Translation of plastic in Spanish:


plástico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈplæstɪk//ˈplastɪk/


  • 1

    plástico masculine
    (bag/cup/chair) (before noun) de plástico
    it is made of plastic es de plástico
    • plastic card tarjeta de plástico
    • plastic mac chubasquero
    • plastic money dinero de plástico
    • The case is made of light-gray plastic.
    • The Dublin company is one of Europe's leading producers of clear sheet plastic, with a 30 per cent share in that market.
    • A bill to deal with beverage containers would discourage the use of plastic by imposing a levy on manufacturers who use plastic bottles, and would encourage the return and recycling of bottles.
    • Water bottles have expiration dates, not because the water goes bad, but because the plastic which stores the water affects the taste.
    • People were wearing dust masks and everything stank of burnt plastic.
    • One woman carried a picture frame encased in transparent plastic.
    • Do not put either glass or plastic in hot water; they may crack, especially if cold.
    • We had curbside recycling for paper, plastic, glass and tin cans.
    • Most plastics, varnishes and packaging foams are made from chemicals derived from petroleum.
    • There was a time when outdoor furniture was either teak, aluminum, or plastic.
    • Protect your furniture and carpet by laying down plastic, then newspaper.
    • Her house is a shack made of sticks, black plastic and a few sheets of tin.
  • 2informal

    (credit cards)
    plástico masculine informal
    tarjetas de crédito feminine
    let's pay by plastic paguemos con tarjeta
    • The number of credit and store cards has doubled to 74 million, which means that every adult holds two pieces of credit plastic in his or her wallet.
    • They buy chips in dollars with credit cards and have their winnings refunded back to the plastic.
    • Getting them to embrace plastic may be an impossible feat.
    • Each plastic card resembles a credit card, but is in fact a completely self contained microcomputer with its own embedded software and memory.
    • Check out the fantastic plastic in our Credit Card centre.
    • I wouldn't like to have a cheque book or plastic.
    • At the same time, AmEx will step up its drive to wean large companies and small businesses from checks to corporate plastic.
    • So, you'd be barking mad to use any plastic abroad, other than a Nationwide BS or SAGA card.
    • Some feared that the charges would erode the card's upscale position as the premium-priced plastic.
    • However, in the meantime, play safe: take as much care with your loyalty cards as you do with your cash and other plastic.
    • If you've got money in the bank then using plastic shouldn't be a problem.
    • If your new plastic is a ‘% only on balance transfers’ card, you won't be going shopping with it.
    • Did you know that if you laid all of Britain's credit and debt cards end-to-end, the line of plastic would stretch from London to Bangkok?
    • Swapping your expensive plastic for a credit card that charges no interest on balance transfers and purchases for up to nine months.
    • Anxious to be a-doing, I hied myself to an Office Depot in the South of Market district and laid down some plastic for a Palm Vx.
    • She lives within a strict budget, and the only plastic in her wallet is a debit card.
    • These cards are ideal for users of plastic who always pay off their account each month.
    • Check out our Credit Card centre for your perfect plastic.
    • Instead, I poke my piece of plastic into a slot and get my money.
    • Hence, with so much plastic in circulation, Britain needs to treat its credit cards with respect.


  • 1derogatory

    (bland, artificial)
    (people/smile) de plástico derogatory
    • From time to time I still dig out my Elvis ring or wear my Charlie Brown necklace to relive the nostalgia - it always makes me smile to see the plastic shiny silliness of it all.
    • Her eyes did not linger long on them, she felt as if they were superficial, fake, plastic.
    • Every time I fly into New Zealand I get a lump in my throat, but I'm always convinced it's the plastic airline food.
    • It's refreshing to see that there is so much creativity in this plastic world we're in.
    • A study conducted a few years ago with Downs Syndrome children called for some of them to be trained to smile, even if it was just a plastic smile.
    • Mom smiled politely with a plastic giggle here and there.
    • She looks up at me with a plastic smile, almost challenging me to argue with her.
    • I could feel her trying to fight back the tears and sadness she had felt all these years, hidden behind a plastic smile put on so she wouldn't upset Dad.
    • For a boy who has appeared fatigued and cynical in the last few months it was an incredible performance - funny, charismatic and sung in a voice that is rare in these days of phoney plastic bands.
    • She gave me a totally plastic smile and waved her hand at me.
    • They both stopped and flashed plastic smiles when the harried young man made eye contact with them.
    • She smiled at her with a cold, plastic smile.
    • Next week, our fake plastic love for Radiohead.
    • After she broke down in the dressing room, all she could try to do was fake a plastic smile and pray that it will be over soon.
    • Giving him a plastic smile, Lenore headed towards the stables.
    • ‘Everything about him was right,’ she bleats, apparently failing to notice that he had a fake plastic face.
    • I know that you've seen his plastic smile on a thousand eager faces before.
    • There will be no air hostesses to flash their plastic smiles!
    • I flashed a sweet plastic smile and turned away, trying to walk on unsteady feet towards the door leading to the elevator banks.
    • She looks at me and puts on a plastic smile. ‘Sir, it will take about ten minutes if you don't mind waiting.’
  • 2

