Translation of play in Spanish:


juego, n.

Pronunciation /pleɪ//pleɪ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(recreation)

      juego masculine
      they learn through play aprenden jugando / a través del juego
      • she watched them at play los observaba mientras jugaban
      • He certainly doesn't bring to mind the stuffy polo and shooting image of British royalty at play.
      • Their archive, now in the National Library, features many images of the little girls at play.
      • I could see small disturbances on the water where schools of fish were at play.
      • You'll notice she still enjoys very active play and will love running around the playground or park.
      • The 2,000 parents surveyed said their children were losing the art of inventive, imaginative play.
      • A person may prefer to work with an intense dedication that precludes recreation and play.
      • It was a peaceful, innocent scene, two families at play and celebrating a holiday that meant everything to them.
      • It elicits an almost nostalgic mood and has many fine shots of shops, pubs and children at play.
      • In play, children create an imaginary situation in which rules of behaviour are formulated.
      • While at play, toddlers and young children are usually in the care of older siblings.
      • The Artist's Studio provides an intimate portrait of him at work and at play.
      • The children introduced themselves through song and words and we watched them at play.
      • In any case, children can learn a great many social skills by watching animals at play.
      • Play areas, and the equipment in them, should be developed to encourage adventurous play.
      • The Playstore is your best source for quality wooden and natural toys for creative and imaginative play.
      • There's a pause in the game, and the TV begins showing cute little kittens at play.
      • The current school is in an extended house and has very small classrooms and little space for outdoor play for the children.
      • A picnic area alongside is a great place to sit and relax whilst watching the animals at play.
      • Youngsters in a Bradford village are calling for more play activities to help cut vandalism.
      • The sounds of children at play can be heard.

    • 1.2Sport

      juego masculine
      play was interrupted se interrumpió el juego / el partido
      • the ball is out of play la pelota está fuera de juego
      • He must prove to scouts he can stay healthy and give a solid effort on every play.
      • It just puts too much of a demand on the rest of your game, so you have to keep the ball in play.
      • It was struck well but the ball hit the cross bar and bounced back into play.
      • Prop Howard Carr kicked a penalty into touch and the ball bounced back into play after hitting a tree.
      • Irwin had already been booked for a foul when he played on after the ball was judged to have gone out of play.
      • On one play, he got the ball on the right side and began dribbling toward the baseline.
      • Sure, there may be a few more aces than in the past, but a lot more balls are put back into play too.
      • The free-kick ends up being played into the corner, but Onder Turaci fails to keep it in play.
      • He always makes the right play, and he even makes the plays you don't think he can make.
      • He walks off the pitch to get treatment, Nigeria kick the ball out of play so he can come back on.
      • David Hagen knocked the ball out of play but inexplicably a corner, not a goal kick, was awarded.
      • It's the most exciting play for a catcher, and when you do it and do it right, it feels good.
      • Those who struggle to get a ball airborne or keep it in play should probably think twice.
      • They were one or two plays away from winning all three games.
      • He is strong enough to play off blocks and make plays in the running game and agile enough to be an asset in coverage.
      • Try and get some of the young players in the league to sit around after a game and rehash the plays.
      • That's what is most important to them - having a field that helps them make the plays that win the game.
      • All three hit cracking drives, and all three were reduced to hacking their second shots back into play.
      • His playing time has been reduced to about 20 plays per game, mostly on passing downs.
      • He makes good adjustments to the ball and seems to be in on every play from scrimmage.
      • The ball goes out of play and he gets to his feet with the air about him of a man who'd settle for a corner.
      • If a ball runs out of play or into the goal, the ref is alerted by a device on his wrist.
      • But it was nice to get hold of the ball as quickly as possible and get it back into play.
      • At moments in a game great plays are needed, no matter what the defense, and the superstar shifts gears.
      • But Woodson is getting more chances to make big plays in the passing game this season.
      • Greece sportingly kick the ball out of play as the duo try to clear their heads.
      • Don't try new shots, plays, or moves in the heat of battle, especially if you haven't practiced them.
      • They are making the skilled, individual plays the team has been lacking the past few years.
      • So why not let the computer decide when a ball is in play and keep time for us.
      • He has good vision and hockey sense, and he can make plays and score big goals.
      • Young and Rice hook up for a 44-yard touchdown on the third play from scrimmage.
      • Emre goes down injured and the ball is put out of play so that he can receive treatment.
      • There were some exceptional fielding plays on both sides in this game.
      • Windass kept the ball in play and ferried it back to Morrison but there was no conviction about his shot.
      • From the free, the ball goes out of play for an Irish throw deep inside their own half.
      • When the ball is in flight, he has a history of attacking it and making the big play.
      • The ball was on the verge of going out of play, so the angle was rather narrow.
      • The truly great players make critical defensive plays, hit big shots and hit crucial free throws down the stretch.
      • For example, the rules of tennis clearly specify when a ball is in play and when it is out of play.
      • The players had been told and shown all Salford's inside plays around the rucks and they knew how to counteract them.

