Translation of plank in Spanish:


tabla, n.

Pronunciation: /plæŋk//plaŋk/


  • 1

    tabla feminine
    tablón masculine
    to walk the plank pasear la tabla
    • to be as thick as two short planks ser más bruto que un arado
  • 2

    (of policy)
    puntal masculine

transitive verb

  • 1USinformal

    plantificar informal
    she planked herself down on the sofa se desplomó en el sofá
    • With premium material the planks are straighter and flatter and that means easier installation and less waste.
    • The ceiling beams and the wide-board pine plank flooring are left intact, giving a rustic mood to the room.
    • New pine planks were stained on one side, and their bottoms were left unfinished because the owners wanted them to cup and warp to match the old boards in another part of the floor.
    • It has tall, multi-coloured apartment towers that bend and droop, and people drop extended planks between buildings to visit each other.
    • Use plywood walk boards or wooden planks over the ceiling joists for support.
    • To determine the size needed, place a plank on top of the planks in the next to last row.
    • She looked around, then made a beeline for a nearby stall, unadorned flat planks displaying wickerwork baskets.
    • One triptych consists of an old plank cut into three pieces.
    • When setting a plank between ladders as a scaffold, be sure it extends a foot on each side and is clamped or nailed to its support
    • For flooring, narrow strips of bamboo are laminated together to form planks, which can be glued or nailed to a subfloor.
    • The long planks of timber fell off the truck to the left, knocking down a telegraph pole and felling telephone lines in the area.
    • To assure that the most visible wall has a full-width board, and that the planks are installed straight, use a layout line.
    • Bridges made of boats collected together and moored side by side, with a decking of timber planks, were used from the classical period.
    • After drying outdoors for a full year, the logs are sawed, hollowed out and polished mostly by hand into long planks that are nearly flat on one side and semicircular on the other.
    • This was done by shaving off part of one of the sides, and then shaving off some of the thinnest edge to make a flat plank.
    • Most of the floors are custom-stained Black American walnut 1/2 inch by six-inch planks from Heartland Flooring.
    • The floors can also be differentiated by the size of the planks and the direction of the planking.
    • As you lay the planks, use a hammer or mallet and a scrap piece of flooring to force the planks tightly together and assure a snug fit.
    • In the end, we reach a compromise: We leave the stone mosaic and run the wide planks horizontally, but we eliminate the scattered tiles.
    • Both feature high ceilings, ornate plasterwork, period fireplaces and wide plank wooden flooring.
    • With a sweep of the hand and in the absence of any serious struggle, the trade unions have ditched the demand for a shorter working week, which had been a central plank of their policy for decades.
    • This stance is doubly significant, since a key plank in Day's political program is federal government support for religious schools.
    • The SEP's policy to end the war is grounded on the fundamental planks of socialist internationalism.
    • He has been crucial to cementing a close alliance with Washington, which has become the central plank of the political and economic strategy of the most powerful sections of the corporate elite.
    • A central plank of the neo-conservatives' war plan is shattering.
    • In an earlier epoch, the PT had made the repudiation of the debt a central plank in its campaign platform.
    • The fundamental plank of the SEP's program is the international unity of the working class.
    • It became the central plank in a nonproliferation regime that helped restrain the pace of global nuclear proliferation.
    • It assumes that once in power it would be possible to win referendums on the main planks of its programme.
    • They are also critical of the growth of single-faith schools - the encouragement of which is a central plank of the government's education policy.
    • Control of information and propaganda has always been a central plank of war strategy.
    • Along with the KMT, it has made the buildup of the military a central plank of its election platform.
    • This principle is a central plank of European Community policy, and it is becoming increasingly so in international law.
    • By December, the proposal for the next phase should be ready, with a mission to Mars leaving in 2011 expected to be a central plank of the programme.
    • In the immediate postwar years he, then Labour foreign minister, was a key figure in the creation of Nato, the central plank of US military strategy during the Cold War.
    • I'm working with a playwright and we've just got to the stage where we're pretty sure we've nailed the main planks of the piece in place.
    • Later he made reconciliation with Germany one of the central planks of his foreign policy.
    • From its formation last January, the Alliance made the call for massive cuts in personal income, capital gains, and corporate taxes its central policy plank.
    • Every major political party had the end of the occupation as a central plank of their campaign.
    • The hope that example will prove contagious is, as I understand it, the central plank of the neo-conservative ideology in Washington.