Translation of plate in Spanish:


plato, n.

Pronunciation: /pleɪt//pleɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(dish)

      plato masculine
      he ate a whole plate of rice se comió un plato entero de arroz
      • dinner at $100 a plate cena a 100 dólares el cubierto
      • to hand / give sth to sb on a plate servirle algo a algn en bandeja
      • to have a lot/too much on one's plate tener muchas/demasiadas cosas entre manos
      • as if I didn't have enough on my plate como si no tuviera bastantes problemas
      • plate warmer calientaplatos
      • They didn't tell me that I'd be the only woman there, apart from two serving wenches who disappeared the minute those dinner plates hit the table.
      • When dinner had ended, I scraped the food from my plate back into the dish, and I handed Nathaniel my dish.
      • When all those invited had arrived, toasts were drunk to the betrothed couple, and the first plates of food were served.
      • But she said the risk of affected foods reaching dinner plates in schools or hospitals was ‘very low’.
      • A pile of rugs and blankets lay within, pillar candles perched all about, set on dinner plates from the china closet.
      • I wipe the syrup from my mouth and push the empty plate away.
      • Both Chris and Peter have a great love of the Aussie bush and a passion to generate recognisably Tasmanian foods for the dinner plate.
      • When we finally pushed our empty plates away, Clayton insisted on buying my breakfast.
      • He let his fork rest gently on his china plate, food still pierced on its prongs, a look of consideration daubed onto his face.
      • Make sure you hear that little pop in the bottle when you open it, and also to serve the baby food onto a plate rather than just serving it straight out of the bottle.
      • Serve on dinner plates, pouring any extra sauce on top.
      • Again, the dishes arrived quickly, served on large white dinner plates.
      • Evan picked up his empty plate and pushed the chair back.
      • Linda watched Karen as she sat her new doll carefully on a tree stump and placed tiny china plates, cups and saucers before it.
      • I did get a bit miffed when I found the officers sitting in a cellar eating off china plates.
      • Dishes are served on a revolving plate in the centre of the table, and food is deftly picked up with chopsticks as it comes by.
      • Mats are provided, food is served upon plates and drink is poured into cups.
      • Empty plates are warmed before food is served, which is a nice touch.
      • She picked up a plate and dished up food from the platters that Aidan had set on the blue tile covered buffet in the center of the kitchen.
      • Our dinner plates were pushed to the side, and slices of blackberry pie sat in front of us.

    • 1.2

      collection plate (rectangular) bandeja feminine de las limosnas
      • Communion plate patena
      • A collection plate will also be passed around at the mass.
      • She said the funeral was due to take place at 1pm next Wednesday at Pocklington Church, with a plate collection for Leeds General Infirmary.
      • The logic of that is that inside the church the collection plate should avoid visitors.
      • The money we put in the offering plate enables companion churches to do ministry.
      • All churches had a collection plate for anyone who wished to help through this devastating time. These vicars have always been there in time of joy and at times of grief but we take them for granted.
      • You use your website as both a church and a collection plate.
      • Congregations in two Yorkshire dioceses have turned out to be among the most generous in the country when it comes to putting money on the plate at Anglican churches.
      • Jill plays his fetching daughter in charge of passing the collection plate.
      • The collection plate at the church reportedly brought in $100,000 a month.
      • The Hon Rev F J Nile and The Hon G Moyes refrained from passing round the plate for tithes.
      • At the same time bible-based cults may ridicule churches that take up free-will offerings by passing collection plates and/or sell literature and tapes.
      • Still, if the church is getting some extra money in the plate, I doubt they mind.
      • A collection plate will also be making the rounds during the show, which starts at 1: 30 pm.
      • The ushers could start the collection at the back, passing the plates and moving forward.

    • 1.3(prize)

      trofeo masculine
      • Hounslow's Rhenu Khuttan won the girls badminton plate competition and Sandeep Gupta was narrowly defeated in the boys quarter-finals.
      • To their surprise the team won the plate award and now proudly possess their first trophy.
      • His victory in the most recent plate race is a sterling example.
      • Naas now go forward to play in the plate competition, the final of which they reached two seasons ago with this team, narrowly losing on that occasion to Skerries.
      • Sixteen teams will compete in the group stages on Saturday, with the bowl, plate and finals to take place the following day.