    • 1.3(turn, move)

      it's your play now te toca (a ti)

    • 1.4US Sport

      jugada feminine

  • 2

    juego masculine
    the play of light and shadow el juego de luces y sombras
    • It also recognises the fact that the free play of markets creates problems for society.
  • 3

    juego masculine
    there's not enough play in the schedule el plan de trabajo es demasiado apretado / no deja ningún margen
    • to give sth full play dar rienda suelta a algo
    • The action is smooth, the cylinder locks up tightly with very little play, and the trigger pull is light and crisp.
    • Since then there's been a lot of play in the steering.
  • 4

    obra (de teatro) feminine
    pieza (teatral) feminine
    comedia feminine
    • Akira Kurosawa made three films based on Shakespeare plays.
    • The play sums up all of the uncertainty of the age, while at the same time bringing the issues and ideas of 18th century England right up to date.
    • A short season of lunchtime performances will begin this July with a play by Canadian playwright Daniel MacIvor.
    • Her career has included stage roles in plays by Shakespeare, Chekhov and Ibsen.
    • The show was picked as one of the top ten plays at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival when it was first performed there.
    • In 1913, she found a job on the Winnipeg Telegraph and also appeared in a number of plays at the local theatre.
    • The couple have attended the Christmas plays at the school every year since Daniel was five.
    • Noel Coward's Private Lives is one of those plays beloved of amateur dramatic societies.
    • The association of music and drama goes back all the way to ancient Greece with the plays of Euripides and Sophocles.
    • He has written two children's plays entitled the Brown Man and the Donkey Prince.
    • The group have staged many fine plays and performances here in the past.
    • The Globe Theatre is a reconstruction of the theatre in which Shakespeare's plays were originally staged.
    • Its lively resident theater group stages musicals, plays, readings, and concerts here all year.
    • Theatregoers have a choice of two plays on most nights with opportunities to see the entire programme in just one week.
    • I went to see a double bill of two plays by Harold Pinter.
    • It is a dark play about a married couple who try to deal with the death of their son.
    • The future of an ambitious project to stage all the Shakespeare plays is in doubt after the resignation of its director.
    • From creating skits, he moved into writing one-act plays and finally into creating full-length dramas.
    • At the close of the play resolutions are being made, and new friendships look to have a promising future.
    • This Pinter play lives up to the writer's reputation for delivering tightly crafted plays with unexpected twists.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (hopscotch/leapfrog) jugar a
      let's play house vamos a jugar a las madres / a las visitas
      • I loved playing international cricket, the tours, the thrill of it.
      • If Darryl Berry played any other sport but golf, he would probably earn a living from it.
      • We just had to prove we played basketball better than the rest of the world.
      • If you can swim you can go swimming, canoeing, diving, play water polo or do aqua fitness sports such as aquarobics.
      • The Manchester United winger said: ‘I dislocated my jaw in the summer and I have not been allowed me to play any contact sport up until now.’
      • Ginny played beach volleyball with the local high school students and learned how to surf.
      • Another new initiative was launched this week to get more children playing sport.
      • Playing football is all I want to do and playing football in England is perfect for me.
      • The majority of Australian umpires have played cricket at a relatively low level or not at all.
      • There's a lot of people that want to play sport but do not want to get into an aggressive sport.
      • He enjoyed many sports, and played table tennis for Manchester and tennis for Manchester University.
      • I'm a 25-year-old single bloke who plays international cricket and tours the world.
      • He was active in sport in his youth and played both hockey and badminton.
      • He also played hockey with distinction and represented Sri Lanka in this sport.
      • Christopher also plays ice hockey for Hull, and he is a defenceman in both sports.
      • He had previously played football with Sutton United and liked to watch snooker as well.
      • As a young man he loved sport, playing baseball, football and hockey.
      • I used to play netball when I was a teenager, but was never very good at it.
      • She is a fine athlete and has played volleyball and basketball for her school.
      • I love the game and played club cricket poorly until age and sloth took over.

    • 1.2

      (chess/football) jugar River Plate Latin America
      (football/chess) jugar a Spain River Plate
      (tournament/set) jugar
      she plays tennis juega al tenis Spain River Plate
      • The country's hockey team is currently playing a series of matches in Spain.
      • He has height and pace and is rated highly by the England management, but has not played a championship match since June.
      • Kanoute looked as if he hadn't played a football match all season.
      • However, despite playing rather poorly, they dug in and achieved an unlikely victory.
      • Omagh were forced to play three championship matches in eight days in October.
      • The surgery invigorated him so much that in his first year of retirement he played up to three rounds of golf per week.
      • The game will be played under floodlights, kicking off at 3pm.
      • From start to finish, the 40-over contest was played under leaden skies and falling rain.
      • Chelsea's Claude Makelele has hinted he may have played his last match for France.
      • The match was played in a very sporting spirit and both teams are to be complimented for this.
      • Yet it was difficult not to feel sorry for Latvia, playing their first match in a major tournament.
      • In Barcelona the players will be playing at least five games
      • He plays to win; that's why he is the great golfer he is.
      • One feature common to all great teams is the ability to win when playing badly.
      • When United last played a semi-final in Manchester in 1998 there were two nights of trouble in the city.
      • Cork and Galway have played nine championship games between them.
      • We would rather play as many games as possible against top notch teams.
      • The competition was played over three days on two of the best golf courses in Cyprus.
      • In the end the match was played amid a torrential downpour, plus thunder and lightning.
      • So, in an eventful year, he played nine tournaments, won six of them and came runner-up in two.
      • Before the new season Rovers will play up to eight friendlies, including games against Premier League teams Hearts and St Mirren.
      • In September to mid November, the training program will reach its peak with the bowlers expected to play up to 75 games.
      • I was really hoping for a win but we played well and we are going in the right direction.

