Translation of plant in Spanish:


planta, n.

Pronunciation /plænt//plɑːnt/


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    planta feminine
    plant life vida vegetal feminine
    • Eventually, it melts to supply water and nutrients to plants and aquatic organisms.
    • The soil needs to be enriched to remain a viable growing medium capable of supplying plants with nutrients and water.
    • A member of the poppy family, the celandine plant is distinct for its golden yellow flower and bright orange milky juice.
    • In both cases, leaf water and osmotic potential was lower than that of plants grown under conditions.
    • Western Oregon had been very low on rainfall that year, and even the plants in our backyard garden were wilting.
    • It covers large areas quickly and the plants absorb nutrients through the roots and the leaves.
    • Grass and small plants are growing on top of the sandstone.
    • The action spectrum of photosynthesis in green plants has principle peaks in the blue and red regions.
    • Crab spiders are common and occur in fairly high numbers on most crops and garden plants.
    • Arizona's other urban pillar, Tucson, seems more in tune with the desert, and uses local trees and plants to landscape gardens and parks.
    • If a plant's DNA calls for a plant to grow long roots, then the plant grows long roots.
    • Traits that permit recruitment on disturbed sites and allow plants to survive root and shoot damage are essential for survival in these habitats.
    • Aloe is a green plant that has long leaves with somewhat spiky edges.
    • An example will demonstrate this: plants that grow near water are usually heavy, with big, dark green leaves that wilt and break easily.
    • Mature leaves of maize were taken from plants grown in the greenhouse during the summer.
    • Italians naturally have a ‘green thumb,’ and even those living in apartments grow plants in pots.
    • Root growth defines the extent to which a plant explores soil for water and mineral nutrients.
    • Domanic took pride in his vegetable garden with 20 tomato plants of various varieties.
    • He found that the fungus causes the plant's roots to grow finer and more fibrous.
    • For instance, plants grew leaves with new shapes, had different pigmentation, or hairy roots.
    • Alpine and rock garden plants provide gardeners with a fantastic range to choose from and often produce disproportionately large or prolific numbers of attractive flowers.
    • The front garden also has numerous plants and shrubs.
    • They crawl up the beach, and in their starvation eat the leaves of the wild plants found growing there.
    • The satellites monitor the green pigment in plants, or chlorophyll, which leads to estimates of phytoplankton amounts.
    • However, in a few cases, seeds of plants cultivated in botanical gardens were also used.
    • He added the dry conditions have also turned some fields into dust bowls, which can blow material onto the leaves of plants and grass the cattle are consuming.
    • Why didn't these early plants grow lots of leaves with few stomata?
    • As they grow, green plants and trees fix carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it to tissue.
    • Thus, leaf N was greater than root N when tomato plants were grown on nitrate.
    • Garden plants and shrubs and garden furniture all produced at Dove House will also be on sale during the afternoon.
    • Initially corn was a garden plant valued for early maturity and easy food preparation.
    • As the leaves open on most trees and shrubs, a haze of light green surrounds the plants and herbs of the garden.
    • Still, the same rule can be applied in a household garden when planting herbaceous plants and smaller shrubs.
    • A restriction in leaf elongation in plants growing in drying soil is a well-reported phenomenon.
    • This is why plants could not develop on land until the ozone layer was formed through photosynthesis of plants and other biological organisms in the water.
    • They are also responsible for the majority of the water uptake by the plant via their branch roots.
    • It is an opportunity to buy unusual garden plants.
    • This garden is packed with mature trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.
    • The leaves of plants within this family grow in opposite pairs; their stems are square.
    • Green plants are the only organisms in the natural world that can make their own food.
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    • 2.1(factory, installation)