    • 1.4(dishes)

      vajilla feminine
      • Here are 68 of their more than 100 known Silver Plate flatware patterns.
      • On the Wednesday afternoon an extended section of plate, silver and jewellery was offered including quite a number of trade entries.
      • To his granddaughter Elizabeth Hall, all his plate except the bowl left to Judith.
      • I was forgetting the silver plate. What is the value of that which I have?
      • They could melt down the coins and convert the monetary metals into jewelry and plate, or have them exported along with new gold and silver from the mines.

      de plata u oro

    • 1.5(on cooker)

      plato masculine

  • 2

    • 2.1(of metal)

      chapa feminine
      placa feminine
      (thin) lámina feminine
      (of glass) placa feminine
      • Properties of wrought products depend to some extent on the quality of the ingot from which they were made, especially thick plates or strip made from thin castings.
      • Tap shoes have thin metal plates, usually made of aluminium, screwed onto the sole and heel, allowing dancers to create percussive effects as they move.
      • He said that Army supply officials had given the unit 70 tons of steel plates to attach to their vehicles, but that it was not enough.
      • During the trial he became so fearful of assassination that he had steel plates sewn into his hat.
      • Because of the metal plate, Paul is going to have to learn to walk again, because one of his legs will be longer than the other.
      • Damping is incorporated in the rear line of columns in the form of sheets of visco-elastic material clamped between steel plates.
      • Mrs Southworth, who has had a metal pin and plate inserted into her foot, is on crutches and will not be able to walk unaided for many months.
      • She spent two days in hospital and had a metal plate inserted in her face.
      • Once trained, they go on to produce face parts for burns and cancer victims as well as steel plates for patients undergoing brain surgery.
      • From the patient's view, the position, the pressure of the plates and how the machine looks are all nearly the same as the standard mammography machine.
      • The four wheels and the metal plate on a roller skate are much heavier than the single blade on an ice skate.
      • Miss Simpson suffered head and pelvic injuries and needed an operation to insert steel plates into her right arm.
      • Mr Thomas said the sales rep suffered a broken jawbone, leaving him with a permanent metal plate to repair the damage.
      • Yesterday he underwent surgery to insert a metal plate into his face.
      • Windows, glass block, and steel plates, rails, and columns were installed throughout the market.
      • He explained the first task would be to join the bones with metal plates and then start reattaching muscles and tendons, working from the inside out.
      • The steeply sloping reef was covered in a jumble of steel hawser, deck plates, twisted girder and hand-rail.
      • As a result of an accident, Blom has two steel plates in his back, which activate the metal detectors.
      • At one stage he raced with metal plates in both knees and 28 screws in his legs and left wrist.
      • The St Gabriel's High School pupil has had nine pins and a nine-inch long metal plate inserted into his leg and spent a week in Fairfield Hospital.

    • 2.2(coating)

      enchapado masculine

    • 2.3Geology

      placa feminine
      • It is a brass plate inscribed with the name of a passenger on the ship, Colonel Edward James.
      • Inside the coffin was a brass plate inscribed, ‘Founder of Adelaide’.
      • It is hoped that the plate, bearing the name Conyngham Hall, could fetch up to £10,000 when sold later this year.
      • Engraved on a metal plate next to the door was the name Entertainment Room.
      • They walked back to the simple metal plate set in the ground.
      • John Lowing, of Southend, stood beside one of the company's latest trains as the plate bearing his name on the carriage side was unveiled.
      • The only thing that distinguished it from the rest was that there was a different number on the steel plate attached to the door.
      • Every tree will have a metal plate with its number so owners can identify it.
      • I also had my own stall now with a brass plate on the stall door with my name.
      • The commercial department is seeking a sponsor for the plate and the cost is £200 plus VAT.
      • The Stations of the Cross cost £55 each and all donated by donors whose names are recorded on the brass plate.
      • A plate on the door announced that Headmaster Denton resided behind these doors.
      • The first thing in view was the old, rusty, metal plate saying ‘Clenverry station’.
      • To begin with, they are now planning to unveil a memorial plate with 460 names on it.
      • Every tree will have a metal plate with its reference number so it can be identified.
      • Not far from the stairs they stopped in front of a wooden door with Sania's initials on a metal plate.
      • One of those artefacts was a pewter plate inscribed with the name Matute.
      • I untied the red bandana from his neck and replaced it with the worn leather collar that had its name engraved in a brass plate should the hound ever get lost.
      • At the far end of the courtyard is a red door with a glass window and, on a wall to one side, is a brass plate announcing the department in a clearer and more elegant fashion.
      • The walkways were tiled in red brick with names of contributors to numerous local charities in a brass plate screwed into the top.