  • 2

    • 2.1(compete against)

      (opponent/team) jugar contra
      we're playing them in the finals en la final jugamos contra ellos
      • to play sb at sth
      • I used to play her at chess jugaba ajedrez con ella
      • So Keighley were playing a team made up of a mixture of second and third players.
      • He is the only new cap in the team which plays Bangladesh in the opening Test of a two-Test series at Buffalo Park tomorrow.
      • He plays a qualifier in the first round but must then get past two-time semi-finalist Todd Martin.
      • It is very rare that the defending champions play the team they wrested the trophy from in a World Cup finals.
      • We had a loss to Italy and we came right back and played the home team Germany.
      • Team USA plays China today, and Mendoza can hardly believe she is part of this.
      • We traveled to different bowling centers, played different teams, and it was a lot of fun.
      • This division of parental loyalties has made it such that in sporting contests when England plays Germany, he is unsure of whom to barrack for.
      • My team plays his about 3 times a year, and every game is a barn burner and we take turns winning.
      • Horgan, Johns and Ward drop to the bench and Murphy has been relegated to the A team which plays South Africa in Limerick tonight.
      • Apparently the International Rugby Board think it's a good idea to have France play Ireland in Paris on Feb 14th.
      • We need to be able to play these big teams and stay composed and hold onto the ball.
      • We may just get a bit tense, and that comes down to inexperience, playing the best team in the world.
      • The only problem is that we are playing a top side away from home and that makes it even more difficult to get a result.
      • We organised a staff volleyball team to play the senior team last week and we beat them!
      • In this instance, the fact that they will be playing a team they know very little about could work to their disadvantage.
      • The tournament is played on a round robin basis, with each team playing every other team.
      • In the Test matches, we are playing the second-ranked team in the world so that's very difficult in itself.
      • It is never easy playing a team that is fighting relegation and has had two bad results on the spin.
      • At times you have to chop and change, particularly when you are playing good teams.

    • 2.2

      (ball) pasar
      (card) tirar
      (card) jugar
      (piece) mover
      • Somebody always has to play the role of banker as well as playing their own piece.
      • Ultimately, it will all boil down to how well and how frequently you play the ball with the middle of the bat.
      • The one consistent complaint about his batting is that he tries to play far too many shots.
      • Brian Dunne played a good ball up the right wing to Gino O'Boyle and he crossed into the box where John Conlon got between two defenders to head home.
      • Then she played the last card currently in her hand, which was a 6 of Diamonds, by the way.
      • Upon playing a card, his opponent must lay down all of his cards of the same suit and the same rank.
      • James Keddy played the ball down the left wing for Robbie Doyle.
      • If you expose the queen of spades, then the first time that someone leads a spade you are not allowed to play the queen if you have other spades.
      • They got stuck into us, they played the ball forward all the time.
      • He missed a challenge and the ball was played through to the unmarked Karl Smith.
      • Emre plays a cross-field ball from left to right.
      • Every time Patrick got anywhere near the opposition box he would freeze and not know where to play the ball.
      • If you have the Ace of trump, you are guaranteed to win the trick you play that in.
      • After tea Peterson and Kreusch batted carefully, taking the singles and playing each ball on its merit.
      • Our batsmen played too many shots square of the wicket off the new ball.
      • There may be cards left on the table after everyone has played their cards from the first deal.
      • He went back to the tee to play a provisional ball but then he found his original ball and he played that.
      • Ian Harte played the ball down the left to Alan Smith.
      • He is more in tune with what the coaches want, and he's playing the ball much better.
      • Trezeguet is caught marginally offside as Henry plays the ball through to him.
      • Their right winger got past two of our defenders and played the ball into out box.
      • They can play the ball up to the strikers, and not take too much risk going forward.
      • Note that the game very often ends in the middle before all the cards are played.
      • Then, on each turn, everyone simultaneously plays a card from their hand.
      • Deep inside stoppage time, substitute Matt Woolf played the ball over Bremner, picking out Kempster on the left.
      • However at 37 in the 11th over, Ramesh played an adventurous stroke and was bowled for 20.
      • Hargreaves plays the ball into Pizarro on the edge of the Celtic box.
      • Steven Gerrard plays a long ball from left to right, which Luis Garcia fails to control properly and immediately gives away.
      • Each player has a hand of six cards, and a turn consists of replenishing your hand to six and then playing a card.

