentions for the future.
    • I see that Thabo will soon come to a decision on what his plans for the embattled Zuma are.
    • He said the only way of achieving the plan would be to identify areas where costs could be cut while ensuring care in areas of clinical necessity.
    • As version upgrades can easily take 12 months, customers will soon have to make a decision about their future plans.
    • The plan proposes to rehabilitate the sewer system in the area and to upgrade the infrastructure in and around the river.
    • If the proposed plans go ahead there is a very real danger that the closure of this business will lead to the loss of this unique service.
    • He said a consultancy will be awarded soon to look at existing system and formulate plans for fixing it.
    • Elderly residents at two closure-threatened care homes are to get their say in the plans before any final decisions are made.
    • There is a lot of extra cost if an application has to be heard under both an operative and a proposed plan at the same time.
    • Negotiations in both villages are to take place to see if those plans can be achieved.
    • These are both goal-oriented symbols, which speak to us of making plans in order to achieve our desires.
    • Members are also likely to call for more detailed plans of the other proposed measures, in readiness for public consultation.
    • Although this expat will celebrate his 60th birthday this year, he has no plans to retire any time soon.
    • Why is it that theoretical plans and practical achievements in the Scottish health service are incapable of marrying up?
    • While on the university level the plans were achieved, not all the proposed schools were opened.
    • He told him he had no plans to appeal the decision.
    • The city council says the policy is no longer consistent with what it wants to achieve in its plan.
    • There's a lot of concern about the way it's been waged, and the fact that there's no plan to achieve peace.
    • He said that there were no plans, intentions, desires, or need for any increases greater than inflation.
    • A council spokesman said the proposal was part of plans to cut more than 2,000 surplus school places.
    • It is understood that RTE has no plans to challenge the decision or to support any legal challenge by staff.
    • She tends to live in the present, without any plans, ambitions or goals.
    • According to a defence analyst here, he is close to achieving a plan already worked out when he was elected 10 months ago.
    • All three have said they proposed to approve the plans, subject to the Secretary of State's views.
    • The plan failed to achieve a simple majority of the Ankara parliament in a knife-edge vote on Saturday.
    • Ellen has no plans to retire and hopes to be one of the happy band raising money to support Sue Ryder homes for many years to come.
    • The plans will also include proposals for a tsunami warning system.
    • At Dorcan School, the headteacher announced his plans to retire at the end of the summer term.
    • He also liked to change his plans or decisions without letting me know and then, if something happened, put all the blame for the situation on me.
    • The mayor said that no plans or final decision had yet been made.
    • Although he has no plans to retire in the immediate future, he is looking forward to running the place in due course.
    • But shortly after conceding defeat, a disheartened Landry announced plans to retire from politics.
    • This will allow residents to look at detailed plans for the proposals and speak to council officers about how they will be implemented.
    • Such reviews would establish if the plan is actually achieving its initial aims.
    • Each girl will be formally interviewed by four judges about their interests and future plans before a decision is made.
    • He never took advice well, believing his own plans and decisions to be superior to any other.
    • He said the three countries have no plans to make any decision on their nuclear arms program.
    • He said he had no idea what he would be working on next but denied he had any plans to retire, despite the fact he is not a huge fan of being in front of the camera.
    • She has no plans to retire and dismisses the idea that writers have conventional careers.
    • Lancashire County Council offered to help draw up detailed plans using their proposals.
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    (of repayments)
    plan masculine
    we bought it on an installment plan lo compramos a plazos
    • An excuse many of us give for failing to save is that we plan to use our homes as our combined savings and pension plans.
    • He plans to gut social security and turn it from old age insurance to a pension plan.
    • I am in the firm's defined contribution pension plan and contribute the maximum for my age.
    • For many years, I have been contributing to a pension plan which is mainly invested in shares.
    • The scheme, the first dental insurance plan on the Irish market, was launched at the end of May.
    • Of course, some labs are chosen simply because of health insurance plan mandates.
    • Grace is a teacher and has contributed to a pension plan since the year before the marriage.
    • In dollar terms, the change in contribution pension plan investment is staggering.
    • People do not have to be taxpayers in order to have payments into a pension plan boosted by tax relief from the Inland Revenue.
    • Today you are far more likely to have your own personal pension plan or ‘money purchase’ scheme at work.
    • Regular payment plans are available allowing you to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
    • An easy payment plan is available for those wishing to pay to monthly installments.
    • Money purchase or defined contribution plans shift the risk of providing for old age on to the employees.
    • We have a declining birth rate and increased life expectancy, along with a marked reluctance to pay into a private pension plan.
    • I suggest you start contributing to a stakeholder pension plan alongside your firm's scheme.
    • Some universities use a private pension plan, so your contribution may vary.
    • Chinese companies do not have to pay for health insurance or fund pension plans.
    • Tax-efficient equity savings schemes and plans for private pension funds will soon become the norm for many countries.
    • They refuse to implement a pension plan or even pay the full cost of our health insurance.
    • Have you got into the habit of making regular contributions to savings or investment plans for your children?

