Translation of playmaker in Spanish:


creador del juego, n.

Pronunciation /ˈpleɪˌmeɪkər//ˈpleɪmeɪkə/


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    creador del juego masculine
    creadora del juego feminine
    armador del juego masculine Latin America
    armadora del juego feminine Latin America
    • The priority is to add speedy playmakers who fit the team's new attacking style.
    • He has speed, quickness and strength, and he's one of the team's top defensive playmakers.
    • It's very rare for a defender to gain accolades or praise when compared to the goal-getters or midfield playmakers.
    • The team needs playmakers and will look at quarterbacks, running backs and receivers.
    • This is a player that is a playmaker and will come through in clutch and critical situations.
    • The team is looking for playmakers who will propel it into the playoffs again and for years to come.
    • He has been an active playmaker and leads the team in tackles by a wide margin.
    • Because the team lacks playmakers, Ware's role on offense might be expanded.
    • They have a hot quarterback, a solid running game, a vastly improved defense and playmakers on special teams.
    • On offense, the team lacks playmakers, and the approach has been too conservative.
    • Owens says he is putting too much pressure on himself to be a playmaker for a team in desperate need of one.
    • She will turn 32 this summer, but remains one of the game's most skillful playmakers.
    • But that's a trade the team needs to make because the defense has few other playmakers.
    • He's one of the better playmakers in the game, and I don't worry about it at all.
    • He's a marginal blocker, but the team needs playmakers, and he has a chance to be one.
    • The team lacks playmakers in the secondary who can stop late-game surges.
    • At 33, the Norwegian star remains one of the top playmakers in the game.
    • The offense lacks playmakers and experience at quarterback, so don't expect it to improve.
    • His ability to stop the opponents' creative play is much needed in a team brimming with playmakers.
    • That means the team with the most playmakers on offense will come up with the big plays that decide the game in the fourth quarter.