    • 2.3(in particular position)

      (quarterback/inside left) jugar de
      which position are you playing? ¿de qué juegas?
      • Playing him in that position helps us to play four bowlers and bat deeper down.
      • He was a lovely kid and he's gone on to play for Northern Ireland and Wimbledon.
      • It is important to have players in the England team who play regularly together at club level.
      • Would he rather be playing for a more fashionable club, one at which it is easier to gain international selection?
      • Whether England manager Clive Woodward plays him at full-back, on the wing or even at centre on Saturday, he is a certain starter.
      • Chopra may have been a revelation to many but not to those who have watched him play for his club or state.
      • Initially, he was played out of position at right-back.
      • He plays on the wing, but it was at fullback where he found his twinkling feet.
      • Now, because they have seen how I play for the national team, they have a new respect for British football.
      • He is 30 next month and might not have many more opportunities to play for England.
      • Aliadiere would have started and I wanted to play front him up, but he was sick.
      • He plays at right-back or right wing-back, but he can also be played upfront.
      • He's another natural goal scorer, but Stalybridge have played him in midfield where I think he is wasted.
      • Peru greatly altered their team selection and played a defender up front.
      • The boy has been playing for the Under- 18s this season, with just a couple of reserve starts.
      • When I came back from injury earlier this season, the gaffer took a chance on me and played me up front against Dundee United.
      • One alternative would be to play Danny up front if young Jon Cartledge settles at the back.
      • More than anything, and certainly more than money, he wanted to play for England.
      • The Giants were playing me out of position at second base, and the Pirates moved me back to third.
      • The Indian tour selection committee played into their hands by playing just two fast bowlers.
      • Woodward, desperate to get the best out of him, has played him in four positions.
      • Perhaps he was wrong not to have played his chosen team before that game.
      • Eriksson still has not worked out the best partnership to play up front.
      • He was played in the wrong position and did not do too well, but as soon as he moved up front he has got better and better.
      • Each of these three managers will play their first choice eleven whenever they can.
      • He let it be known his complaint with Robson was that he was played out of position too often at Newcastle and it was affecting his England career.
      • At the moment, Fergie is experimenting with playing Scholes up front, just off the big striker, van Nistelrooy.
      • He now has it written into his club contract that he plays at No 10, and since he has enjoyed that continuity he has played very well indeed.
      • He joined the national team and plays on behalf of his adopted country.
      • He also played in goal on the college team that won the Munster junior championship in 1994.
      • The ultimate goal is to play for Scotland, but there are lots of things before that.
      • Advocaat tried playing him up front, but he only managed one goal in seven.
      • Not only that, but he was asked to play in midfield rather than his usual central defensive position.
      • Peter Crouch comes on for Owen - if he gets booked, England will only have Wayne Rooney and Theo Walcott to play up front in their quarter-final against Germany.
      • Crewe boss Dario Gradi elected to play his strongest side last night and was rewarded with a half-time lead courtesy of a Rob Hulse goal.
      • Both are Manchester United supporters who dream of playing at Old Trafford one day.
      • It obviously did the trick, because I became a regular in the first team and went on to play for England.
      • Juan Sebastian Veron is not the first member of his family to play for an English league team.
      • Edilson played up front in place of the suspended Ronaldinho.
      • Dessie O'Malley, Dara Ainsworth, Daniel Fahy and Roger Clarke are all either injured or unavailable and manager Fergie McEllin may be forced to play midfielders up front.

    • 2.4(use in game)

      (reserve) alinear
      (reserve) sacar a jugar

  • 3

    (gamble on)
    jugar a
    to play the horses/dogs jugar a los caballos/galgos
    • The money people spend playing the lottery keeps some of these taxes from going up.
    • The club now allows women to play bingo on Sunday afternoons, but it still won't make us full members.
    • Another important factor in playing the lottery is to play within your means.
    • Mary is not a gambler, but she is very lucky when she plays on the slot machines.
    • I don't play the lotto and I avoid gambling at all costs.
    • Advertised as a game, the online lottery is ‘played’ by buying a free slip over the counter, which allows the buyer to play up to six boards, each priced at Rs.10.
    • Even if you're not into playing the ponies, the setting is marvelous and it's a superb place for a picnic.
    • It was his first time at Fair Grounds but playing the ponies is nothing to new to him.
    • His happiness relies on a visit to the casino to play the slot machines.
  • 4

