Translation of plead in Spanish:


alegar, v.

Pronunciation /pliːd//plid/

transitive verbpleaded, pled

  • 1

    (give as excuse)
    he pleads ignorance of the whole affair alega / aduce no saber nada del asunto
    • to plead self-defense alegar legítima defensa / defensa propia
    • she pleaded a prior engagement alegó tener un compromiso anterior
    • nobody can plead poverty nadie puede decir que no le alcanza el dinero
    • First, Anna and Pietro pleaded indigency, so a public defender had to be found for them.
    • The claim pleads the provisions of the judgment in the 1995 action.
    • The city now seeks to amend the claim to plead fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit and to seek punitive damages.
    • There is nothing more distasteful than backpackers landing in developing countries and pleading poverty.
    • Britain, pleading her constitutional position, did not sign, though the prince regent expressed personal approval.
    • He's now in federal court pleading a religious defense, because federal law does not allow him a medical defense.
    • It is interesting to note, lest anyone should plead passage of time, that the court stipulated that sentences were to run from February 4, 1999.
    • When he saw Monica's car, he'd flag it down, plead engine trouble and ask if Corbett could drive him.
    • To think that you want someone out there pleading your special needs is extraordinary.
    • In our universities, students justifiably plead poverty and the recommendations of the Cubie inquiry have been completely ignored.
    • The defendant had denied the claims and pleaded the road accident had caused all the injuries to the plaintiff.
    • So if the excisable good in question were alleged to be brandy, how would the pleader plead the nature of those goods?
    • The issue of negligence is complex and you know, has been pleaded significantly within the documents that have been filed in court.
    • How can one plead ignorance in the presence of this massive and continuous universal call?
    • But the various cities and counties have continued to plead poverty in the hope of receiving aid from central government.
    • But Mr Brown and his peers cannot find comfortable haven in pleading helplessness in the face of a fractured infrastructure.
    • They continually plead poverty, yet when it comes to dishing out bonuses, they are good to their own.
    • The couple went to court in October to plead poverty and beg for financial mercy.
    • By pleading economic necessity, the company tacitly rules out of court all arguments based on morality or claims that they are supporting deviance.
    • These new parking meters will have to be purchased, installed and maintained - causing an even heavier drain on the purse of city officials already pleading poverty.
  • 2

    to plead the rights of the oppressed abogar por / defender los derechos de los oprimidos
    • he pleaded the cause of the poor abogaba en favor de los pobres
    • to plead the case for sth abogar en favor de algo
    • to plead sb's case llevar el caso de algn
    • to plead the case for the prosecution llevar la acusación
    • I actually followed Simon out of the room, pleading my case as he went to get coffee.
    • He suggested that in any event the point had never been pleaded or argued on this basis previously.
    • Our courts are clogged with lawsuits pleading redress of wrongs perpetrated on individual employees.
    • We see Tom Stall running a popular eatery with his wife helping him out when she is not pleading cases in law courts.
    • So there was no voice strong enough to plead their case.
    • My mother particularly thought I'd make a very good barrister, and you know, do I think I could plead a case in court?
    • Afterwards, she lived mainly at Hellesdon or Caister, where she managed her husband's property while he pled his case in London before the courts and the Archbishop of Canterbury.
    • There is another answer at much lower level, namely, that none of that was pleaded, argued or decided below and it is not open now.
    • Now he stands accused of inadequately pleading his position, of mocking the people, and is instructed to try again to seek their approval.
    • In the courtroom, the German judge read the charges and asked me in which court I wished to plead my case: German or American.
    • That case has never been pleaded or argued against us at all.
    • He argues that the Defendant pleaded her case purely on the basis of adverse possession, and did not challenge the legal title asserted by the Plaintiff.
    • In return, the unions agreed to plead the claim in the arbitration tribunal, tying their members to whatever decision is handed down.
    • I called my roommate Angie who was also on her way, and after we both arrived at the place we started pleading our case.
    • The unhappy partner had to petition the legislature or court to plead his or her case.
    • While the case has employment law undertones, it was pleaded and presented as an oppression remedy case.
    • I have set out the material part of the pleadings because it is of some importance in this case to see how the case was pleaded and presented in the court below.
    • A week ago the group sent a letter to the province pleading the case for arts groups.
    • But that is not how the case was pleaded or argued.
    • Saudi officials have been pleading their country's case to the media.