transitive verbplanning, planned

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    (journey/itinerary) planear
    (itinerary/journey) programar
    (assault/raid) planear
    (garden/house) diseñar
    (garden/house) proyectar
    (strategies/economy) planificar
    (essay) hacer un esquema de
    it's all planned out in advance todo está planeado de antemano
    • the visit went ahead as planned la visita se realizó según lo planeado
    • we arrived, as planned, at three o'clock llegamos a las tres, tal y como estaba previsto / planeado
    • This view has invariably seduced architects when imaging and planning utopian cities.
    • The town council plans to make a decision by the end of the year.
    • A tenants and residents organisation plans to create new jobs and other opportunities.
    • As you plan your water garden, consider the aquatic plants you may want to include in it.
    • Now he and his wife Laura are moving to a larger house nearby, and plan to start a programme of improvements as soon as they sell their current home.
    • You will not only plan a design scheme but you will also put it into practice.
    • We're planning a memorial garden for archives and ashes for our friends and ourselves.
    • Intel plans to start building again next year, and to start operations in the third quarter of 2003.
    • Before you plan a trip, decide whether you'd rather try a wilderness lodge or a guest ranch.
    • The key to a successful warehouse shopping experience is to plan your visit in advance.
    • The trick is to plan each one in advance and do something original.
    • We walked for miles here, thinking very thoroughly, talking, taking hundreds of photographs, planning the design.
    • Mary is a professional landscape designer and her talk will be on interest to anyone planning a new garden or rejuvenating an old one.
    • The town has attracted high-tech businesses and is planning a technology zone for downtown.
    • There is a system of communication to enable partners to plan their play and decide when it is appropriate to bet.
    • There is a DJ booth and the manager plans to change the layout on the first floor to make space for a small dance floor.
    • Kate plans to arrange monthly meetings with speakers and general support sessions.
    • The organisation plans to publish research on state childcare models in May.
    • This is fantastic news if you plan on making a trip to the US this year.
    • Plan seed purchases for the fall garden when you are planning your spring garden.
    • Shortly after his arrival, he took over the project to design and plan the new Shenzhen University.
    • He was continuing to plan his garden during his final illness.
    • We therefore plan to check this possibility by putting an acetyl group on the N-terminus.
    • He was a gardener of note and relished planning the gardens of his acquaintances.
    • Color and time of bloom are two of the most important elements to consider when planning your bulb and garden planting.
    • Even so, the family plans to appeal the decision so it can continue living in six caravans on the site, which it bought more than a year ago.
    • I'm planning a couple of design changes to this blog, and rounded corners may well make an appearance in the new version.
    • A range of colours will be made known to the various groups involved when planning their designs.
    • Introductory chapters include tips on planning a garden and how to create and care for the garden.
    • The restaurant is quite a good size but due to popularity it is essential to book in advance if you plan on having dinner there.
    • After switch-over, the government plans to sell the spectrum previously used for analogue.
    • It is not necessary to have only indigenous plants when planning a xeriscape design.
    • When planning your garden, it is important to know what your climate zone is and choose your plants accordingly.
    • Start by planning the garden based on where you'll be happiest sitting.
    • The program plans to offer doctoral degree education within the next two to three years.
    • All you really need to learn about planning your garden is written on the package, or available from your bulb supplier.
    • This information should be considered when you plan your garden and when you buy the plants.
    • He is now refurbishing the ground floor of the building and plans to open a late night bar and dance floor from Thursday to Saturday.
    • All too often this leads them to neglect the very important issue of planning their development in advance.
    • Additionally, it is unclear how the company plans to finance the building of that site.
  • 2

    I'm planning a trip to Mexico in August tengo planeado / proyectado ir a México en agosto
    • they're planning a surprise for her birthday le están preparando una sorpresa para el cumpleaños
    • to plan to + inf
    • where are you planning to spend Christmas? ¿dónde tienes planeado / pensado / dónde piensas pasar las Navidades?

intransitive verbplanning, planned

  • 1

    to plan ahead planear las cosas de antemano
    • to plan for sth
    • we need to plan for the future tenemos que pensar en el futuro
    • we hadn't planned for this esto no lo habíamos previsto
    • we're planning for about 50 guests contamos con que vendrán unas 50 personas