    • 4.1

      (instrument) tocar
      to play the piano/the clarinet tocar el piano/el clarinete
      • As a teenager he played guitar and harmonica with local bands and skiffle and rock ‘n’ roll groups.
      • Payne got his harmonica out and another guy was playing the piano.
      • By the summer they were playing at all the major festivals.
      • So, when I saw that David Crosby and Graham Nash were playing at the new concert hall I just booked tickets, knowing my parents would want to come.
      • Her professional singing career started when a night club owner insisted that she either sang while she played piano, or lost her job.
      • We seemed to like the same songs and besides, he played the guitar better than anyone else I knew.
      • Big doors open on to a plant-filled terrace where a jazz band plays on Saturday evenings.
      • In the meantime May taught at a school by day and played guitar by night.
      • On Friday night we went to see a friend's band playing at a local pub.
      • He loved to play his guitar and harmonica and listen to gospel and bluegrass music.
      • He was a keen musician and played the guitar in a local band.
      • A short distance away from us there was a grand piano being played softly by a woman in a green dress.
      • While Natalie was calling my mom, I heard someone start playing the drums really loud.
      • The meal got off to a slightly odd note as a wandering band of minstrels invaded the restaurant and played accordion and guitar loudly.
      • There are certain dogs that sing whenever someone plays an accordion or a harmonica.
      • Their sons are still around a lot: Cameron, 22, a musician, is playing the piano when we arrive.
      • Sandra would sit there on her bed for hours singing songs and playing her guitar like no one could stop her.
      • At a corner near the Peace Memorial, a group of musicians were playing the drums.
      • Hannah was playing the piano and singing when she heard a voice behind her.
      • She was greatly impressed when she heard Len playing his guitar, and even more impressed with how he could play the piano.

    • 4.2

      (piece) tocar
      (piece) interpretar formal
      (note) tocar
      • Pupils played classical pieces as well as songs from films and shows.
      • Armed with copies of the morning newspapers and flasks of coffee and dressed in their civvies, they chatted, or played cards to pass the time.
      • Inconspicuously, a three piece ensemble plays background music.
      • As part of the service, Mr Needham's favourite piece of music was played.
      • When you play Monopoly with your family, there are rules that you enforce and rules that you probably don't.
      • When you get there, a jazz group is quietly playing Scott Joplin to an appreciative audience lounging on the grass.
      • The first piece was played so quietly and sensitively that it clearly affected the huge audience.
      • As we walked on stage for our first gig the crowd went wild - and we hadn't played a note.
      • Remember when you were a kid playing poker on your kitchen table for pennies?
      • The group will play works by Mozart and Weber, and a selection of light classics.
      • She said: ‘I have been playing Scrabble for 14 years and I love the variety and challenge of it.’
      • Colin Dean played some pieces on the organ, notably a fantasia by Farnaby.
      • After dinner that night we played cards for a while.
      • The concertmaster played a note on his violin and Lev tuned his instrument to it.
      • He sat down next to me as though he'd never been away, and we played cards and had a few beers - a lot of beers, to be honest.
      • They will be playing music by Bradford-born Frederick Delius among other composers.
      • This is a work for violin and piano, here played by Leopold Avakian and Mitchell Andrews.
      • A year later, she was playing the Bach Double Violin Concerto under Menuhin.
      • The best pieces of American Jazz music will be played and performed on stage.
      • They play the same pieces more than once in a season with different conductors.
      • You only have to listen to them play music and perform to see how good they are.
      • Out on the town we played Space Invaders or PacMan down at our local video parlour.
      • He plays Khachaturian's violin concerto next Friday in the opening concert of the NSO's national tour.
      • As such, the games were quite fun to play, despite their rather basic gameplay.
      • They shared a love of music and they would play violin sonatas together, Einstein on the violin and Born on piano.
      • Those were the days of mini skirts and she would always seat herself across from me while we played cards.
      • I've been playing Mario world all day, and am going to have another shot at it today.
      • Too much emphasis is placed on solitary activities such as playing video games or watching television.
      • She sat down at the piano in front of her copy of the music and played a few random notes, humming along.
      • They broke into spontaneous clapping, cheering and whistling when the Band of the Irish Guards played Happy Birthday for the Queen at the end of the parade as a surprise.
      • They also played board games like checkers, chess, and dominoes.
      • The other girls would tiptoe down the hall and peek in on them, watching as they played cards and draughts.
      • Paddy, who is a noted musician, played a number of tunes on the violin and was in his usual good form.
      • The poor creatures aren't even allowed to play conkers at school any more.
      • It was unlikely I was going to find Adie playing Space Invaders at such an unearthly hour, but it was worth a try.

