Translation of Platonism in Spanish:


platonismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpleɪtnˌɪzəm//ˈpleɪt(ə)nɪz(ə)m/


  • 1

    platonismo masculine
    • But to other philosophers and mathematicians Platonism seems extravagant, for reasons that are at least partly epistemological.
    • However, they drew on a wide range of philosophical sources besides Platonism.
    • A professor of philosophy whose speciality was Platonism took occasion to tell Christina that Galileo, who was not present, was wrong to say that the earth moved, because that contradicted the Bible.
    • They explicitly disavow the classical philosophies of formalism, logicism, Platonism, intuitionism, and social constructivism.
    • For Heidegger, the history of metaphysics is ‘the history of being’, a series of answers to the basic question of philosophy that extends from Plato to the inversion of Platonism in Nietzsche.