Translation of plastered in Spanish:


como una cuba, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈplɑːstəd//ˈplæstərd/



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    como una cuba informal
    bolo Central America informal
    to get plastered emborracharse
    • He walked through the front entrance, following a plastered classmate who was having considerable difficulty standing up.
    • If you get completely plastered, and wander home inanely grinning at passers-by, you're not a problem.
    • That was way before we got together, and it was the only glimmer of my plastered persona that she's seen.
    • He isn't modern or English enough to deny a plastered mob its nostalgia.
    • She glared at her plastered mother, bending over to clean up the broken pieces of the mug.
    • A minute later a plastered young man limps in holding a tissue to his arm.
    • But the world was already spinning for the plastered man, and the gentle cuff sent him reeling to his back.
    • Now the worst-case scenario is a tabloid picture of plastered politician stumbling out of a Soho dive.
    • Who's more appropriate to encourage us to get plastered than the kings of arena rock and roll?
    • In my plastered state, I wander down to the beach with a few others in the same condition.
    • By the time we got to the Foley Estate, I was completely plastered.
    • He was very charming and told a story about getting plastered with him.
    • I think tonight I am going to get plastered.