Translation of pleasantry in Spanish:


cumplido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈplɛz(ə)ntri//ˈplɛzntri/

nounPlural pleasantries

  • 1

    (polite remark)
    cumplido masculine
    cortesía feminine
    they exchanged the usual (social) pleasantries intercambiaron los cumplidos / las cortesías de rigor
    • Everyone was at the top of the hill, offering words of condolence to Amy, exchanging pleasantries, perhaps even catching up with old friends.
    • The restaurants turn into an ideal venue for the tourists who have come from several countries to meet each other and exchange pleasantries.
    • We exchanged pleasantries and he drove off without my answering his question.
    • Johnson attempted to start conversation with some pleasantries but Bill was not very talkative.
    • After we exchanged pleasantries she asked me about the story I told last week, which detailed my excruciatingly boring job.
    • I join them; we exchange pleasantries in small voices.
    • He was as bold as brass as we exchanged pleasantries and thought nothing of the remarks that he had made.
    • He, however, had no major pleasantries to exchange.
    • And off we both went through the rain, pleasantries exchanged and honour satisfied.
    • We exchange more pleasantries, and so I receive the invitation.
    • Rheiner and I exchanged pleasantries and both looked at Marius for further instruction.
    • What is really important to me, is to have around me family and good friends that I can count on and exchange pleasantries with, whether this be over a drink or food and even through giving a gift.
    • After the introductions were done they exchanged pleasantries with Caitlyn who answered politely to all of them.
    • After a few polite pleasantries he put the car into gear and drove off.
    • However, the exchange of pleasantries before a ball was kicked offered no indication that there was to be any of the hostility hinted at in the morning papers.
    • Only once such pleasantries were exchanged, did conversation really get interesting.
    • Singh and Kasuri warmly embraced each other and exchanged pleasantries before the large group of international and local media were ushered out of the ornate dining room.
    • After a little exchange of pleasantries, about the weather or some similarly engaging topic, I also like to receive a stamped receipt.
    • Going by the political wrangling in Zambia, one would think that our political leaders do not even have a minute for each other to exchange any pleasantries.
    • The Commissioner of Police claimed he and the constable exchanged pleasantries - that was his first reaction.
  • 2

    (joking remark)
    gracia feminine
    comentario gracioso masculine
    comentario jocoso masculine
    • He puts on a spectacle so that the guests presume "the whole matter as a well-contrived pleasantry."
    • Pleasantry is allowable, not waggery. Besides, even laughter must be kept in check.