  • 3

    • 3.1Photography

      placa feminine
      • The prints made from such a plate are of necessity mirror images of the original drawings.
      • One of the most striking pieces uses old printing plates used to print the obituary notices posting news of a death in the neighbourhood.
      • He designed and engraved the plates for the first paper money in Massachusetts and established the first mill for rolling copper sheets.
      • It's not designed to defend against the professional counterfeiters, with their counterfeit plates and special paper.
      • Students could not wait to get to the process of printing the line drawings from the plate onto the dampened paper.
      • Leo Lariviere drew the map and Mary Taylor made the plate of photographs from colour slides.
      • Printing plates had traditionally been etched with platinum chloride, an expensive and limited chemical.
      • We had already made the metal plates up at the printers ready to roll the presses.
      • Grice traced the final illustrations onto metal plates and placed them in a heat vacuum machine to create multiple copies of molded plastic pages.
      • But left and right are reversed in an etching, which is made by scratching lines on a metal plate and using the plate to make a print.
      • The most elegant toile fabrics are still printed using engraved plates or rollers.
      • The soft velvety quality of the lines and the glowing light suggest that this one and others may have been printed before the plate was steel-faced.
      • Here a trio of music boxes holds the clues to finding the plates to print very real bank notes, with a group of criminals willing to kill for them.
      • The bank engraves banknote images into metal plates by hand and uses special inks and watermarks to prevent forgery.
      • The artist comes to examine the proof, and, if it meets with his approval, the full edition is printed from the plates.
      • Then he carefully applies a pre-moistened piece of etching paper to the plate.
      • The image is drawn or applied to the plate using a greasy substance that will retain the ink or pigment.

    • 3.2Printing Art

      plancha feminine

    • 3.3(illustration)

      ilustración feminine
      lámina feminine
      • However, it does contain excellent photographs in full-colour plates for some of these species.
      • In Cornell's library are her watercolor sketches for the 13 remarkable plates that illustrated the book that changed chemistry.
      • The book contains 53 plates, reproductions of his watercolor paintings from the places he visited.
      • The book has nearly 450 fine colour plates and will be indispensable for researchers, scientists, bird-watchers and nature lovers.
      • Vaillant also reproduced his own pictures and some plates are original designs of his own invention: a portrait of his family and two nocturnal landscapes.
      • She does reproduce some of his more subversive etchings, although as plates, rather than prints.
      • Brown argues his points with excellent colour plates and black and white prints, but I found his semiotic approach to reviewing the literature difficult.
      • The book includes 35 full-color plates of the latest artwork by Filgate, as well as 14 drawings.
      • The books contain 606 plates illustrating 92 percent of the 1189 taxa in the keys.
      • My only criticism would be the incongruousness between references to colour plates and their placement in the book.
      • After the lead-in, the rest of the book consists of colour plates with extended captions that are as interesting as the photographs themselves.
      • Certain of the artist's plates, pictures and engravings had been sold in 1858 for £2,500.
      • Build a theme around the picture or print on the plates and paper goods.
      • The gap junction can be seen in the introductory plates of this book.
      • The book's 395 plates include a wide variety of contemporary depictions of events.
      • Twenty six plates containing 104 coloured photographs relevant to the text are clear and of good quality which will be useful in diagnosis of various STDs.
      • In combination with sixteen plates of illustration he constructs a picture of the rhetorical power of the pope's body in the period, both as fleshly entity and as rhetorical metaphor.
      • All the way through the book there are also some photographic plates from many years ago, showing the costumes of those days, and how the tradition has been maintained.
      • The book is fully illustrated with 30 colour plates, over 350 black and white photographs and illustrations, and eight plans.
      • The black and white illustrated plates are impressive and provide adequate detail for field identification and taxonomical purposes.

  • 4

    • 4.1render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)Motor Vehicles

      matrícula feminine
      placa de matrícula feminine
      patente feminine Southern Cone
      chapa feminine River Plate
      • You can only have a plate which is the same age as or older than the car.
      • Even having to make the two-hour drive to these cities for the yearly examination is well worth the trouble because of the savings made on the cost of the plate.
      • It is thought another motorist has cloned the plate to try to escape the £5-a-day congestion charge.
      • The couple believe the vandals knew their identity, even though the couple's car had Irish plates.
      • By December 1, 2005, all trucks and trailers of more than 10 tons must also have new plates and registration documents.

    • 4.2(plaque)

      placa feminine

  • 5

    (denture) dentadura postiza feminine
    (denture) placa feminine Chile
    (in orthodontics) placa feminine
  • 6home plate

    (in baseball)
    home (plate) masculine
    pentágono masculine
    plato masculine Mexico
    to step up to the plate (to take responsibility) asumir la responsabilidad

transitive verb

  • 1

    to plate sth with sth recubrir algo de algo
    • gold-/silver-plated enchapado en oro/en plata
  • 2

    (armored car/machine) blindar
    (ship) acorazar