  • 5

    • 5.1Theatre

      (villain/hamlet) representar el papel de
      (hamlet/villain) hacer de
      (villain/hamlet) actuar de
      don't play the clown! ¡no hagas payasadas!
      • don't play the innocent with me! ¡no te me hagas el inocente!
      • A cynic would say that people enjoy playing the victim and jumping on the grief bandwagon, they enjoy the attention and the sympathy.
      • She stood in the corner playing the shy bride in her long red bridal dress.
      • Laurence Olivier plays Lord Nelson, and Vivien Leigh is Emma, Lady Hamilton, who becomes his lover.
      • Don't play the innocent with me, Gisela - you do this for your benefit as well as mine.
      • He played Natalie Cole's manager in the made-for-TV movie based on the singer's life.
      • The Australian actor plays a woman who believes her dead husband has been reincarnated in the body of a 10-year-old boy.
      • It's rather a relief to find that Langridge is nothing like most of the roles he plays on stage.
      • Laurence Olivier plays Crasius, the bisexual emperor, in this historical epic.
      • Tom Hanks plays six characters in this new animated movie by Robert Zemeckis.
      • But the main roles are all played by actors with little or no experience in westerns.
      • In Noyce's film, Michael Caine plays the aging, indolent British journalist Thomas Fowler.
      • The contraceptive pill had been made available for the first time a year earlier, Harold Macmillan was Prime Minister and Sean Connery played James Bond for the first time.
      • But in the meantime John is more than happy to stay at home and play dad.
      • As a young girl, Cora had always enjoyed playing the nurse for her brother or her cousins.
      • Connolly plays a fisherman living in Australia, whose boat is struck by lightning.
      • Nhlanhla Lata, who began acting when he was 11, plays Michael, and Sam Mabona plays the stage manager.
      • His call for an early election was an attempt to play the hero again.
      • He plays the central character, and you can tell that he relishes his scenes with Kingsley.
      • In the film, John Huston plays an aging film director named Jake Hannaford in the declining years of his career.
      • In my next film I'm playing a really intense character and I'm nervous.
      • Hackman plays a wealthy lawyer who lives in Puerto Rico.
      • Holly Hunter plays the evil work colleague who encourages Murphy's paranoia.
      • So playing a Shakespearian character isn't too different, he tells Nick Curtis
      • He even appeared in movies, playing himself in For Those Who Think Young, a comedy about teenagers on Spring Break in Florida.
      • He plays characters his age and doesn't try to pretend he's 20 years younger than he actually is.
      • A devoted father in real life, here he is playing a young man who claims he has stayed in a loveless marriage for the sake of his child.

    • 5.2Theatre

      (drama) representar
      (drama) dar
      (scene) representar
      to play (it) dumb hacerse el tonto
      • to play (it) smart ser listo
      • In The Silver Fleet, she plays opposite another star of the London stage, Ralph Richardson.
      • Retired John said: ‘Clare now lives in Bath but pops up to visit or stays with us when she's playing a concert up north.’
      • Jools Holland is playing an open-air concert near Tunbridge Wells soon.
      • Bryan Ferry is in Auckland at the moment playing concerts tomorrow and Sunday.
      • They will play a concert at Bolton's Albert Halls on Saturday before the orchestra.
      • Shankar learned vocals from the age of two, violin from age five and played his first concert at seven.
      • Their run came to a fitting climax last week when they played their final concert of the season to another full house.
      • The Galway band continued to grow their fan base by playing gigs up and down the country, sometimes headlining, sometimes supporting.
      • Kissin plays around 40 concerts a year, which is one possible explanation for the fact that he never seems to tire of playing the piano.
      • Waterford is never far from his heart, however, and he usually plays at least one gig in his home city.
      • The Monkees played a post-game concert there after a Rapids match.
      • The band recently played a concert at the Beacon Court Tavern in his home town of Gillingham.
      • Robbie had always wanted to be the first British artist to play a concert in the new Wembley Stadium when it opens next summer.
      • Not only is he alive, but he's healthy, just short of 60 and still playing packed-out concerts.
      • Hayes is due to play a concert at the House Of Blues in New Orleans tomorrow.
      • Taylor might as well have been playing opposite a wooden Indian for all the response she got from him.
      • As of this month, I've rejoined my old band as the drummer, and we'll be playing at least four shows in March.
      • She will also play her first concert in Wales at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium on July 30.
      • The Rolling Stones played their debut concert at the Marquee club in London in 1962.
      • He has also played in Irish language productions at the Abbey Theatre.
      • The Sligo trio have spoke several times of their burning desire to play a concert in their home town.
      • He played a concert at the hall where I worked before I came here.
      • Still, it could be a bit late to become interested in their music, since they've just played their last concerts.

    • 5.3Theatre

      (theater/town) actuar en
      • With another couple of live sets under their belts they played the Universe 2 party one year later.
      • He even found time to return to the US, playing venues down the East and West coast, from Boston to Los Angeles.
      • I played some fantastic theatres and worked with some great people.
      • The brilliant Backbeat Beatles play the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth on Monday.
      • Presumably he couldn't resist playing a home town gig on Good Friday, taking him home for the Easter hols.
      • Tonight he plays Glasgow for the first time in years, and I can't decide whether to go or not.
      • Suzanne Vega plays the City Hall, Salisbury on 27 June.
      • He was sheer magic at Garter Lane on his previous visit and should not be missed when he plays the Theatre Royal.
      • Reynolds plays the Green Room Sunday night and the Railway Club on Wednesday.
      • That line-up played Brixton Academy and a couple of other gigs until Mark left.
      • This is the National Theatre's touring production - if it plays anywhere near you, do not miss it.
      • Next time they play their home town they deserve to be playing to a packed house.
      • It had been four years since Blur last played the capital, let us hope that the same amount of time does not have to elapse before the next batch of dates.
      • The days of playing unglamorous locations like the South Morang Hotel are all over.
      • I've just tried booking tickets to see Kraftwerk, as I heard they were playing Brixton Academy on 20th March next year.
      • A man who holds a special place in the Irish comic imagination, Brendan always brings the house down in venues he plays around the world.
      • I know that I'm going to be playing New York for sure.
      • Then, at the end of the year, I'll be playing a few venues up and down the country, such as the Armadillo in Glasgow.
      • Having played both cities on numerous occasions, the differences are significant.