      planta feminine
      • Much like the beef processing plants of today, there have been several modifications to the technology of the modern beef machine.
      • He traveled to two machine manufacturing plants and a steel factory in January over a three-day period.
      • Instead, he began the first of a succession of mundane jobs in factories and food processing plants.
      • Under the new rules, only designated plants are allowed to process poultry, which cannot be sold without a quarantine certificate.
      • The tariffs that protected these industries also encouraged heavy manufacturing, so that giant car plants were located on the fringe of the postwar city.
      • Scotland's volume manufacturing plants will increasingly find themselves competing for jobs with low-wage economies in Asia and eastern Europe.
      • A major arms manufacturer with a giant plant in Down District is to play a key role in a multi-billion pound aircraft carrier contract.
      • It is true that at macro-level, the huge industrial plants, big business and financial houses play a big role in overall economic considerations.
      • The report made the case for reducing the number of plants processing milk into butter, milk powder and curd from 11 to four.
      • But, as it has acquired mills processing plants, it has closed four in New England.
      • Under the new strategy, the cigarette plants and tobacco processing factories of the holding will be divided up to be sold separately.
      • He also asked for federal money to retrain workers and for tax breaks to help manufacturers outfit old plants with new equipment.
      • Huge amounts of capital are available to build new coal-fired electric power plants.
      • These are old fashioned meat processing plants where they process a few animals a day, not thousands, as in factory farms.
      • Avoid the oil refineries and industrial plants around the commercial shipping channel.
      • Raw sewage is flowing into the Cuyahoga because sewage treatment plants have been down.
      • The district includes a well-established urban area with large manufacturing and industrial plants that drive the local economy.
      • In Yorkshire the crisis has also hit workers at four meat processing plants.
      • One of the most expensive departments in a car plant is the paint shop, so DeLorean saved the money and pretended that the brushed stainless steel finish was a style feature.
      • There are no industrial plants or factories in the region, and it is rich in parks and green areas.

    • 2.2(equipment)

      maquinaria feminine
      heavy plant maquinaria pesada feminine
      • before noun plant hire alquiler de maquinaria
      • The employer, it was said, was under a duty to take reasonable care to supply his workmen with proper plant and machinery.
      • Heavy investment has been made in plant and machinery to ensure that each pudding is perfectly steamed over a specific period.
      • It invests in plant & equipment, manufacturing a variety of vehicles and other products.
      • He could just sell plant and machinery to the company.
      • On November 25 he saw heavy plant and machinery in use.
      • Officers also stipulate that no plant or machinery should be installed or operated at the premises in connection with the use at any time.
      • Resources include plant and machinery, patents, brands, and skilled people.
      • The appellants were involved in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of plant and machinery for the steel manufacturing industry.
      • From now on motor vehicles will be treated the same as other plant and machinery and both categories will be allowed over a 5 year period.
      • Under a Government scheme, companies that purchase equipment and plant machinery can build up credit on their tax bill according to how much they invest.
      • Capital allowances are given instead, for plant, machinery and factory type premises.
      • Theoretically, an employee can claim a capital allowance for machinery or plant used in his employment.
      • The company auctions excess inventory such as industrial plant and machinery online, and claims the process is secure for both vendors and bidders.
      • He says it has also set annual targets for operational efficiency, including plant and machinery downtime.
      • But unlike plant and machinery, a new owner cannot sell staff and get a return.
      • As the machinery and plant, plus the men, were all in good trim, they were convinced that no other obstacles, like those of the past would occur again.
      • We produce none of the sophisticated plant, equipment and machinery we need to mine, catch or process what the earth gives us.
      • It has already invested more than £1 million in new plant and machinery.
      • He said the secret behind the firm's success is that profits are ploughed back into the company to invest in new plant and machinery.
      • The mining lease, machinery and plant, which had cost more than six thousands Pounds were sold at auction for just five Pounds.

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    • 3.1(incriminating item)

      he said the knife was a plant dijo que el cuchillo se lo habían colocado para inculparlo

    • 3.2(spy, agent)

      infiltrado masculine
      infiltrada feminine
      (masculine and feminine) agente enemigo
      (masculine and feminine) agente de la oposición
      • I could tell she was a plant the minute she started speaking.
      • Elizabeth was convinced that Paul was a CIA plant there to spy on her.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (trees/flower) plantar
    (seeds) sembrar
    he planted the seed of suspicion in her mind sembró la sospecha en ella
  • 2

    to plant sth with sth plantar algo de algo
    • fields planted with wheat campos plantados de trigo
  • 3

    (flag) plantar
    (bomb) colocar
    (bomb) poner
    she planted a kiss on his cheek le plantó un beso en la mejilla informal
    • to plant a punch on sb plantarle un puñetazo a algn
    • to plant one's feet on the ground plantar los pies en el suelo
    • she planted herself right next to me se me plantó / se me plantificó justo al lado
  • 4

    (drugs/evidence) colocar
    to plant sth on sb colocar(le) algo a algn
    • they had planted the gun on him le habían colocado la pistola para inculparlo

    con el propósito de inculpar a algn

  • 5

    (agent/informer) infiltrar
    (agent/informer) colocar

intransitive verb

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