Translation of plc in Spanish:


S. A., n.



  • 1

    (in UK)
    S. A.
    • Nevertheless, Nolan is of the opinion that the pension funds of most Irish plcs are adequately provided for.
    • There is a real pressure on public companies - the plcs - to keep the City sweet.
    • He will specialise in offering a debt and equity restructuring service for UK plcs.
    • The bill requires the establishment of an audit committee in all plcs and large private companies, made up effectively of non executive directors.
    • Managers and large shareholders of other Irish plcs considering management or leveraged buyouts must be watching events with great interest.
    • The published accounts of Irish plcs are a mixed bag.
    • If it succeeds, others may try to follow, and the exodus of talented management out of plcs into private equity might be slowed.
    • But Macdonald, the newest and at 40 one of the youngest CEOs among Scottish plcs, is no slouch.
    • Most insurers, plcs and mutuals alike, are sitting on large heaps known as orphan assets or free estates.
    • Another eight to 10 Scottish plcs will be taken over in packaging, ports and transportation, retail and broadcasting.
    • public limited company