    • 2.1Technology

      • The stress at which plastic deformation or yielding is observed to begin depends on the sensitivity of the strain measurements.
      • He postulated that the energy due to plastic deformation must be added to the surface energy associated with the creation of new crack surfaces.
      • Normally, such plastic deformations result in developing smooth or gently wrinkled boundary surfaces.
      • In crystalline solids, plastic deformation tends to be confined to crystallographic planes of atoms which have a low resistance to shear.
      • AFM data, described below, also did not show any obvious plastic deformation after repeated indentation.
      • Ruptures originating at plastic deformations of loaded sand bed formed stretch marks with sand penetrating through them to the clay.
      • A significant amount of the total plastic deformation therefore occurs in the microcracks grow and link up in the final stages of fracture.
      • Increases in axle loads and tyre pressures are creating plastic strain in some crushed rocks with sprayed seal and thin asphalt surfacings.
      • To a significant extent the siltstone has been transformed into a plastic material, particularly near shear zones.
      • Thus rigid pipes are less sensitive to crushing and more sensitive to plastic deformation and buckling than their flexible equivalents.
      • This is a thin film that's been coated onto a flexible plastic material backed by a strong glue.
      • Wet into wet, and the use of salt or alcohol in wet paint suggested the plastic foam material from which the noodles are made.
      • Meanwhile, polymer scientists are doing fundamental research, seeking ever more conductive plastic materials.
      • Little or no plastic deformation is seen in tracheid walls in ring 26, which is the last ring formed in the tree.
      • The NDT is the temperature at which fracture initiates with essentially no prior plastic deformation.
      • Similar dynamics is observed in the plastic deformation of solids, in particular glasses.
      • Heat is also released by plastic deformation associated with jetting and ripple formation at the interface between the parts being welded.
      • Any attempt to do so results in greater deformation of the rolls, without any plastic deformation of the strip.
      • New materials have come from the chemical industry and from the molecular engineering of new plastic substances.
      • Yielding occurs from point A to point B and this is the area of plastic deformation.
      • It should also be added that the fine precipitate particles can act as dislocation multiplication centers during plastic deformation.
      • These products have little or no effect on the plastic or hardened properties of concrete.
      • This limits local concentrations of plastic deformation and suppresses fatigue damage.
      • They are working on making the cells into a flexible plastic material.
      • The main component of this deformation is the plastic strain of cell walls.
      • At this point, they are still moving around pretty fast, so they are bounced around in a nearby plastic material.
      • Therefore, micropipette aspiration deforms the cell with a mixture of elastic and plastic deformations.
      • The process to make the cap includes positioning viscous plastic material in a mold to produce the desired retention member shape.
      • There was asphalt cracking due to tensile strain resulting from plastic deformation within the crushed rock.

    • 2.2Art

      the plastic arts las artes plásticas
      • Four principal types of source pertain to the subject: literature, works of graphic or plastic art, archaeological remains, and notated pieces of music.
      • Study of his comments on plastic dynamism confirm this reading.
      • You can't make art - literary or plastic - without taking on the matter of form.
      • ‘We will be looking at using the Pickering plant for plastic moulding work not related to the car industry,’ he said.
      • The topic was also addressed for several day through works of plastic art and performances.
      • To the ancient Greeks, the body was an object of esthetic contemplation, raised by their plastic art to the loftiest peaks of sublimity.
      • What others had done for poetic art, this he did for plastic art.