  • 6

    (record/tape) poner
    they only play classical music solo tocan / pasan música clásica
    • Others suggest that if a major artist did record a protest song, no US radio station would play it.
    • I mean nobody plays my records any more… I've got this single coming out right, and who's gonna play it?
    • I played the title track again and again, drugged up to the eyeballs on morphine.
    • Mr Warren said that it had been proposed to play the video without the sound.
    • Local radio stations are also interested in playing her work, which Sam compares in style with that of Alanis Morissette.
    • On the coach back we came down gently while listening to the cricket that the driver insisted on playing on the radio.
    • She plays a few tracks from Sao Vicente Di Longe, an album by a Cape Verde singer called Cesaria Evora.
    • He insists on leaving one overcrowded ruin of an apartment building because another refugee plays his radio too loudly.
    • Write in to any radio stations you know of and demand that they play this record.
    • They don't stay up all night playing rather loud music, and banging all the house doors.
    • By 9 pm, I had watched a dvd and played some records, and I was ready for something else.
    • These re-enactments were videotaped and the videos were played in court.
    • Still, I didn't really want to be there listening to the DJs playing records, I wanted to see the main act.
    • They don't want the ice cream man in their neighborhood because the music he plays wakes up their kid.
    • Sometimes, just every now and again they play a track I actually like.
    • We can't even play the radio in our shop without the Peforming Rights Society wanting a royalty from it.
    • And a third of adults use digital, satellite and cable TV to play the new radio stations.
    • She could faintly hear the radio being played and Shawn humming to the beat.
    • A number of new tracks were also played, including the impressive Blonde Ambition.
    • I am making a great big mental note to play this album an awful lot more than I normally do.
    • She spent half a day explaining The Beatles to me and playing me their music.
  • 7literary

    to play sb fair tratar bien a algn
    • A councillor has accused a brewery of playing Bexley Council for a mug over a pub's opening hours.
    • The lawns are mown, the box hedge parterres are neatly clipped and the central fountain plays gently in the sunshine.
    • Are you just playing Rob for a sucker, Amber?
    • The garden was beautiful, plants and shrubs tumbling around a vibrant lawn in the centre of which a fountain tinkled and played.
    • She and Bruce have been playing me for a fool since the beginning.
    • In the centre of the lush garden, an elaborate marble fountain played, spraying sparkling jewels of water into the air.
    • She plays him for a fool, often feigning helplessness just to see what lengths he will go to in order to prove his love for her.
    • Someone had played me for a sucker and I was going to make sure he - or she - paid for it.
  • 8

    to play the spotlight over the stage recorrer el escenario con el reflector
    • they played the hoses over the blaze movían las mangueras sobre las llamas
    • She turned to her brother, who had a small smile playing across his lips.
    • Underneath the floppy hair and the trademark goatee, there is a smile playing on his lips, a twinkle in his eye.
    • Hope pulled back to look at him for a second, a soft smile playing across her lips.
    • I looked at Chris out of the corner of my eye and saw that he had a satisfied smile playing across his lips.
    • She stirred in her sleep at this, and he chuckled a little, his hand still playing lightly over her hair.
    • His eyes showed an active intelligence and a wry smile played across his lips.
    • Alexandra's face held an innocent expression, a faint smile playing across her lips.
    • The light from the torches played across her face as she drifted into slumber.
    • His soft babyish snores caused her heart to melt and a light smile played upon her lips.
    • A grim smile played briefly on his lips and she knew she wasn't fooling him one bit.
    • A small smile played across his lips as he saw her standing awkwardly by the door.
    • Pulling the door shut behind her, she leaned against it, a light smile playing across her lips.
    • A weak beam of light suddenly played round the bar, as Diane returned with a torch, and a lantern with a tea light.
    • But what was so cool was this little smile playing constantly on his lips, as though he was having a private joke inside his head.
    • Multicolored lights played over the audience, and a disco ball hung in the middle of the ceiling.
    • The dim light of dawn played lightly on the morning dew which had gathered on the window glass over night.
    • I peeked around the corner of the alleyway and spotted some shadows playing across the ground via the moonlight.
    • A smile played across her lips as she thought of telling Randy she would be leaving soon.
    • I stopped in front of our garden and Robert stopped as well, a smile playing upon his lips.
    • He shook his head, a tiny smile playing over his lips.
  • 9