intransitive verbpleaded, pled

  • 1

    (implore, beg)
    to plead for sth suplicar algo
    • he pleaded for mercy suplicó misericordia
    • to plead with sb to + inf suplicarle a algn que + subj
    • I pleaded with him to come le supliqué que viniera
    • He pleaded with Charlie Nicholas to sign for Liverpool rather than Arsenal.
    • Bradford's political leaders yesterday pleaded with the Government not to force it to hold a referendum on having a directly-elected New York-style mayor.
    • At this point, she went to hide in a cupboard and repeatedly pleaded with the operator: ‘Oh my God, please help me.’
    • McGraw pleaded with the crowd not to pay their way into yesterday's match, declaring: ‘The only way to make him suffer is by not paying in.’
    • I pleaded with him, with others around him, too.
    • I needed wider experience than my own, so I convened a couple of dinner parties of various successful singles that I know, plied them with much wine and pleaded with them to tell me their secrets.
    • The next morning, I pleaded with my husband not to return to the doctor - who I knew would remove the expanded laminaria and insert twice as many.
    • ‘The police will create problems for you and us also sir,’ was how a restaurant manager at Dilsukhnagar pleaded with a group of doctors.
    • He pleaded with the minister to give the project the go ahead, emphasising that the rail upgrade would cost around €130 million
    • Some pleaded with the gunman to stop.
    • He told me that he was getting divorced from his wife and pleaded with me to go away with him.
    • I tried to leave then, to walk away (something I'd never done before), but Teresa grabbed my arm and pleaded with me not to go.
    • Kimmel pleaded with the network to get this done.
    • Labor MPs pleaded with the government to pull back.
    • We made presentations at their meetings, told them what we had been hearing from bus riders and night workers, and pleaded with board members to bring a resolution to restore the buses.
    • Councillors and staff pleaded with Milburn to consider the tunnel option, even suggesting donating district-owned land in order to keep the cost down.
    • It exploded as he pleaded with police to diffuse it.
    • They just dragged Eamon from the bed, threw him all the way down the stairs, lay him on his back and beat him with sticks embedded with huge nails while my parents pleaded with them to leave him alone because of his age.
    • Two weeks ago, Japan's foreign minister pleaded with the U.N. to do more to block Pyongyang's illicit-drug exports to Japan.
    • In 1951, when Rajaji expressed his inability to attend a Congress session at Indore, Nehru, hungry for his company, pleaded with him to come.
  • 2

    to plead guilty declararse culpable
    • to plead not guilty negar la acusación
    • to plead on sb's behalf representar a algn
    • to plead for the defendant llevar la defensa
    • I thought you had conceded earlier that as originally framed, it would not have been appropriate to expect the accused to plead guilty to that charge.
    • In the adversarial system at the beginning of trial proceedings the court asks the defendant whether he pleads guilty or not guilty.
    • I went into court and I pleaded guilty to the charge of common assault.
    • Advocacy commonly is defined as pleading on behalf of another.
    • In court he pleaded guilty to two offences of actual bodily harm, but denied specific details of the attack.
    • A court should only grant a motion for particulars where they are necessary for the moving party to plead and the particulars are not within the knowledge of the moving party.
    • In some judicial courts in the early eighteenth century, attorneys had to kneel while university-educated advocates pleaded at the bar.
    • The Plaintiff did not plead from an employment law perspective, that the employment contract had been breached, or that the Plaintiff had been fired without cause.
    • The defendant had pleaded guilty to drugs offences in January 2001.