Translation of platoon in Spanish:


sección, n.

Pronunciation /pləˈtun//pləˈtuːn/


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    sección feminine
    • "We have a whole platoon who refuses to sign, " he said.
    • There's a whole platoon of people sticking by you and giving support.
    • Also at 2nd Platoon's location was the battalion mortar platoon.
    • Five days ago he led his platoon into the city to fight the Iraqi army.
    • The mortar platoon is the personal artillery battery for the battalion commander.
    • I hope this article assists in training mortar platoons in an armor battalion.
    • Another force at a light battalion commander's disposal is his antitank platoon or company.
    • A platoon of sci-fi marines are dropped into hostile territory, seething with aliens, and they go ballistic.
    • The third rifle platoon was committed to reinforce success on the right flank.
    • Six months ago, he was in Baghdad leading a platoon of 33 soldiers teaching Iraqis how to be cops.
    • An entire platoon of soldiers broke in through the front door.
    • Our sergeant led our platoon across Crete displaying great bravery and single-handedly taking out German machine-gun positions.
    • A platoon of conventional marines supplemented his mechanized squad.
    • A platoon of soldiers stands at a checkpoint on a barren road in the middle of miles and miles of trackless desert.
    • A rifle platoon was tasked to delay on either flank.
    • Another prominent example of 3rd platoon's contribution was in August 2000.
    • The test will be a battle simulation, using paintball guns, against a platoon of marines.
    • The heavy armored cavalry troop is organized with a troop headquarters, two scout platoons, two tank platoons, a mortar section, and a maintenance section.
    • Tracer rounds ricochet into the sky as rounds land short of the tank platoon.
    • The purists will argue that training lieutenants to command such complex platoons will be difficult.