    (in angling)
    (fish) agotar
    • Noel was very unlucky not to catch the larger pike as he had played the fish well.
    • It wasn't long before a fish appeared and I soon was playing my second fish of the day.
    • We spotted that the boat nearest to us had an angler playing a fish and that same fish leapt right in front of our path.
    • Remember the whole rod should be used in playing the fish.
    • Holding the rod high whilst playing a fish is often a recipe for disaster, especially when the fish is close to the boat.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (amuse oneself)
    (children) jugar
    we tried to persuade him but he wouldn't play tratamos de convencerlo pero no quiso saber nada
    • to play at sth jugar a algo
    • they were playing at cops and robbers estaban jugando a ladrones y policías
    • to play with sb/sth jugar con algn/algo
    • she played with her toys/friends jugaba con sus juguetes/amigos
    • I played with the idea le di vueltas a la idea
    • I feel you're just playing with me me parece que solo estás jugando conmigo / que te estás burlando de mí
    • to play with words jugar con las palabras
    • Do you know who your children are playing with or where they are playing?
    • Mr Byrne came out of his house and took the football to stop the boys playing.
    • Last week Cromane Beach was a hive of activity with children playing, swimming and enjoying picnics.
    • Officials are advising the public to prevent their children or dogs from playing on or near the edges of the canal.
    • After lunch the kids were sent out to play, the women-folk took the dishes off to the kitchen and the men flopped in front of the TV.
    • As a child, she had played at being a gun-toting cowgirl.
    • He needs a stick to walk and finds playing with his son Alex, aged four, difficult.
    • I want to lie on the couch reading the paper on a Sunday morning with my children playing around me and my husband's hand in mine.
    • They fell into silence, watching their children play together.
    • The drama happened when the boys, one celebrating his birthday, were playing at an isolated spot by the river near Pottery Lane.
    • It was all a game, like playing at shops; but unknowingly, I was learning the value of money.
    • As a boy, I used to play cowboys and Indians all the time.
    • Children can feed, touch and play with the animals during free public tours led by park rangers.
    • He says this causes a range of problems, such as discouraging residents from walking to shops or children playing in the street.
    • She sees other children playing happily, mothers lavishing care on children, but no one plays with her.
    • He said the two were playing when the accused boy picked up the stone and hit his friend in the stomach.
    • In summer we played shop in back yards or gardens, or hopscotch on the pavements.
    • Let her use up her energy by playing outside every day and enjoying other lively activities.
    • My children don't play with guns, but at lunchtime some were playing at shooting each other.
    • The boys played together on the nearby hills and fished and swam in the local loch.
    • If it was warm we played outside on the grass, which was so different to our cobbled streets at home.
    • Ms Baulland was sitting on a bench near the grass area where the boys were playing.
    • We didn't see that much of them, even from the beginning, though the children played together a lot.
    • He has above average reading skills, he's a happy child and plays with his friends in the evenings.
    • It is like little boys and girls playing doctors and nurses.
    • In the evenings, she plays outside with her friends.
    • I waiting impatiently for the bell to ring so I could run out to meet my friends at the playground and play cops and robbers.
  • 2

    Sport Games
    play! ¡que empiece el juego!
    • to play for money jugar por dinero
    • whose turn is it to play? ¿a quién le toca (jugar)?
    • the court is playing well today la cancha está en buenas condiciones hoy
    • to play fair jugar limpio
    • to play fair with sb ser justo con algn
    • to play straight with sb ser sincero con algn
  • 3

    • 3.1Theatre

      (cast) actuar
      (cast) trabajar
      (show) ser representado
      the musical has been playing to packed houses el musical ha estado llenando las salas

    • 3.2(pretend)

      to play dead hacerse el muerto

  • 4

    (musician) tocar
    he's going to play for us nos va a tocar algo
    • (on radio) there was military music playing all day tocaron / pasaron música militar todo el día
    • He leaves the front door slightly ajar to hear the early Dylan and Stones records playing from inside.
    • The short-wave radio was playing a soft sound from the American Music Network.
    • The organ started playing as we entered, and the sound was truly heavenly.
    • He tilts his head to one side, listening to music playing in the shop.
    • Bright Eyes was playing over the sound system and I felt much better, despite being soaked to the bone.
    • We then walked in silence to the studio, where the last record was still playing.
    • He pauses to savour the Kylie Minogue song playing over the bar sound system.
    • The jukebox is playing Jazz music and musical notes seem to be floating through the room.
    • He lights a cigarette, and as the song plays on the radio, he questions his life - Was his daddy right, is he wasting his life?
    • Some kind of Indian stringed instrument is playing quietly over loudspeakers, adding a hint of exoticism.
    • The National Anthem plays over the sound system.
  • 5

    lights played across the night sky un juego de luces recorrió el cielo nocturno
    • a smile played about his lips un atisbo de sonrisa rondaba sus labios